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756 Animals

A World Alive
A World Alive
$44.99 $54.99

Splash in the Atlantic with a humpback whale, tunnel underground with leafcutter ants, watch a Pacific Ridley turtle take its first swim and a northern elephant seal give birth. James Earl Jones is your guide in this spectacular thirty-minute documentary compiled by Sea Studios in collaboration with the St. Louis Zoo. Where does the monarch butterfly live during the winter? What do chattering dolphins sound like? What does a ghost crab eat? The answers are all here, along with beautiful illustrations and thousands of compelling facts about each animal.


Audubon's Mammals Multimedia
$12.50 $39.99
Features the complete text of the 1840 edition "Octavio" set of Audubon's Quadrupeds of North America. Each are from the first Edition including 150 full color mammal lithographs, and sensational Sounds. Search for words or phrases in seconds. Designed for entainment, educational and reference purposes. A mist have! Sounds for many mammals. DOS/MAC

Butterflies Of The World
$29.99 $39.99
Bring the beautiful world of butterflies to life on your PC. Fill motion video, narrations, over 300 color illustrations, 50 video clips, stunning photographs, full index are some of the features available.

Creepy Crawlies
$54.19 $64.99
This is a collection of the ugly and terrifying. There are inside facts on 74 of Earth's lowest life forms. Witness full motion video at it's ugliest.

$19.99 $29.99

The Definitive Multimedia Guide to the Creatures we Love to Love...


Dinosaur Adventure for Mac
Dinosaur Adventure
$44.99 $54.99
Dinosaur Adventure - Your journey through time will enthrall you with the sights and sounds of the world of dinosaurs and the history of their study. Full-motion videos and informative note balloons and text will keep your whole family interested for hours as they learn about these fascinating creatures. Space Adventure-A new type of educational software that is a different adventure in learning each time you use it. Space Adventure encourages intellectual discovery as you choose the path of your adventure through time and place, learning about the people, places, and events that highlight the history of man's fascination with outer space. Go along with Buzz Aldrin on a space0age tour from the past, present and into the future. You'll read about missions in space, see photographs of planets, and hear the sounds of rockets. The eye-catching images, some with full motion video, interesting text, and exciting digitized sounds will keep everyone entertained.

Dinosaur Multimedia Encyclopedia
$64.99 $79.99
Dinosaur Multimedia Encyclopedia

Dinosaur Safari
Dinosaur Safari
$12.42 $29.99
Dinosaur Safari is designed to recreate the world that you would encounter if time travel were really possible. Instead of brining the Dinosaurs to the modern world, Dinosaur Safari takes you to the world of the Dinosaurs. Developed in collaboration with designers and scientists from the Oregon Museum of science and Industry. this multimedia adventure provides hours of enjoyment traveling through time, hunting for dinosaurs, and collecting their photos. Dinosaurs are seen in realistic environments which reflect current knowledge of Mesozoic plant and animal life, geography, and ecology. Filled with information about the appearance, behavior, and classification of Dinosaurs and other extinct reptiles, as well as the geography and geology of the Mesozoic Era in which they lived, people of all ages will learn something new each time they play!

$25.39 $59.99
This program defies extinction! Unearth over 200 dinosaurs using interactive tools to gather clues as you chisel away rock and expose dinosaur bones. Be the first to complete a skeleton. Featuring 3D animation and terrifying sound effects, each dinosaur profile includes factual text, artwork, narrated descriptions, music and realistic sounds. Interactive database, educational role playing and question games make studying this fossilized world fun!

Discoveries Of The Deep
$34.99 $44.99
Feature seem different undersea missions. Drive deep into the oceans in an underwater exploration with incredible graphics.

Disvoveries of the Deep
$34.99 $44.99

Feature seven different undersea missions. Dive deep into the oceans in an underwater exploration with incredible graphics.

Join an expedition to the unexplored abyss - a fascinating world of strange creatures, lost vessels, and a wealth of untold secrets. Search for ancient wreaks, underwater trenches, missing airplanes, and even the Titanic, the most famous lost ship. 

Climb on board your Mini sub and dive as deep as you dare!!!

-Perform scientific research in Romanche Trench

-32,000 feet below the surface.

-Search for the missing "Flight 19" deep in the heart of the Bermuda triangle.

-Team up with the U.S. Navy to clan up underwater nuclear waste,

-Find and photograph the legendary Titanic and honor its victims with a plaque at the site and more. 


$29.19 $49.99


It's a dog's life with Multimedia Dogs, where over 130 different breeds are showcased in full-motion video, sensational photography, informative text and graphics!


Encyclopedia of US Endangered Species
$39.99 $49.99

Multimedia reports on 700 endangered species. Discover how to protect their habitats and save them from extinction.


Endangered And Threatened Species
$22.99 $59.99

Jurassic Dinosaurs
Jurassic Dinosaurs by SoftBooks
$31.99 $54.99
The perfect talking electronic book for children of all ages. Teach children how dinosaurs lived through multimedia sounds, graphics and animation. Helps children improve their reading and vocabulary skills.

