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40 Best Windows 95 Games
$19.99 $39.99
Play dozens of the best Windows Games!

40 Interactive Stories For All Nations
$16.00 $39.99

50 Windows Volume 2
$16.00 $39.99

Action 100
$12.00 $39.99

Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 2
$39.99 $49.99
Contains boxing, chopper command, cosmi commuter, carckpost, fishing derby, freeway, frostbite, grand prix, H.E.R.O. . kaboom! Pitfall! river raid seaquest, sky junks and spider fighter.

Aegis Guardian Of The Fleet
$49.99 $59.99
The drama, action and excitement of high-tech naval combat comes to life. As close to reality as national security allows! Puts the latest in military technology at your fingertips, but the decision how to employ it rests with you. Incorporating the latest in CD-ROM interactive technology. Aegis introduces you to the secret world of modern naval warfare. From nerve-wracking bombing runs in the Falklands to attacking Qaddafi's terrorist camps in Libya. Aegis puts you on the front lines of modern history's most powerful warships in the world as you match wits against equally well equipped forces in a battle for naval supremacy.

After the Beanstalk
After the Beanstalk
$39.99 $49.99
Join Jack and the friendly folk of Beanville at an interactive festival full of adventure, games, and laughter. As the new mayor of Beanville. Jack's first order of business is to make the Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum Festival a smashing success. But he needs your help to keep villainous Bixby the Beanseller from foiling all the fun. To save the day, use your hand eye coordination at the Dunking Booth. Apply your creativity to cupcakes and cook up colorful masterpieces. Or just have a great giggling fit while trying on some really hilarious hats. You're sure to have a ball as you build reading skills and improve your reading comprehension!

Air Havoc Controller
$29.99 $39.99

The air is thick with tension. Not to mention planes. Sixteen accidents waiting to happen. Thousands of lives on board. And you're in the control tower. Forget about the single radar screen. This is Air Havoc Controller. The stunningly realistic Air Traffic Control simulator, with 3-D computer graphics so true-to-life that if they were any more realistic... you'd be history.


Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing
$41.00 $54.99

Strap yourself in and prepare to pump some adrenalin because arcade racing doesn't get any more thrilling than this!

It's a pedal to the metal time as legendary Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr prepares you for the white knuckle drive of your life.

Experience the turbo charged excitement of wheel to wheel racing at speeds exceeding 200mph. Race in 4 different modes, circle the track alone, go against the clock or pit yourself against 10 of the most cunning drivers around. It's 'road rage' on a whole new dimension.

Make no mistake, 15 different circuits will stretch your driving skill to the limit. Bringing you all the speed, atmosphere and awesome sounds of Indy racing, Al user Jr Arcade Racing puts you on  the fast track to glory. 


Alien Logic
$29.99 $39.99

Introducing a unique world of role-playing that is fully developed and thoroughly convincing. Based on the highly acclaimed SKYREALMS OF JOURUNE game system, Alien Logic propels you 3500 years into the future and promises an adventure unlike any you've ever imagined! Exploring this vast alien universe is pure pleasure a real time simulation interface packs a variety of interaction modes. And thanks to the realism of Super VGA graphics and CD quality sounds, you will leave your behind! 


Alone in the dark Jack in the Dark
Alone In The Dark and Jack In The Dark
$29.99 $39.99
Jack in the Dark is a spin-off game made during Alone in the Dark 2's development. It was used as a promotional game, distributed at Christmas 1993. The game was on a single floppy disk in a golden wrap featuring a Jack-in-the-box illustration on top. Later CD versions of both Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark 2 came packaged with Jack in the Dark.

$24.99 $34.99
Play The Best PC Shareware games directly from Cd Rom.

$24.05 $39.99
Mason, Director of the Remond Institute, outlines your mission: investigate the disappearance of the Alpha Team and the mysterious increase of natural disasters. Stop the forces which are wreaking havoc and destroying cities. Armed with secret files, police reports and a dossier of each occurrence, track the Alpha Team's last mission and uncover the secret undersea headquarters of the Aliens. But beware, not everyone is who they seem to be and you must work quickly before the Aliens capture you. Secret codes, garbled messages and an android companion provide essential clues during your mission.

