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735 Music/Sound

1000 of the
1000 of the World's Greatest Sound Effects
$29.99 $39.99

With 1000 different sounds, you certainly get a lot of variety. You'll find one elephant sound, five sets of sneezes (slow sneezes, small sneezes, large sneezes, rapid-fire sneezes, and female sneezes), seven bowling sounds (a gutter ball, a strike, a ball returning, and so on), eight screams (mostly Fay Wray-type screams), 21 science-fiction sounds, 23 horror sounds, 29 drum sounds, 43 sets of footsteps (great for radio dramas), and 99 short music clips (called IDs, they seem to be designed for television and radio news shows). Beavis and Butthead fans will be drawn to the small selection of bodily noises, as well as the nine moans that are reminiscent of Meg Ryan's famous delicatessen scene in When Harry Met Sally. All 1000 sounds are stored in both 8-bit and 16-bit WAV file formats.


A Zillion Sounds
$19.99 $39.99
2,177 Sounds for Mac & PC!

All Music Guide
$49.99 $59.99

Get a powerful CD ROM music reference with listings for more than 200,000 recordings representing all genres of music! Whether your taste runs to classical, jazz, rock, or reggae, you'll find reviews of the best CDs, Lps, and tapes. You'll also find biographies of your favorite artists, including their major influences and musical connections, their recording history, and even their sideman.


BackStage with John Tesh
$29.99 $39.99
Get up-close and personal with the music of "Entertainment Tonight" host, infomercial personality, and Connie Selleca's husband John Tesh. Interviews, videos, and lyric sheets are included

Bob Dylan Highway 61 Interactive
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Interactive
$49.99 $59.99
A multimedia journey through the career of singer Bob Dylan, told with a celebrity interviews, performance video clips, and, of course, music. Includes a bonus CD audio track "House of the Rising Sun." Visually exciting; a must for Dylan fans was the most common reaction from "users to this lush" interactive experience. "Users travel through different rooms, including a virtual recording studio, to interact with video and audio clips from an extensive Bob Dylan-related library.

Classical Music
$21.00 $44.99
Over 4 Hours of Music, 45 Composers, features Baroque, Classical, Romantic & Modern.

Classical Music
$21.00 $44.99

An Introduction To Classical Msuic


Creative Screen Singer
Creative Screen Singer Series Children's Melodies
$34.99 $39.99
Baa Baa Black Sheep, Billy Boy, Drucken Sailor. Eensy Weensy Spider, Grandfather Clock, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpy Dumpy. I've Been Working On The Railroad, Jack And Jill, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Polly Wolly Doodle, Pop Goes The Weasel, Row Row Row Your Boat, She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain, Ten Little Indians, Three Blind Mice, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.

$39.99 $49.99
From the folks at HBO comedy central comes the first multimedia comedy program featuring many popular comedians doing their routines on the family routine. Includes audio music, lively graphics and live action video.

Encyclopedia of Sound Volume 1
$18.00 $39.99
Contains 250 sound files, including sound effects, voices, music clips and full length original musical scores which may be used royalty free for a wide variety of applications. The files are supplied in 8-bit and 16-bit stereo Windows WAV format, and are (DDD) digitally recorded, mastered, and duplicated.

Encyclopedia Of Sound Volume. 2
$17.00 $39.99
Create outstanding multimedia presentations and Kiosk sound tracks that stand out from the rest. Includes both and 16 bit sound effects of audience clapping, drum rolls, and much more. Does not overlap vol. 1

Encyclopedua of Sound Vol. 2
$17.00 $39.99

Create outstanding multimedia presentations and Kiosk sound tracks that stat out from the rest. Includes both 8 and 16 bit sound effects of audience clapping, drum rolls, and much more. Does not overlap Vol. 1.


$19.00 $39.99
Grooves is a collection of high quality audio clips for use in Multimedia presentation and was recorded digitally and performed by professional session musicians. The clips vary from short presentation stings or "musical dingbat" up to compositions lasting over 1'30 in length. Media Design Interactive give permission for non broadcast use of any of the clips contained within this product, elimination the need to obtain or performance authority."

