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702 Literature

A Christmas Carol
$34.99 $44.99
A Christmas Carol is without a doubt, one of Charles Dickens' greatest work. The classic tale of the true spirit of Christmas comes to life in a marvelous multimedia experience for children all ages. Including over 170 full color illustrations and over 45 minutes of audio, this interactive CD ROM brings to life one of the most enjoyable and widely read classic of all time.

A Survey Of Western Art
$34.79 $59.99
The world's first illustrated multimedia art and humanities CD ROM including a wide variety of art images. General surveys of subjects, in depth looks at specific artists and periods, thousands of full color images and audio enhancements!

Aesop's Fables
$34.73 $44.99
Includes all 54 of Aesop's famous fables with the addition of colorful illustrations and lively narrators, you are invited to join the tables by reading along. On screen dictionary.

$17.00 $39.99
Databases & Books. Software. Frankenstein & Dracula, Cata;pgies, ORS Statistics. Wish National Atlas. Clip Sound & Ari, Utilities. Video & Animations. Education. Cd Rom magazine from England. Lots of smaples, demos, databases and other information. DOS/WIN

Anecdotes Volume 1
$17.00 $39.99
Databases & Books, Software. Frankenstein & Dracula, Catalogues, ORS Statistics, Wish National Atlas, Clip Sound & Art, Itilities, Video & CD ROM magazine from England. Lots of samples, demos, databases, and other information.

Barron's Complete Book Notes
$20.00 $49.99
Contains all 101 complete Barron's Book Notes on one CD-ROM. Search through any or all guides by word, phrase, quote, date, era, age, century, country, subject, title, author. Read on screen, print or save. Understand the literary classics with the help of Barron's! This disc provides a complete explanation of all the elements that combine to make a literary masterpiece. The symbolism, literary era and the authors lives are all explained, bringing you a better understanding of the world's great literature.

Beauty & The Beast
$12.50 $39.99
A beautiful Multimedia storybook. The classic tale as never before experienced; the tragic hero saved by the love of a lovely young girl. Told with a wealth of illustration combined with an original music score. This one will capture the hearts and minds of children with interactive sequences, dramatic narration and great sound effects.

Beauty And The Beast
$44.99 $49.99
The timeless tale of tragic hero, doomed to live as a beast until a lovely young girl wound love him in sprite of his temperance. Told with a wealth of dramatic illustrations and original music score, here is perhaps the most romantic and beautiful of all love stories. Can be read interactively, and the illustrations explored for music and sound effects, words are highlighted and defined and the entire story is narrated for the younger child's listening delight.

Between Heaven And Hell 2
$37.99 $49.99

Desktop Bookshop
$22.00 $39.99
This Desktop bookshop includes: Supreme Court Decisions, the Federalist papers, dictionaries, version of the Bible, the CIA World Factbook & works by: Buddha, Lord Byron, Darwin, Martin Luther King, Kipling, Lincoln, Jack London, Plato, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Jules, Verne, Voltaire.H.H. Wells, & Oscar Wilde.

Electronic Library Of Art
$20.00 $49.99
Take in-depth looks at particular artistsand periods. Certain information in audio form. Super VGA recommended.

Electronic Library Of Art #1
$20.00 $49.99
Take in depth looks at particular artist sand periods. Certain information in audio form. Super VGA recommended.

Great Literatire Plus
$21.00 $59.99

Complete text of 1,900 works from 180 authors including: Bronte, Carroll, Milton, Plato, Poe, Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Thoreau, Twain, Voltaire and many more. Has a guided tour pop up definitions. search and browse features and the new "Author Mini-Bio's Gallery," which accesses information about every author on the disk. With narration, animation, illustration and musical experts, it is packed with stories, plays, poems, historical and religious documents from classical to the obscure.


Great Poetry Classics
$37.00 $49.99

All your favorite poets in one classical collection. Over 1,100 complete and unabridged poems from t he greatest poets including: Frost Eliot, Yeasts and many more.


Library Of The Future
$10.00 $10.00
450 Literary Titles On One Cd Rom. Including Over 1150 Separate Books, Stories, Plays, Poems, Religious Works, Historical, Documents And Scientific Works.

Library Of The Future 1
$19.97 $79.99

LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE FIRST EDITION - No home, business, school or library can afford to be without this incredible education and reference tool.