Arctic Baron
Arctic Baron
$31.99 $44.99
The year is 2022 and global warming is threatening the very existence of mankind. Scientists put "Operation Blind" into effect to reverse the process, but something goes seriously wrong! The Earth is plunged into a nuclear winter and the sun becomes permanently eclipsed. Centuries after the disaster, a new world order has been established and the Viking Union hold the power. They dominate the rail network and the only source of money - coal - and aren't going to easily give up their monopoly. You command a gigantic steam powered train and use it to journey to towns to trade in supplies, slaves and mammoths. Your raw instincts will help you pull your survival plan together from the information you obtain along the way, Your mission is vital: free the planet from perpetual winter and economic slavery. Your quest for the sun is one of danger and excitement... become the Arctic Baron... free your people!

Armored Fist
Armored Fist
$52.11 $69.99
You're in the heart of an advanced fighting machine. Peering through the thick smoke billowing off your last victim, you feel you're being watched. Switching to thermal shows something hot behind the trees ahead. Advanced optics zoom in and reveal a Soviet T-80 tank turning its turret toward you. Now is not the time to hesitate...Lock and load. FIRE!

Attack Stack
$32.59 $49.99

Baker's Dozen
$22.99 $34.99

battle chess
Battle Chess
$19.99 $39.99
BATTLE CHESS has been used to teach chess in a truly entertaining way. Chess pieces come to life and battle for position. There's an on-screen tutorial where play tactics and the history of each character are humorously portrayed. Each character's voice adds a new dimension to this popular chess game. 30,000 moves and 10 levels of play test you against the compute or another player. The violent world of chess comes to life with animated characters and digitized sounds. The 'takes' are often bloody and usually quite funny. Computer plays a pretty good game of chess, too.

Best Of Apogee 2
$31.99 $49.99

Best Of InfoGrames
$22.09 $39.99

Blue Force
$12.00 $44.99

Role playing adventure puts you in the character of Jake Ryan, a rookie motorcycle cop whose parents were murdered ten years ago. Authentic police procedures help guide your investigation in this challenging adventure by CHP veteran Jim Walls.

Gut wrenching life and death drama's drawn from the experiences of a real California Highway Patrol officer. You're on the firing line, making all the calls in this intense interactive action/adventure.


Brain Dead 13
$49.99 $59.99
A bizarre comedy horror action adventure. Deep in the bowels of the Castle of the sinister brain, Dr. Nero Neurosis, evil is brewing. Our unsuspecting heron Lance, the world's hippest computer repair guru, gets alte night fit it call to the mysterious castle.

Brain Drain
$28.00 $44.99

Strategic games of skill to challenge the mind. Titles include Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Lemmings Christmas and many more.


$42.99 $54.99

Parents, teachers, and other educators have continuously sought ways to instruct children in a fun and interactive way. Counting games, alphabet blocks, and activity books have long been staples of "fun learning," and these have most recently been supplemented by educational technology. Software programs now teach children math, science, grammar, spelling, typing, and foreign languages. High school students can electronically practice for the SATs, while aspiring lawyers can find sample LSAT questions. Video games such as Math Blasters allow children to explore fantastic worlds based on numbers and equations. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is now in digital format, allowing for easy searches. Learning has never been easier, nor so enjoyable. Warren Buckleitner, editor of "Children's Technology Review" and a doctor of educational psychology, has donated a representative sample of this diverse and still-growing medium. His extensive collection, which includes educational software of all subjects and for all ages, is an excellent example of the merging of work and play, and helps encourage us all to remember that "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."


Bridge Olympiad
$22.99 $34.99

The Bridge Game For A Lifetime!

