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jukebox all american sports
All American Sports Jukebox
$30.00 $49.99
Challenge the best, including: Mike Ditka Ultimate Football, Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball, and PRO Tennis Tour, the Ultimate Tennis Simulation.

Baseball Greatest Hits
Baseball's Greatest Hits by Voyager
$37.49 $54.99
Mel Allen brings you the game's greatest moments. Hear the voices, relive the stats, play the game. Where were you in 1951, when Bobby Thomson slugged the home run that tore the heart out of Brooklyn? Or in 1969, when the miracle Mets capped the most amazing turnaround in baseball history? How about 1988, when Kirk Gibson made a Hollywood dream come true? Grab some Cracker Jacks and check out Baseball's Greatest Hits, the next best thing to being there. Watch historic video clips, like Hank Aaron's 715th home run. Listen in a 75 Hall of Famers- including Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson- talk baseball. Hear Mel Allen's mellifluous introductions to each event and enjoy the comments of the nation's greatest sports columnists. This updated version brings you right up to Joe Carter's heart-stopping home run that clinched the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays. Current stats on major players are in here, along with over six hours of archival audio, color photographs, and rediscovered audio clips such as Babe Ruth's legendary call of his own shot in 1932. Hardcore fans will appreciate box scores, a baseball timeline, stadium pictures, team histories, player profiles, and the chance to test their knowledge in a challenging trivia game. Play Ball!

Bass Fishing Classics
$14.50 $39.99
Come Fishin with the Pros! From Dick Olsen, professional bass angler, come our two favorite fishing games. BASS TOUR and BASS DUEL. You set out in your fully rigged bass boat including LCD chart recorder, 17,000 rod, reel and lure combinations, trolling motor and more, in search of your trophy bass. And...even can square off in your choice of either paired or tournament-style competition against the computer pro's! A sure cure for winter or rainy day bluses, this one's fishin' fun at its finest!

Brett Hull Hockey 95
Brett Hull Hockey 95
$44.99 $54.99
SKATE, CHECK AND SCORE WITH 600 NHLPA PROS You've been riding the bench long enough. Now it's time to get into the action with the players, the hits, and the blistering shots tat make hockey the quickest sport in the world. Now it's time to lace em' up with Brett Hull Hockey '95. In this game, you make it happen. Control the blue line with guys like Leetch and Bourque. Blank 'em in the crease with guys Richter and Irbe. Take it down the wing, off the boards and into the slot behind scoring legends like Yzerman, Modano, Bure, and of course, Brett Hull. But don't think you can hide when it's all over. In this game, the stats tell all. Shots, checks, penalties, passing, saves and more. Make it or miss, it's all down on your permanent record.

California Street Surfers
$16.00 $39.99

Championship Wrestling Volume II
$16.00 $39.99

Championship Wrestling Volume III
$16.00 $39.99

Chicago Golf Guide 95
$39.99 $44.99

ESPN Baseball
$44.99 $59.99
Live action video, exciting graphics and personalized couching help you improve at your own pace. ESPN Hitting by IntellPlay is like having a great couch who teaches you the same techniques that win national championships. A friendly couch who makes learning as easy and fun as playing a video game - all at your own pace

lets play
ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball
$36.64 $59.99
ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball is a Sports game, developed and published by Intelliplay, which was released in 1994. It acts as an instructional video on how to play beach volleyball

ESPN Lets Play Soccer CD Rom
$39.99 $49.99
World-class soccer instruction by U.S. World Cup team member John Harkes and two-time NCAA National Player of the Year Mia Hamm. You'll build better offensive and defensive skills, using techniques demonstrated by top players in real game situations. And while you're learning, you'll have world class fun with host Zachery Ty Bryan, child star of TV's Home Improvement.

Front Page Sports Football Pro '95
$49.99 $59.99

Football Pro '95 Hits The Gridiron

NFL's 2-point conversions and kickoffs from the 30 promise more aggressive play.