You get over 1,150 separate pieces of literature, drama, philosophy, poetry, religion, history, medicine, and science, and over 450 complete titles - all on a single CD ROM disc. From Aristotle to Mark Twain, from Shakespeare to Thomas Jefferson all at your fingertips and accessible in seconds.


Magic Death Virtual Murder 2
$13.00 $39.99
Investigate a murder with the help of a forensics lab, voodoo expert, investment records, and phone log.

$20.00 $44.99

A Story of Japanese Culture


Multimedia U.S. History The Story Of A Nation
$10.00 $20.00
U.S. History - The Story Of A Nation

$25.19 $39.99

Sherlock Holmes on Disc
$26.89 $39.99

A fresh look at the great detective! The world's greatest consulting detective and Dr. Watson solve crimes in these original classic stories of detection. The author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was a physician and is examined in his medical role as well. Linoleum block prints by Dr. George Wells accent these popular Holmes stories.


Star Child
$13.00 $29.99
A story of a boy who learns. The hard way, the value of being human and forgiving. Written by the famous children's storybook writer Oscar Wilde this story takes you on a journey through imagination and fantasy.

Storytime 2
Storytime Volume 2
$24.99 $34.99
Children's stories done in an exciting way. Contains three wonderful interactive stories: The Milkmaid and Her Pail, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Belling the Cat. This will not only entertain but help reading skills at the same time. This interactive CD includes narration, sound effects, and music.

The Complete Bookshelf
$17.99 $39.99
An entire bookshop on a CD ROM! Includes classics, poetry, humor, cookbooks. American history and foundling documents, novels, short stories, home improvement guides, computer instruction guides, and loss more!

The Sleeping Beauty
$21.99 $49.99
Become immersed in the world of make believe with kings, queens, princesses and witches and a hundred year spell in this favorite tale of love and beauty. Users may choose to read the story or listen to a narration complete with sound effects. Features include original animated art, definitions of difficult words and individual controls for story, pictures and sound.

The swiss family robinson
The Swiss Family Robinson
$44.99 $54.99
This beautifully illustrated adaptation of Johann Wyss' classic tale adds a whole new dimension to your library of children's literature. It is a Talking Storybook, complete with animation, full narration, and an on screen glossary of over 250 words - a truly unique literary experience for children and adults of all ages! Immerse yourself in the adventure and excitement of the Robinson Family's incredible saga as it unfolds before you eyes and ears.

the white horse child
The White Horse Child
$29.99 $39.99
An interactive story about a boy who learns how to keep his vivid imagination.

$39.99 $49.99

Narrated by Mayim Bialik

Thumbelina is the delightful children's fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. This interactive story-book will introduce children to the wonders of computers. Kids can point and click on several "Hot Spots" on each page. With over 17 unique characters each with their own distinctive voice and an original musical score with 4 complete songs, Thumbelina will provide hours of pleasure for your child.


Twain's World Mark Twain His Work His Life His Times
$24.97 $49.99
The life and times of Mark Twain come to life in multimedia. Features his complete works and a Galleries Palette Menu that lets you view the animated characters and listen to narration's from his writings. Get all the novels and hard-to find short stories, essays, speeches, literary criticism and personal letters. There are two videos on the disc-one of turn0of0the century San Fransisco and the other of Twain himself!

World Literary Heritage
$39.99 $59.99

Parents, teachers, and other educators have continuously sought ways to instruct children in a fun and interactive way. Counting games, alphabet blocks, and activity books have long been staples of "fun learning," and these have most recently been supplemented by educational technology. Software programs now teach children math, science, grammar, spelling, typing, and foreign languages. High school students can electronically practice for the SATs, while aspiring lawyers can find sample LSAT questions. Video games such as Math Blasters allow children to explore fantastic worlds based on numbers and equations. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is now in digital format, allowing for easy searches. Learning has never been easier, nor so enjoyable. Warren Buckleitner, editor of "Children's Technology Review" and a doctor of educational psychology, has donated a representative sample of this diverse and still-growing medium. His extensive collection, which includes educational software of all subjects and for all ages, is an excellent example of the merging of work and play, and helps encourage us all to remember that "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."


World Literary Heritage
$39.99 $59.99