The finest computer bridge game ever created! Take part in the world renowned "Bridge Olympiad" tournament, right in the comforts of your own home. Bridge masters are calling this bridge game the most challenging ever! The computer will test bridge masters' abilities while being the mentor for novice players. Practive slams, defensive play, and how to play no trump hands. Choose the type of partner you want to play with. Each partner has different bridge techniques and styles.


Bureau 13
Bureau 13
$39.99 $49.99
Bureau 13 is a highly secret government organization, unknown to the public, whose mission is paranormal investigation and control. As agent Johnny Alpha, you are assigned to investigate an unusual occurrence in Stratusburg in Quadrant 9. It seems as if a rogue agent, J. P. Withers attempted to kill the Stratusburg sheriff with no apparent provocation. Before the state investigators discover agent Withers' identity, which might compromise the bureau's anonymity, you must accept the Priority Alpha mission to remove all evidence of his involvement in the incident. By assigning two operatives to the case (you get to choose from six available agents), who you control and monitor via embedded transmitters, you must unravel the mystery and reasons behind this bizarre crime. Each operative (hacker, mech, priest, thief, vampire or witch) has special abilities and skills (from computers to sorcery). Bureau 13 is based on a pen and paper game developed by Richard Tucholka and features complex puzzle solving and combat sequences and requires a healthy imagination in the field of paranormal happenings.

C.I.T.Y. 2000
$59.99 $69.99
Join super sleuth Jon Darling as he races through the streets of London in his fight against evil! Using the most sophisticated video animation, graphics, and digital sound available, C.I.T.Y. 2000 brings you the ultimate challenge of intellect and skill in the CD-ROM PC adventure of a lifetime.

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
$39.99 $49.99

You'll be riveted in the driver's seat of your '53 Caddy in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. It's the Xenozoic Age - 600 years in the future. Your treacherous journey through a jungle of menacing dinosaurs, traps and obstacles pits you against poachers and predators. Your driving and shooting skill cut you through the richness of a graphic novel in this desperate race for survival. As you hone your skills to surmount each new challenge, you'll be further drawn into this post-apocalyptic tale of poacher hunting and dino-dodging. Death scene drama like you've never seen in a video game makes it tempting to tick off a Tyrannosaurus. Hard driving gameplay married with strategy and storyline will have you revving your engine to see what this baby can do. Forget the rearview mirror  the future is in front of your with Caddillacs and Dinosaurs - The Second Cataclysm.


Capitol Hill
$39.99 $49.99
An incredible interactive experience that turns you into a power politician. This isn't a game. This is Government. Welcome to the Hill. As a newly elected Congressperson, you've got a big job ahead of you. But don't worry, we'll walk you through it. This incredible, real-life, video-packed, interactive experience lets you learn just what it takes to be a power politician. You'll be sworn in and sword at so often you'll be sweating by lunch on your first day in office. Fortunately, you'll learn quickly. Because all you have to do to get around The Hill is just point and click on what you see, and your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) will help guide you through the many halls of Congress. You've got the power. This isn't just a game, this is government. You've got the power to vote bills into law, but do you have the knowledge? You will. With Capitol Hill, you're not just behind the scenes, you're in them. You're a key player in Congress. You vote. You run your office. You tour the Capitol in an amazing interactive walk-through. It's like you're there. Capitol Hill lets you make your own decisions. You decide where your going to go, who you're going to see, and how you're going to spend your day. But you'd better be prepared for might be called to vote any time! What you see is where you'll be. Capitol Hill includes more than 45 minutes of video clips, and nearly 500 photos, plus narration and original music. It's Congress like you've never seen- or heard- it before. It's close-up Congressional debates, where you're face-to-face with the nations most powerful people. It's cheering crowds and staunch supporters. It's hard talk and hard lessons. It's real life on The Hill. Do you have what it takes to win? Test yourself. Are you ready to be Speaker Of The House or Senate Majority Leader? There's only one way to tell...take the Capitol Hill quiz- but be quick with the answers or you'll be headed for home. Participate in the swearing-in ceremony. You've chosen your office. Now explore your surroundings. Take an insider's tour of the Capitol building and watch history come to life.