Kittens To Cats

A CD-ROM Guide to Raising the Perfect Cat

Of course you love your pet. And, having taken it into your home, you've made an emotional and financial commitment to seeing that it grows up as healthily and happily as possible. Learn what every cat owner should know:

 Picking out Kitty

 Cat Development

 Diet & Nutrition


 Working Owners

 Solutions to Common Cat Problems

 Training your Cat

 Exercising your Cat

 Your Cat's Health

 Added features let you keep track of important information on your pet

Freeform mode allows you to study lessons in sequence, or select a specific topic from the menu. You can record an portion of a segment and play it back when you wish.

Classroom mode is perfect for 2 or more students. Simply enter your name, and either study the lessons sequentially, or use the menu to select a specific topic. Questions are asked at the end of topics. Scores for each student are automatically recorded.

Breeds consists of beautiful, full-color pictures of most association-recognized breeds, and a detailed description of each breed.

Pet Notes keeps your pet's vital information at your fingertips. Keeps track of improtant phone numbers, medical and breeding data. Helps you remember things like your pet's vaccination schedule.

Free Bonus inside! Instructional VHS video


Lifemap Aniamls with Backbones
$33.00 $49.99
The fascinating world of invertebrate is richly illustrated with over 400 screens. From the dinosaurs to the primates, you see how a backbone has changed the course of evolution. Published by warner New Media.

Mammals Miltimedia Encycloipedia
$129.99 $149.99

This multimedia program introduces all ages to over 200 mammals with 45 full motion video clips, 150 authentic animal vocalizations, 700 captioned photographs, fact boxes, and range maps - all easily accessible with the click of a mouse. Essays about the animals provide the equivalent of 600 pages of text. This CD ROM also has a narrated tutorial, glossary, classification game, and printing capability for captions and essays.


Mammals Multimedia Encyclopedia
$129.99 $149.99

Microsoft Oceans
$20.99 $54.99

Microsoft Oceans introduces you to the magnificent creatures that inhabit the world's oceans and the adventurous people who explore those waters.


Multimedia Audubon's Birds
$29.99 $39.99
Each bird has a fascinating story told by Audubon including it's habitat & range as well as other interesting details of the bird;s life. It contains the complete text of the 1840 first edition of "Octavio" Audubon's Birds of America as well as 500 full color bird lithographs. Multitudes of bird calls courtesy of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Search for words or phrases in seconds. Designed for entertainment, educational * reference purposes. A must have!

Multimedia Audubon;s Mammals
$12.50 $39.99
Features the complete text of the 1840 edition "Octavio" set of Audubon's Quadrupeds of North America. Each are from the first addition including 150 full color mammal lithographs, and sensational sounds for many of the Mammals courtesy of Cornell Library of Natural Sounds. Search for words or phrases in seconds. Designes for entertainment, educational and reference purposes. A must have!

Ocean Imagery
$15.97 $44.99

Ocean Life
$37.89 $49.99
Hawaii is the third in an interactive series of Cd Rom based books on marine life. This CD includes original narrated underwater video, stunning photography, and descriptive text on sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands. With more than 90 species, this Cd Rom features video of heretofore undocumented fish behavior on subjects like mating, predication, camouflage, brooding, and nesting. Learn more about the Hawaiian archipelago by exploring the topographical and relief maps oft he region. New in this issue is an easy to use visual index of families and phyla of Hawaiian marine life.

Ocean Life Volume 3
$37.89 $49.99

Hawaiian Islands

Ocean Life Volume 3: New features include enhanced still photography, a visual index to fish families, fast-display maps of the Hawaiian archipelago, Latin-name access, and extended morphology information on bony fishes. For educators, students, scuba divers, aquarists, and lovers of the ocean, this series lets you view the inhabitants of the ocean as never before possible. Ocean Life is a must-have addition to any collection of multimedia reference works.

 Explore more than 90 species of fish, many found only in Hawaii. Multimode access lets you browse by photo, name, or keyword. Interactive maps of the Hawaiian archipelago provide detailed views of the individual islands.

 OceanLife Volume 3 includes comprehensive text, range maps, photographs, and full-color video for each species.

 New in this issue is an easy-to-use visual index of the 32 families of fishes on the CD-ROM.

 An expanded, interactive morphology section details anatomical variations that help aquarists and divers identify species.


$15.97 $44.99

Under Sea
$49.99 $59.99
Dive deep into the secrets of the sea. Come face to face with a Great White. Float lazily through a coral reef. Brave the frigid waters of the Arctic where Killer Whales rule. Or dive down into the deepest canyon on the planet. Undersea Adventure gives you seven entertaining and educational ways to explore the hundred million square miles of out planet's ocean.

Undersea Adventure
$49.99 $59.99
Dive deep into the secrets of the sea. Come face to face with a Great White. Float lazily through a coral reef. Brave the frigid waters of the Arctic where Killer Whales rule. Or dive down into the deepest canyon on the planet. Undersea Adventure gives you seven entertaining and educational ways to explore the hundred million square miles of our planet's ocean.

Whale test
Whales & Dolphins
$43.99 $69.99
Explore the world of these warm-blooded mammals that are specially adapted to life in the oceans and seas. Discover how they live, breed and feed. Listen to their haunting songs and view the beautifully shot underwater video sequences that show just how graceful the largest creatures on earth really are. Distribution maps, color photographs and illustrations all contribute to gaining a fuller understanding of these enchanting animals.