Sports analysts foresee high-scoring action when the nation's best, Football Pro '95, takes the field. Computer Gaming World's Winner- Best Sport Simulation '93 and '94 - now officially licensed by the NFL, kicks off with all the major rule changes. Included are the complete team rosters for all 28 NFL teams with all the 1994/95 NFLPA players and their stats. What's more, 3,000 stock plays (10,000 on CD) help you make the right call on over 2,500 play situation.



Golf PGA Tour II
$39.99 $49.99

PGA Tour Golf II 


Hilarious Sports Bloopers
$16.39 $29.99
Hilarious Sports Bloopers

International Open Golf European Champion
$12.93 $39.99
International Open Golf European Champion

International soccer
International Soccer
$39.99 $49.99
EA SPORTS has teamed up with FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, to bring you the most realistic soccer simulator ever created for the PC. A sophisticated game engine allows you to control every aspect of the game from team formations and strategies to the non stop, on the field action. As with the real sport, the combination of detailed strategy and acrobatic ball control is essential for success. Select one of 48 international teams and enter the tourney. Do you have what it takes to guide your team all the way to the cup?

Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design: Signature Edition
$24.65 $39.99


Take a swing at the most realistic golf game ever to hit a CD. Challenge a friend, a pro, or even Nicklaus himself (we've digitally captured his swing). Try out two of  his own course designs, or make a selection from the remaining fourteen. Still thirsting for more acres of green? Get creative and use the design mode to devise your own personalized course. You could even copy your local course, right down to the divot. With 256-Colour VGA graphics and intense sound effects, you can almost smell the grass cuttings. Finally... A gold game with no handicap.


Links 386 Pro Cd
Links 386 Pro Cd
$19.99 $29.99
Enjoy the best computer game of gold as part of the Links family. Many additional championship courses available to suit your every mood. The most realistic computer gold and the biggest most beautifully digitized collection of real life courses including awe-inspiring Pebble Beach.

Links Collectors CD
Links Collectors CD
$19.98 $29.99
Links Collectors CD contains authentic recreations, contains four of golf's most challenging courses. Courses include Firestone, Bountiful, Bay Hill and Torrey Pines.

LINKS The Challemge Of Golf
$18.96 $39.99

Links redefined what golf on the PC should look and play like; it migrated golf from a sports game to a simulation. Good use of VGA’s 256 colors made for a realistic course with trees, water, sandtraps, and the fairway. The addition of ball physics, mulligans, changing the lie of the ball, real digitized environmental sounds (even through the PC speaker), and the ability to view a replay (even from multiple angles) gave PC golf games a new echelon of quality to match.


Maniac Sports
$34.99 $44.99
Experience some of the most extreme, dangerous, and reducal "sports" in this interactive rockumentary. Scale the sheer face of a thousand-foot vertical wall of granite as you thumb your nose at gravity. Dive out of an airplane and plummet toward the earth at a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour. Feel your heart pound and your stomach churn as you hurl toward the ground only to be suddenly tanked back up by a one-inch-thick rubber band. Participate in 9 exciting and terrifying adventures without leaving home including: sky diving, skateboarding, bungee jumping, extreme skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, wind surfing, white water kayaking, and surfing.

Microsoft Complete Baseball 1994
Microsoft Complete Baseball 1994
$49.99 $59.99
Fans, Microsoft Complete Baseball puts all the facts, figures, fun, and excitement of America's national pastime right at your fingertips.

Microsoft Complete Baseball 1995 Edition
$29.99 $39.99

Fans, Microsoft Complete Baseball 1995 Edition puts all the facts, figures, fun and excitement of America's national pastime at your fingertips.

This is the 1995 update of the previous Microsoft Complete Baseball. New in this edition is a “Ballparks” section, with almost ridiculously detailed information for every major-league park – history, measurements, seating charts, phone numbers, multiple photos, up-to-date scuttlebutt on parks up for replacement – there’s even hotel and tourism information for each. There's also a brand new interface for dialing up daily box scores and statistics for every player, which could be downloaded from the internet in various formats to fit almost any spreadsheet program.

microsoft soccer
Microsoft Soccer
$29.99 $39.99
Microsoft Soccer kicks you into the intense competition of the game. Compete on a world class field, hear the cheering crowd, and play like a champion.