Heart 20 Years of Rock & Roll
$49.99 $54.99

Ann and Nancy Wilson... two sisters who loved each other and dreamed of someday playing their music together on stage...a dream that turned into 20 years of rock and roll success with over 30 million album sales and hit after hit!

The story is told in a true multi-media setting that never takes you out of control. Follow the story or click on your personal remote to simply listen to their music, or watch videos, or view the pictures that take you from their childhood to their newest album.

Ann & Nancy, Mom and friends tell you their story themselves!


Karple Gospel Songs
$16.00 $39.99
Como & Sing Praises Sing-Along CD

Killer Tracks
$150.00 $199.00

Learn To Play Guitar
$32.09 $49.99

Learn at your own pace with this innovative and fun program on interactive videos and animations. You'll be rockin' in no time with this easy and entertaining approach to guitar.


Microsoft Multimedia Mozart Dissanant Quarlet
Microsoft Multimedia Mozart
$29.99 $39.99
The Dissonant Quartet: With the click of the mouse you can see musical scores come to life on-screen, compare themes, hear individual instruments, and learn about the composer. A captivating exploration of Mozart's artistry and the intensity of his genius.

Microsoft SoundBits Featuring Classic Cartoons from Hanna-Barbera
Microsoft SoundBits Featuring Classic Cartoons from Hanna-Barbera
$29.99 $39.99
"Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Now you can hear your favorite Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters as you use your PC. It's easy! It's easy! And it's the perfect way to take advantage of your sound card and make your Windows system yours alone.

MIDI 1997
$17.50 $39.99

MIDI 1997



MIDI Master COllection Vol 1-5
$16.39 $39.99

All five volumes of the MIDI Master Collection on one disc! Over two hours of general MIDI and WAV-format music and songs suitable for all kinds of uses. Point & click interface lets users navigate their way through many musical styles and genre. Includes Quick player, a multimedia jukebox.


Midisoft MusicMagic Songbook
Midisoft MusicMagic Songbook
$39.99 $49.99
A fun, interactive way for the entire family to explore music. Explore a wonderfully diverse assortment of songs with MusicMagic Songbook. Listen to high quality recordings and read about their history. Watch as music notation highlights on screen in time with the music. Experiment with different arrangements by easily switching instrument sounds.

Multimedia Experience Sandblaster
$17.47 $39.99

Multimedia Experience Sound Blaster Vol, 1
$17.47 $39.99
The hottest '93 games Voices Music & Sound clips

Music Box 1994
$29.99 $39.99

Music Workshop
$25.49 $44.99

Love Music? Then you'll love Music Workshop. If you're a beginner, Music Workshop will help bring music to your computer. If you are a professional, you'll feel equally at home because a fellow musician produced this disc.

With 450 ready to run megabytes of music related programs and professional demos, Music Workshop is an incredible music resource for everyone. The disc features a custom interactive interface that;'s a delight to use. Simple point and click to enjoy the programs. Music workshop included Demos A Comprehensive collection of professional commercial demos from the world's leading music and midi software publishers*Players to play Wav, MID, and MOD files. Dozen's of players to turn your CDROM drive into a music CD player.


NewBeat Trancemission
$39.99 $44.99
Put yourself on the front-lines of the New Beat revolution as you bring together high-energy house, trance, techno and hip-hop beats, and tranceform your PC into the ultimate hyped-up music studio. Whether you're an absolute beginner or the hottest DJ on the European club scene, New Beat Trancemission will provide you with the tools you need to create hours of studio quality music.

QuickToons Cartoon Classics
$29.87 $49.99
Cartoon Clips include Betty Boop, Prky Pig, Ali Baba, Daffy Duck, Bimbo and the history of cartoons and their charachers.

Rock N Roll 60s
$39.99 $49.99

romaterial again
RoMaterial Again
$39.99 $49.99
Delivers more for your office desktop than your office desktop than you can ignore. Sights and sounds of everyday people on the job-construction workers welders a traffic cop and more. Enjoy full motion video metaphors like juggling acts and train crashes. ROMaterial makes your computer come alive with personality.