Castles II: Siege & Conquest
$39.99 $49.99
Castles II expands on the original by changing the interface and adding video cutscenes on the CD-based versions. You choose to be one of five feuding lords vying for the Crown. Conquering, spying, sabotage, diplomacy, whatever it takes--as long as you keep the Pope and your people happy. You have to reach 7,000 points to petition the Pope for the throne, and then you have to maintain those points for 4-5 game months to win the game. However, your rivals will attack you as soon as the Pope declares his support, so be sure you have a strong military before applying for the Papal backing. Castle building is more efficient and easier to deal with. You can also set up pre-made castles on file so that you can place them quickly. Battles are set in a full alternate screen with the ability to place and command each unit.

CD Fun House
$19.76 $44.99

Over 1,000 games for all ages! Categories include adventure, arcade, role playing, casino. parlor, sports, school, and more.


CD Collection
Coffee Break CD Collection 21 Games for Everybody
$49.99 $59.99
Quality gameplay and great graphics have made the Coffee Break Series widely popular with computer gamers all over. Now, you can own the first 21 titles in the Coffee Break Series-hundreds of dollars of value! -all on one convenient, easy to use CD-ROM. on one convenient, easy to use CD ROM. Intense arcade excitement, realistic casino action, challenging strategy, and tough trivia for the whole family 0 they're all here in THE COFFEE BREAK CD COLLECTION!

Comanche CD Werewolf Helicopter Simulations
$49.99 $59.99
Developed by NovaLogic, the Comanche series of games are flight simulators focusing on the RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter which would have become the successor of the famous AH64 Apache. The games allow the player to pilot a Comanche through numerous military missions and terrains and engage in both aerial and ground combat.

Commander Blood
$27.00 $44.99
Players are an immortal cyborg, constructed by the Kanary Research Corporation, infused with the mind of it's late president, Bob Morlock, to carry out his last wish - to explore the universe in both time and space, from it's birth to the end and to answer the great questions of life. Players have access to the Ark, a massive self-aware organic space ship, equipped with space faring dolphin probes. Players have to visit planets, communicate and establish relationships with alien species, presented in pre-rendered 3D landscapes and populated with puppets.

Companion Of Xanth
$39.99 $49.99
The existence of magic is at stake as two demons vie for control of Xanth. Save this enchanted land and its emerald hillsides. Intense fantasy role playing game.

Conan The Cimmerian
$29.99 $39.99
Live the life of the Hyborean Age's greatest hero. Features over 200 location: taverns and inns, crypts and dungeons, temples and tombs, lavish homes and dusty hovels. Movie like CD quality soundtrack includes the voices of professional actors.

$59.99 $69.99
Features extensive video of Donald Sutherland as your father giving you hints and help throughout the game, TV footage of the Soviet crisis as it unfolds and movie like storyline filled with surprising twists and intrigue.

Corridor 7 Alien Invation
$29.99 $39.99
Uncovers the roots and international scope of modern organized crime. This title presents fascinating profiles--in twenty-eight volumes covering more than 4,500 hypertext pages--of more than 600 famous law enforcers and organized crime figures, including Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, and Pablo Escobar Gaviria. Survey the criminal exploits of the notorious mobsters, crime bosses and crime families, cartels, and gangland events that have shaped the history of organized crime.

cowboy casino
Cow Boy Casino
$49.99 $59.99
Learn the ways of the Old West with five card sharks in a saloon. Interact with everyone in the saloon with full motion video, sounds, and graphics.

Cowboy Casino Poker for Mac
$38.24 $59.99

Learn the ways of the Old West with five card sharks in a saloon. Interact with everyone in the saloon with full motion video, sound, and graphics.


Crossword Cracker
Crossword Cracker
$49.99 $59.99
The Crossword Cracker CD-ROM is the most powerful word analysis system designed to crack the elusive crossword clue. To give you extra help Margana, the anagram answer program is also included. You can also discover answers with only a smattering of information; just the length of the word and a few characters are enough to scan over 170,000 words and display the possible answers.