$29.99 $39.99
Your state of the art system demands a state of the art NBA JAM TE and this is it! Arcade quality player scaling! Updated player rosters! Actual player heads! Want more? We've got all new secret characters! Monster jamming stereo music and authentic arcade sound F/X including voice calls for individual players. NBA JAM TE... pump it up!

$17.00 $39.99
The Official Magazine of the National Football League.

NFL Football Triva Challenge
NFL Football Trivia Challenge
$37.49 $54.99
Pit yourself against the toughest football minds in the country in the trivia game that puts you on the gridiron! Start in the locker room, where you pick your favorite NFL team and one of three skill levels: rookie, veteran, or pro. Then head up the ramp and onto the field for kickoff. Famed television commentators Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier describe the play by play as you face over 1,500 questions, illustrated by over 1,200 action-packed NFL images and 300 exciting film clips. Gain yardage by answering quickly and correctly to move the ball downfield. Score a touchdown or field goal, or punt if you must on fourth down. As the crowd roars and time is running out, the chance to rise to the occasion and act like a true NFL champion is in your hands.

NFL Pro League Footall
NFL Pro League Footall
$49.99 $59.99
Are you ready for the NFL? You call the plays in the high stakes world of the NFL. Experience what it's like to coach a professional football team. And, it's your strategy and game plan that make the difference.

NFL Yearbook 94-95
$39.99 $49.99
You're holding the Official 1994/1995 NFL Interactive Yearbook. Hosted by Pat Summerall, this CD-ROM is your chance to experience all the exciting action of the National Football League from the safety of your own personal computer. You'll get all-time statistics team records and histories , schedules, game by game analysis of the past and upcoming season, and much more. With our easy to use on line service you'll feel like the coach, making decisions on a game to game summaries and previews. Gather information as it happens with weekly updates, Check the progress of injured players and get in on the big trade. So get ready, fasten your chin strap, and turn on the Official 1994/1995 NFL Interactive Yearbook. It has everything the true NFL fan needs-except for season tickets!

PBA Bowling
PBA Bowling
$34.75 $49.99
This is the first in a series of Bowling games for the PC sanctioned by the Professional Bowlers Association. Game selections include: individual, practice, team and league style games. Players begin by selecting their bowler from one of the fully digitized male and female characters available. Adjustments can be made to whether they are left or right handed, the colour of clothes and skill level (beginner, intermediate or pro). The main game screen shows the bowler on the approach and uses several smaller windows to give a fine tune control over aiming, power and spin control. As with many bowling games, a close-up of the ball striking the pins is shown. The game is able to be played alone or supports up to 4 players total.

$39.99 $44.99
Tee off against 60 top PGA TOUR pros on actual Tournament Players Club courses. Track real stats and read the green with the 3D putting grid. Stunning color or B&W graphics with TV style coverage of everything from panoramic fly by shots to instant replays.

Pro Pool 3D
$39.99 $49.99
8 Virtual 3D pool games. Welcome to Brunswick Billiards Pro Pool 3D! Pro Pool 3D is the first pool game ever developed that allows you to create your own virtual 3D environment, design your own table, choose different cues, create your own background music soundtrack and then take on the championship challenge! Choose from 8 different games of pool. Straight, 8 Ball, Snooker, Trick, 9 Ball, Billiards, 3 Ball, Cutthroat, Select Atmosphere. Is it a Smokey pool hall with a bunch of tables and talking or just a friendly quiet home game setting? Do you have great light or do you have to play in the shadows? You can select from a dive bar, an upscale billiards hall, a home game room, or a tournament setting. The choice is yours! Custom Design the Table. Create an unlimited number of tables. Choose your table style, cloth, pocket style, wood lacquer, oak, etc. Select Type of Cue. Choose from 6 unique cues to get different English, create tricks, masse and jumps with the cue ball via soft or hard wood variances. Create Your Own Soundtrack. Utilize a digitally recorded soundtrack and customize it with the jukebox or stereo in each room to maximize your enjoyment. Purchase "Actual" Pool Table and Accessories. After designing your own custom pool table, and playing Pro Pool 3D on it, re-create your table on the order form and press a button! Your order will then be sent off via the Internet! An authorized Brunswick dealer will confirm your order, then ship it to your door! Don't forget to visit the Virtual Store to purchase cues, racks, barstools, lights, and other pool accessories. Win95 Direct X Technology, Graphics and Sound. Using the latest and greatest technology available the sights and sound of Pro Pool 3D astound and astonish even the most critical Gamer and Pool Player. Tournament, Individual or Multiple Play. With one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence programs ever developed for a Pool game, you can enjoy hours and hours of game play alone or you can utilize the multiplayer function with friends old and new. Choose from 4 distinct playing environments for endless fun. Choose from over 30 real table designs. Take complete control over table design, and even order the real thing. Advanced technology makes playing Pro Pool 3D just like the real thing. Choose "training mode" for practice before you challenge your friends.