Sarah McLachlan The Freedom Sessions
$23.59 $49.99
SARAH MCLACHLAN is truly one of music's most unique breakthrough artists. Her Platinum third album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, was nominated for a Grammy award as Best Alternative Music Performance and brought Sarah some of the most powerful critical acclaim of the year. Now SARAH MCLACHLAN expands her singular vision to The Freedom Sessions, a personal journey through her life and music. The first ever Enhanced CD project from a major artist, The Freedom Sessions embraces the pinnacle of both music and technology- and presents the unique artistry that is SARAH MCLACHLAN at her best. INTERACTIVE MUSIC, VIDEO AND MORE FEATURING: -Music and video from Sarah's three previous albums. -Exclusive photos and artwork from Sarah's personal collection. -Behind-the-scenes footage of Sarah on tour, backstage, in the studio, on her visit to Thailand and much more.

$24.00 $49.99

An incredible collection of sound effects. Over 300 sound effects on CD ROM.


Sing Along Classic Oldies
$29.99 $39.99

Sing Along Classic Oldies Pc Karaoke
$29.99 $39.99

It's multimedia Karaoke excitement for everyone as your voice is backed up by actual CD-Audio recordings that sound like the original hits. And with PC KARAOKE's computer assisted annotation, anyone can sing like a professional in perfect time with music. Step up to the mike and belt out a tune! Complete with 10 songs which can also be played on any Audio CD player.


Sing Along Kids Vol 1
$12.73 $39.99

Targeted at children ages 4 and up, Sing Along Kids features hilarious animated sequences of the T. Rex Dino family synchronized to the music. Included with the program disc are twelve children's songs. Sing Along Kids features a "kid-friendly" visual selection menu.


Sing Along Kids Vol 2
$12.35 $39.99


Fully Illustrated Songs


Sound Explorer
Sound Explorer
$19.99 $29.99
There's no better way to get started with multimedia music and sound than with Midisoft Sound Explorer. Just pop in a single CD ROM and you'll have instant access to Limited Edition versions of seven great Midisoft software packages MIDI music sequencing and notation software, music education software, digital audio recoding and editing software, and several fabulous song collections. You won't find a more complete array of multimedia audio products anywhere.

sound it
Sound It Out Land 2
$39.99 $49.99
Teaches vowel consonant blends, sigh words and reading sentences. Colorful characters sing five new interactive songs and play four new games with over 150 four and five letter words. A musical theme park with songs and games that teach children to read words and sentences on their own. Develops reading skills and self confidence. Ages 4 to 6.

Sound Sensations!
$18.59 $39.99
Tons of sound effects, music jukeboxes, voices, sound clips; and more in a variety of file formats.

Sounds 1996
$17.50 $39.99

Sounds of Multimedia
$24.99 $34.99
A complete collection of exotic sounds, pictures, animations, and video clips for your multmedia programs, presentation, desktop publishing, word processing, or just for pure entertainment! You can finally bring your computer to new levels of entertainment!

SoundsBits Musical Sounbds From Around the World
$39.99 $49.99
Add a touch of class and distinction to Microsoft Windows 3.1! This SoundBits collection lets you play unique musical sounds from across the globe as you use your PC. It's the perfect way to take advantage of your sound card and make your Windows system yours alone.

SoundWav Ce Rom Vol. II
$10.00 $10.00
SoundWAV! This disc contains over 600 megabytes of professionally recorded WAV files, ranging from the everyday to the exotic - royalty free sounds that will bring life to your multimedia presentations! Each Sound on this disc is an original work, recorded using state of the art digital equipment in a live recording studio. SoundWAV is the highest qualit and most comprehensive collection of its kind. WAV files run directly from the CD ROM under the Windows (fm) operating system and are playable in 3 diffent formats - 16 but (44.1 khz) mono.

SoundWav Vol.II
$17.00 $39.99

Professionally recorded 16-bit stereo WAV files.


Speecj Clips Library
$15.00 $39.99
A 5-1 collection of alternative definitions, jokes, proverbs and quotations, puns, and riddles in one convenient package! Riddles, Puns, Jokes, Proverbs & Quotations, & Alternate Dictionary.

Super Sounds For Windows
$20.99 $39.99

SUPER Sounds for Windows!