Crosswords Dell Puzzles Vol 1 & 2
$18.49 $44.99

There's something for everyone with Hoyle Classic Games. Adults and kids alike will enjoy honing their skills and learning new games with a lively group o challenging, interactive players. Adjust the amount of player personality with the "attitude meter," a little less for a straightforward game, a little more for a zany game. Authentic, accurate, and a great value, Hoyle Classic Games is perfect for the entire family.


Crystal Cliburn
$15.75 $39.99

$59.99 $69.99
Because of mankind's technological advancements, the dawn of Armageddon is at hand. Buried underneath the frozen tundra of northern Russia, an advanced piece of machinery awaits human discovery. Known as Cyberia, the device was built as a means of protection and prosperity. In the distant future, however, it has fallen into the wrong hands. While the intentions of the machine were peaceful, it is being misused as a destructive juggernaut capable of crippling the entire universe. In a time of turmoil and chaos, the Free World Alliance has called upon a devious hacker named Zak. A convicted criminal, the fugitive was rotting in a cell when the alliance gave him a chance at redemption. Organized by William Devlin, the Free World Alliance has initiated an elaborate mission objective involving the infiltration of the Cyberia Complex located in Russia. Assuming the role of the reformed hacker, you rendezvous with Santos and his gang of mercenaries in the North Atlantic. From there, you pilot the highly advanced TF-22 TransFighter aircraft and descend into the frozen wasteland. Developed by Xatrix Entertainment and published by Interplay Productions, Cyberia combines third-person adventure elements with high-energy, first-person action sequences via aircraft. Gameplay is broken into two parts: walking around and shooting scenarios. While walking around and interacting with various items, you receive help from the Bi-optic Low Amplitude Displayed Energy System or, in simpler terms, BLADES. This system allows Zak to use infrared and thermal scanning for the detection of enemies, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that examines items and BioScanning for organic matters. Zak must use these resources in moderation because when the three functions are executed, they slowly drain the battery system. It does, however, recharge over time. While maneuvering the character through the complex base levels, you must be on the lookout for potential hazards. After encountering a batch of enemies, you find yourself immersed in a heated gunbattle. Instead of using a free-movement system, the developers opted for nodal advancements, meaning you point-and-click your way through certain paths that lead to different points. Additionally, there are non-player characters located throughout the world with which to converse and gather clues. The airborne portion of the game involves navigating the not-so-friendly skies in the TF-22 TransFighter. Endowed with the AutoNav piloting system, the aircraft will pretty much fly itself anywhere you need it to go. There is a catch, however. While enemy aircraft are hovering, you must fire the onboard weapons manually. There are seven airborne areas in which to navigate, featuring specific mission objectives including the destruction of certain ships and structures. In the cockpit, you're given various HUD graphics that measure the amount of energy the aircraft has and how much ammunition is still available. Once a mission has been successfully completed, you're given a synopsis of how well you did, including hit ratios, shots fired/missed, destroyed targets and times. Additionally, there are certain milestones located throughout Cyberia that, when reached, allow you to save game progress and reload missions from that point. Cyberia features 11 missions, puzzle solving elements and interactive characters. It incorporates music and sound effects created by Thomas Dolby's Headspace with full-motion video sequences for storyline advancements.

$24.00 $69.99
CyberRace has an interactive branching story line. The animated scenes you see and the direction the story proceeds depend entirely upon your successes or failures. You will tap the resources of the black market and will meet some unsavory characters in the process, finding hardware.

$49.09 $59.99
The once simple and good natured Jobe, now a psychotic virtual Cybergod, still roams free within the confines of the VSI mainframe computer. As Dr. Lawrence Angelo, your mission is to fight your way through the military defense network to locate and destroy the Omega Chip. This chip lies at the very heart of Cyberjobe's Virtual City and gives him direct control over the information Super Highway. Without it, his plans for world domination through the power of information technology will be halted for now! Select and explore your own perilous path through levels spanning three massive game CDS. The 1800 Megabytes of game contains ten styles of gameplay, scores of adversaries, and a challenge which will test your gaming skills to the full. To survive you must drive your physical and mental stamina to its limits. Cyberwar has been declared - are you worthy of this venture?