Ski Europe
$27.59 $44.99

Your personal guide to the great ski resorts of Europe. Featuring Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland. 700 dazzling photographs. 250 video clips 1,000 skiing fact sheets.


Soccer VR 96
$54.99 $64.99
VR SOCCER 96 It's just a game like English soccer fans are just a little bit enthusiastic. Say hello to the next generation of soccer. We're talking "The best soccer game I have seen" real-time 3D Virtual Field Vision that puts you anywhere on the field. Play from virtually any perspective with smooth, fast camera action that gets you in the game. It's interactive technology that doesn't just look better, it plays better. Select your squad from 44 international teams and choose the position you want to play or use the network option for up to 20 players! VR Soccer '96. The difference is real.

Sport Fishing Around The World
$21.00 $39.99
Your guide to the world's best sports fishing spots. Featuring exotic locations in Brazil, India, Kenya, Florida and more. 700 dazzling photographs, 150 video clips and 300 in depth information screens and maps.

Sport Image World Cup 1994
$36.69 $59.99

Sport's Best
$22.00 $59.99
Contains 60 minutes of digital music set to your favorite sports. Includes: Paragliding, Panza Kick Boxing and Tennis 2. In four different languages: Spanish, English, French, and German.

Sports Illustrated 1994
$29.99 $39.99
Sports Illustrated 1994 Multimedia Sports Almanac gives you in depth coverage of every mayor sport. Includes video highlights of sporting's big events. With a full year of SI included and the Ultimate Sports Trivia Challenge, this is the best sports package around.

Sports Illustrated Multimedia Almanac
Sports Illustrated Multimedia Almanac
$24.63 $39.99
Living interactive almanac of the 1994 sports season. Packed with all the year's greatest moments, teams, players, and the agony and the thrills for the entire glorious year in sports. 49 Video clips, stats and records of 18 Professional/Amateur Sports, 600 Sports Illustrated photos, complete year in Sports, 500 Question Sports Trivia Quiz, and 49 issues of the Magazine on CD Rom.

Sportz Freakz
$21.99 $39.99

interactive iNSANITY

Summer Challenge
Summer Challenge
$39.99 $49.99

Summer Challenge


A lifetime of training boils down to one moment. The fastest, strongest and most skilled champions from around the globe gather in one great city to determine who is the best of the best. To the victors go the precious medals that symbolize the ultimate in athletic achievement.

SUMMER CHALLENGE pits you against these international athletes in eight remarkably realistic evens. Represent your country in the 400 meter hurdles, pole vault, high jump, cycling, kayaking, javelin, archery and equestrian events. Time and time again you will extend the boundaries of speed, strength and accuracy - for yourself and for your flag.

The world is watching. The glory is yours for the taking,


Team NFL 1994
$17.00 $39.99

Team NFL '94 Magazine comes to life with action-packed film clips, sounds that put you at the center of the game, and football's most exciting photographs! All of this plus-the inside stories on the NFL '94 season as the league celebrates its 75th anniversary!

It's football's most exciting interactive magazine!
The best shots dished out by premier sports photographers, feature articles on your favorite gridiron heroes-past and present, team by team schedules and statistics, and the 1994 draft picks for all 28 teams!

