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Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing
$41.00 $54.99
Strap yourself in and prepare to pump some adrenaline because arcade racing doesn't get any more thrilling than this! It's a pedal to the metal time as legendary Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr prepares you for the white knuckle drive of your life. Experience the turbo charged excitement of wheel to wheel racing at speeds exceeding 200 mph. Race in 4 different modes, circle the track alone, go against the clock or pit yourself against 10 of the most cunning drivers around. It's 'road rage' on a whole new dimension. Make no mistake, 15 different circuits will stretch your driving skill to the limit. Bringing you all the speed, atmosphere and awesome sounds of Indy racing, Al user Jr Arcade Racing puts you on the fast track to glory.

Auto Almanac 1995
$19.99 $39.99
The AUTO ALMANAC creates a personal new car show with cars from around the world. It includes 650 megabytes of photos, videos, articles, databases & games. Explore the exciting world of high performance autos with the power multimedia.

Auto Almanac 94'
$12.00 $39.99

This innovative CD Rom offers vehicle specifications & images that cover every new car and light truck sold in the U.S. You can compare more than 1500 vehicles with a few keystrokes.


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Cars! Cars! Cars!
$49.99 $59.99
The ultimate CD-ROM for car lovers. Includes historic movie footage of the first commercials and pictures of some of the most fascinating cars ever put into production.

Formula 500
$34.99 $44.99
Includes Gran Prix circuit, Road and Track, Indianapolis 500 The Simulator, Stunt Driver and Test Driver III The Passion.

Mega Race
$39.99 $49.99
Streak to the future in the ultimate virtual driving experience. With full-motion video and futuristic 3-D graphics. This game is sure to keep you on the edge. It's Virtual World Broadcast TV, featuring head-to-head driving combat on a virtual racetrack. Skill and aggression are the name of this game. You have only a few laps to master the track and obliterate your enemy! Obstacles and cunning trucks by your opponent keep you guessing as you navigate around a choice of futuristic cityscapes. You wail for the perfect moment to ram your challenger and send his car into full-scale oblivion. Mothorax and the Eviscerator are two of the five nastiest you go up against, each with his won distinctly.

Monster Truck Madness
$24.50 $49.99
Get ready for ferocious, heart-pumping action on the wild side of the racing world. Monster Truck Madness puts you behind the wheel of the most thunderously untamed machines ever to take up racing.

Moto Racer
$49.99 $59.99

Popular Mechanics Car Guide
$31.49 $49.99
Select prices, specs, options and features from more than 800 Cars, Trucks & Utility Vehicles to find your perfect car.

popular car guide
Popular Mechanics Car Guide 1996
$31.49 $49.99
The Facts You Need to Buy or Sell Your Car. Buying a car or truck is one of the most exciting investments you'll ever make. With so many choices available today, how do you decide which car to buy? And once you decide, how do you know you're not being overcharged? With Popular Mechanics Car Guide, it's fast and easy to find the perfect new or used car, truck, sport utility vehicle or van that fits your needs. Whether you're buying or selling, you'll have the information you need to get the best deal.

Road To The Final 2 Four NCAA
$41.69 $59.99
NCAA2 is the first PC basketball simulation to use sophisticated 3-D graphics technology that follows the action like a flight simulator, with a constantly changing viewing angle!

Vegas Nights
$29.99 $39.99