$29.99 $39.99

D!Zone 2
D!Zone 2 for Doom & Doom II
$39.99 $49.99
Over 900 new levels for DOOM and DOOM II.

D-Day Operation Overload
D-Day Operation Overload
$49.99 $59.99
JUNE 5, 1944 JUST BEFORE DAWN. The Mission Commander calls you into his office. The briefing is classified as TOP SECRET. "The mission is code named D-DAY: OPERATION OVERLOAD. It's the largest amphibious invasion of Europe in the history of man. We go tomorrow, and you're flying the first plain in." Questions instantly race through your mind. What plane will I fly? How reliable is my back up? Will there be ground support? Does the enemy know we're coming? Is this the turning point of the war? Operations can give you a full briefing. The control tower can guide you out. But ultimately, the outcome, victory or defeat, is in your hands.

Daedalus Encounter
$34.33 $54.99
In the cold dark heart of a ravaged galaxy, a scavenger ship is being dragged at warp speed toward the scorching center of an alien sun. No one can alter its collision course. No one can save its crew. Except maybe you. As Casey, you walk the line between man and machine an interstellar war vet whose consciousness is kept alive in a powerful mechanical device. Now, you must rely on brain over brawn, mind over matter to save your old war comrades Ari (Carrere) and Zack (Christian Bocher) from involuntary solar cremation. With limited time and multiple options, you'll master mysterious 3D mazes, solve otherworldly puzzles, fend off vicious alien Krinn and fight to save your life. It's a riveting sci0fi odyssey that's as drop dead gorgeous as it is all out deadly.

$34.99 $49.99

An Epic Adventure through Savage Lands. Join in the exploits of Captain Gustavus and his loyal compatriots, travelling the lands of Hestor in search of a strange Sage who may hold the knowledge that could save Gustavus homeland from a despoiling horde of savage Daemons. Features Include: Over 150 hours of playing, thousands of screens to journey, huge 70,000 word conversation system realistically modeled game world, and detailed background manual. Also Includes: The original VHS presentation "Travis Sewerbreath. " In this 8.5 minutes feature you meet Randolph Ninefingers. Scholar and Adventureer as he corners the last Daemon Hunter, Traivis Sewerbreath, in "the scoop" of the millennium.


$22.00 $59.99

Enter Mike Dawson, a science fiction writer who just purchased an old Victorian house. But little does he know that the house is a gateway to  another dimension. Featuring the artwork of H.R. Giger.


$59.99 $69.99
Follow three astronauts on a routine mission in Earth orbit that quickly turns into a treacherous adventure on a distant planet.

$40.59 $59.99
A GAME OF CUNNING MONEY MAKING AND SUBTERRANEAN ADVENTURE You've just arrived on Zarg, you've got one month to mine yourself a fortune. The only problem is which race of unruly diggers are you going to choose! Fabulous treasures and amazing discoveries await the successful few.

Disvoveries of the Deep
$34.99 $44.99

Feature seven different undersea missions. Dive deep into the oceans in an underwater exploration with incredible graphics.

Join an expedition to the unexplored abyss - a fascinating world of strange creatures, lost vessels, and a wealth of untold secrets. Search for ancient wreaks, underwater trenches, missing airplanes, and even the Titanic, the most famous lost ship. 

Climb on board your Mini sub and dive as deep as you dare!!!

-Perform scientific research in Romanche Trench

-32,000 feet below the surface.

-Search for the missing "Flight 19" deep in the heart of the Bermuda triangle.

-Team up with the U.S. Navy to clan up underwater nuclear waste,

-Find and photograph the legendary Titanic and honor its victims with a plaque at the site and more. 