-2000 Waves for Windows


$29.99 $39.99
SUPERTOONS Starring Superman

The Musical World of Professor Piccolo
$49.99 $59.99

It is not necessary to have a MIDI keyboard to use Professor Piccolo. The CD-ROM is easily installed onto your hard drive. An uninstall program is also included. The CD must be used when operating the program. It will work in Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or a Macintosh environment.

The opening screen takes you straight to Music Town. The Professor himself appears in the center of the screen and greets you by name. You can hear the birds chirping and cars driving by as you move the mouse around this musical town. A short description of each location appears as you scroll around the screen. The writers of this program must have had a good sense of humor. Fun comments are sprinkled throughout Professor Piccolo. For example, when you click on the limousine outside of the Symphony Hall, the words "Pardon me sir, do you have any Grey Poupon" appear.

The core of the program is a self-paced interactive music course that is found by clicking on the Music School icon. A large chalkboard appears with twelve different music lessons. The first lesson is an introduction to music. Several pages of written text with pictures and sound examples appear. After completion of the lesson, students are given the opportunity to play a game at the arcade. Students will have a great time playing the games.

The music lessons at the music school are sequential, and are supposed to be learned in order. It is alright to skip or omit a lesson if the student or teacher prefer. Sound, notation, intervals, introduction to rhythm, rhythm notation, chromatic signs, scales, key signatures, chords and dynamics are all included lessons. Each lesson includes sound examples and many graphics. The written text can be printed out if the student or teacher wants a hard copy.

Attending the music school isn't the only activity waiting for you in Music Town. You can also visit one of three music clubs. Each of the "music venues" is set up in a similar fashion. The Rock Club, Jazz Club and Symphony Hall all begin with a "stage screen" that has the band or orchestra performing a piece. On the right of the screen is a side bar that includes several different things to do while visiting the music clubs. At the Symphony Hall you can hear Haydn's Symphony No. 88 while watching an interactive analysis of the form. You can also learn about the instruments and layout of a symphony orchestra. At the Rock Club you can read about the history of Rock and Roll, or listen to the band play an original piece. The Jazz Club offers students a chance to see and hear the ranges of various jazz instruments.

A stop at the music library lets students research musical terms, or learn about instruments from the card catalogue. Each instrument screen includes a picture, description, and a listening example. The musical terms are set up on individual cards with a short definition or description on each one.

The Musical World of Professor Piccolo provides students an opportunity to learn about the history of church music and its impact on music of the present day. If you click on the icon of the church, students are taken inside a beautiful church with organ music playing in the background. There is a musical example of Crucifixus by J.S. Bach for students to hear and study.

A trip to the arcade gives students a chance to use some of the skills they have learned in a game setting. Students can choose from Musical Pursuit for one or two players, Rhythm Risk, a rhythmic listening game, Pitch Adventure, a game of ear training, or Sound Off!, an instrument identification game. Three different levels of difficulty are available for students on Rhythm Risk and Pitch Adventure.

This program has been used in my home studio for more than two years. Students (ages six through eighteen) have all enjoyed using some part of this program. It is one of the few programs that they don't mind going back to over and over again. While a MIDI keyboard is necessary if students want to hear the instrument ranges, everything else works without a keyboard. Professor Piccolo offers musical performances, a self-paced interactive music theory course, and graphics with some limited animation. It is also a well thought out music appreciation course in Rock, Jazz and Symphonic music.



The Wave Pool
$17.97 $39.99
Hundred of WAV sound files.

Wav Sound Effects
$20.89 $34.99
A collection of over 1500 professionally created WAV sound effects for multimedia development. Includes search software with easy to use graphical interface for convenient searching, saving, and copying. Royalty free reuse rights included. All sound files in windows compatable WAV format.

$39.99 $49.99
WinCD Professional is the ultimate CD player and CD database for Windows. It's the only CD player which stores information on every CD in the collection in an easily accessible and searchable database. You can record and store digital samples from each track on your CD's so you can audition a disc even when it's not in the player. Amd ot jas tje ;ppl and feel of a regular Cd player, so it's easy to use.

Woodstock 25th Anniversary
$39.99 $49.99
The event was monumental. Featuring video and music by The Who, Janis JJoplin, Crosby Stills & Nash, and more. Also, psychedelic paintbrush & bonus trivia game for and endless trip.