Scouting reports
Team summaries complete with narration, sound effects, and full color photos. In depth offensive and defensive analysis. Free agency roster shake-ups and how they impact each team.

Best Shots
The best of the best- the most exciting photographs of the past 75 years of the NFL, from the photographers who delivered the shots.

Feature Articles
Seventy-five years ago, a group of men formed the NFL and revolutionized the game forever- find out how it all began. Emmitt Smith reflects on his shining career- and what he'll tell his grandchildren someday! Buddy Ryan talks candidly about his plans for the Cardinals! These and many more exciting articles will turn you into a true NFL insider!

The NFL's best! Team leaders at a glance, with narrated highlights. Complete 1993 League leaders, Hall of Fame inductees. '94 first round draft pick progress report, all-star selections and more!

The 1994 season week by week, team by team, and the 1994 post-season schedule.


the american golf guide arnold palmer
The American Golf Guide
$19.99 $29.99
100s of stunning color photos. Over 11,500 American golf courses. Full-motion video aerial views. Course maps, scorecards, amenities, hotels & more. Built-in weather information. Travel directions & area attractions. PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA and Nike tour information

Martial Arts
$15.99 $25.99
The Martial Arts Explorer offers more than just the physical aspects of martial arts. View the beauty of the mind in the LIBRARY where you will find information on the philosophies of Zen, Taoism, Buddhism and more The COMPARAVIEW presents an amazing view of all the martial arts examined by the Explorer, you can access over 100 video clips featuring demonstrations and interviews

The Scouting Report 1992
$30.97 $79.99
Compiled by Stats, Inc. A leading source of detailed major league baseball statistics. Information from ESPN, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, etc. Loaded full of information a baseball fan would love to have.

Tom Landry Strategy Football
$23.99 $39.99

With its roots in text-based adventures and simple shooters, computer gaming makes up an integral part of today's electronic games industry. An adaption of tic-tac-toe created in 1952 represents one of the earliest computer games, along with the heavily influential Spacewar!, a space combat game developed by MIT students on a PDP-1 mainframe computer in 1961. Personal computers brought games into the home, with manufacturers such as Atari, Texas Instruments and Commodore leading the way in the 1980s. While many early computer games required text commands to be entered via the keyboard, making text adventures and interactive fiction games popular, publishers also took advantage of the arcade game craze sweeping the nation. Ports and clones of the most recognized graphics-based games, such as Pac-Man, Frogger and Space Invaders, became top sellers on the personal computer. Increasing graphical capability, larger amounts of memory and the growing popularity of the mouse contributed to the rise of the computer gaming industry in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The mouse was especially influential in popularizing certain genres over others for the PC, as it allowed faster and more accurate movements than console controllers. Real-time strategy games and first-person shooters especially benefited from these advantages. Manufacturers also distinguished their products from console games by packaging them in larger boxes that often included extra game-related merchandise, such as badges, stickers or glasses. Computer games also popularized the idea of multiplayer gaming, especially once broadband internet became common. The first multiplayer online role-playing game, Neverwinter Nights, ran on AOL from 1991 from 1997. Other popular games followed, such as World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, StarCraft and The Sims Online. Most online games allow players to work both collectively as well as against one another in Player vs. Player or Deathmatch modes. Computer technology is currently developing and improving at a rapid pace, and computer games follow the same trends. Improved graphics, faster processing speeds and terabyte-sized memory allow games to reach new heights of realism and interactivity.


Total Base1993
Total Baseball 1993
$29.99 $39.99
Complete baseball library from the 1871 to the 1992 World Series. Features 600 images, sounds clips, and statistics on over 13,000 players!

Unnecessary Roughness 95 FRONT
Unnecessary Roughness '95
$39.69 $49.99
UR95 is your average football game featuring both single plays against the computer or a friend, and full-fledged seasons, including playoffs and Super Bowls. The main attraction to the game however is a "Construction Set" option which allows you to create everything for your own team, to your playbook and tournaments. You can even do your own team's logo and import/export your creations to trade with your friends.