Doom 1 & 2
$18.59 $29.99
With 6,000 files, 3,500 news articles from the alt, games, doom newsgroup, and more than 500 ready to run add on levels, this disc will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Included on this disc are extra maze levels, tools for map editing, Doom utility programs, and documentation on Doom and its special data files. The disc is set up so you can run the wads directly off the CD ROM using our handy shell and your copy of the registered version of DOOM 1 or 2.

Doom II Mania Vol. 1
$19.00 $39.99

432 New Levels, Full 32 Level Maps, 6 Doom 1 to Doom 2 Convertors, 12 full feature DOOM2 Utilities, DOOM 2 Cheat Codes/Answer to Frequently


Doom Ware
$30.00 $49.99

DoomWare support for Doom and Doom II is the most comprehensive collection of Doom, levels, editors, utilities, and documentation ever attempted by more mortals. Compiled from online services and internet sources, all files are virus free and freshly washed.

DoomWare's CDGofer interface allows you to rapidly browse the entire contents of the CD, view file descriptions while browsing, extract, copy, and print all from within the program. Or play directly from the CD.


Dracula Unleashed
Dracula Unleashed
$39.99 $49.99
Dracula is unleashed into the first true interactive horror movie. Through multiple pathways and a unique use of more that 90 minutes of bloodthirsty video and an original sound track, you direct the drama, suspense and passion of this Gothic mystery on CD-ROM

Dragon Lore
$18.00 $39.99

Dragon Lore is a graphic adventure where you guide the actions of Werner Von Wallenrod, a young man whose father, Axel, has been murdered by a despicable knight named Haagen Von Diakonov. You are a novice, unprepared for the rigors of the hard life ahead. You'll have to learn skills like sword fighting, mace mashing, battle-axe bashing and defense to avenge your father and put the evil tyrant Von Diakonov out of business. 

You'll meet powerful enemies, encounter difficult quests and have to overcome magical obstacles as you travel through a rich and varied landscape that includes rivers, caves, mountains, and swamps while looking for the Book of Spells which is essential to your ultimate purpose of vanquishing Von Diakonov and stopping his destruction of your homeland. 


Dragons Lair
Dragon's Lair
$24.99 $34.99
You play the role of Dirk the Daring, a dashing knight (who's just a little bit thick) who sets off to rescue the fair princess Daphne from Singe, an evil dragon. As you approach the castle the foul creature calls home, lightning flashes rips omniously through the hazy purple sky, illuminating the twisted black spires. Hefting your sword in one hand, you glare at the castle with rage boiling inside, your chain mail clinking gently together as you stop. Within this castle lies not only Singe, but a multitude of horrid creatures, dangerous magic, and deathtraps. Will you be able to pass through all the challenges and take on the ferocious Singe in his own lair? Daphne, the volumptious skantly clad princess is counting on you.

$54.99 $64.99
Travel to a land of the fantastic in this animated medieval adventure. Experience the adventure through haunting music, state of the art graphics and fully digitized speech. Perform an unprecedented range of actions with the MADS intuitive interface and watch your adventure come to life.

$19.00 $39.99
The power and intrigue of Frank Herbert's DUNE comes alive in this CD ROM version of the award-winning PC game. Features actual footage from David Lynch's film, digital sound and a remastered musical score. Texture mapped flying sequences and more! Future based military simulation is the ultimate challenge to your strategic skills. As either the honorable Alreides, the mysterious Ordos, or the brutal Harkonnens, you must overcome violent known and unknown adversaries to build up military might, political control, and mining wealth to secure the future of your dynasty.

