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Bible Lands, Bible Stories
$17.49 $39.99
Bible Lands, Bible Stories

Bibles & Religion
$12.50 $34.99

With Bibles & Religion, your PC becomes a powerful Bible study tool. You will be astounded at the amount comprehensive features that guide you through the entire Bible in hundreds of entertaining ways. Utilize online cross referencing to find certain words or phrases. Then refer to the Greek and Hebrew Concordance to find scriptures that contain the word or subject you are searching for. Use the Greek and Hebrew Bible dictionaries to find the original translations of specific words and follow the informative historical. Biblical timeline. Fun Scripture Master which allows you to easily learn Bible verses interactively even if your typing skills aren't the greatest! There are 103 passages in Scripture Master from 3 Bible translations. Then use Daily Bread, your personal calendar of scriptures which displays a different Bible verse reading from the King James Version for every day of the  year, If you're serious about studying the Bible, or have always wanted to, but never knew where to start, the Study Outline is just what you need to begin a comprehensive, organized study of the entire Bible. For the kids at heart Awesome End time Bible Stories bring the most well known characters and stories to life. A fun a and enjoyable way for everyone in your family to learn!


Creation Stories
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Every culture has asked that question. And every culture has its own answer a creation story. The rich collection more than 90 legends celebrates the miracle of creation as viewed by nearly 60 different civilization.


King James Bible
King James Bible
$24.79 $44.99
Cross reference people, stories, parables, and proverbs in seconds! A testament to the power of both religion and technology, this space saving disc can travel wherever you go for easy access. Whether reading for inspiration, pleasure or study you can search chapter and verse with just the touch of a button.

The Bible Library
$12.50 $44.99
Nine versions of the Bible, commentary a dictionary of theology, Strong's Greek and Hebrew dictionary, Osbeck's 101 Hymn Stories, incredible search and cross reference features and more can be found on one disc!

The Bible Play & Learn
$15.50 $39.99
Home Remedies disc contains thousands of tips and techniques that everyone can use use for healing everyday health problems in the home, office or while away. Over 2,300 home remedies are compiled by more that 500 doctors and professionals. Learn how to high fatigue, lower stress, soothe ulcers and more.

The Holy Bible 1994
$69.99 $79.99

Treasures From Heaven
$18.99 $29.99

A truly exquisite collection of over 400 religious programs covering past and present day scriptural topics. This very entertaining and informative CD contains shareware, public domain, and copyrighted material and includes the award winning "Online Bible" and "The Seed Master Bible Study Program." Treasures From Heaven CD ROM makes learning and teaching the gospel and other religious subjects fun for people of all ages!


World Religions
$29.99 $39.99

It's so important to learn and understand about different religions, especially within our multi-cultural society. World Religions makes this easy, fun and clear. Find yourself getting absorbed in the fascinating details of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. With sound, text, photographs, drawings and a spoken glossary, World Religions really brings each religion to life.