Dungeon Master II
Dungeon Master II
$49.99 $59.99
Your quest in Dungeon Master 2 is to prevent Dragoth's minions from creating the 'Zo gate', which would allow him to enter Skullkeep. However, there are lots of foes to slay in order to reach that goal! The beginning of the game is just like it was in the first one; you get to assemble your party consisting of four heroes, except this time you can only choose three of them. The game starts in a dungeon, filled with coffin-like statues crafted on the soil. You wake up as the main character, and the choosing of your fellow warriors can be done by opening the coffins of the chosen characters. All the characters differ in class, attributes and starting items. Your party members gain levels as you kill monsters. After gathering your party, you go up a ladder and end up in a small house. You must find the key in order to get out of the house. Regrettably, many of the riddles and problems involve finding a key which opens a door, allowing you to venture forward. After getting out of the house you find yourself in the middle of a dark forest, where there are some slime-like creatures crawling around. This is where you find the shops. They all sell different items; there's a food store, a weaponsmith, an armoury and a general store. Going wild inside the shops (like throwing apples or other random objects at the shopkeeper) will cause the guards go berserk on you, beating you into a pulp with bare fists no matter how tough your armour is. Skullkeep still differs from the original Dungeon Master pretty much; the graphics have improved a lot. Music, which wasn't even present in the first part, gives the game a fine atmosphere. The major factor that weakens the quality of Skullkeep is the lack of puzzles, which have sadly been replaced with more combat. And, unlike in Dungeon Master, there are outdoor areas. The game itself looks pretty much like Dungeon Master. You have small portraits of your characters' weapons above the main screen, and their status bars next to them. There are six buttons for moving around; four directions plus turning left and right. You also have to choose the formation of your party. Of course you should place the strongest ones in the front, as they are able to smash the monsters and take all the damage, but also keep in mind that if you get attacked from behind, the weaker ones are in danger. The battle system is as simple as it was back in Dungeon Master; you just click on a character's weapon icon next to the group formation bar, popping out a menu with all the attack types. The attack types have differing recovery times and damage amounts. This makes the flaw due to the lack of puzzles even greater, since all the fighting can get pretty boring after killing the same monsters a hundred times. Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of Skullkeep is a fine game, but it would be much better without the significant flaws. Still, it shouldn't be missed by anyone who likes the roleplaying genre or the first Dungeon Master.
Dungeon Master II

DUST A Tale Of The Wired West
$49.99 $59.99
First person adventure with action elements set in 1882 about a stranger and card player in Diamondback, New Mexico, who must help the townsfolk and defeat both a dangerous card shark, the Kid, and supernatural Bloodstone.

Early Learning Series: First Letters & Words
$19.99 $29.99
Utilizing a build in revolutionary speech technology, the SmartWorks Bear "talks" to children to help them learn. Children will hear words spoken as they progress through exciting learning activities and build skills. These easy to use activities put your child in control and provide hours of enriching play time.

$12.93 $39.99

Explorer 10 Pack CD Roms by Wayzata
Explorer 10 Pack CD Roms by Wayzata
$49.99 $59.99
Explore the Universe Of CD-ROM! -Fun -Games -Art -Education

F-qq7A NightHawk Stealth Fighter 2.0
$39.99 $49.99

This simulation will let you know how it feels to own the night. 7117a has sensational sound, nine worlds to go through and sends you on awesome missions!


Fate Of The Starlords
$15.75 $29.99

A 3D action and adventure science-fiction interactive game!


First Wave Games Pack
$22.00 $39.99

Wacky Funsters! Ringworld, Protostar, Blue Force, Geekwad


FURY iii
$39.99 $49.99

FX Fighter
$34.11 $49.99

FX Fighter represents the future of PC fighting games: the fully three-dimensional fighter. Just as Battle Arena Toshinden has done on the consoles, FX Fighter illustrates just how visually impressive a full 3-D environment can be. Even so, as with all ground-breaking technology, certain wrinkles need to be ironed out before FX Fighter can live up to its claim as the ?ultimate PC fighting game.? This is an extremely atmospheric and versatile title, allowing variation in environment, challenge, number of players, and graphic detail. The characters are diverse, both in appearance and ability, and the worlds where the battles take place are dark and surrealistic. While the characters are advertised to have forty different attacks, you rarely utilize (or need to utilize) more than about ten. In fact, if you get too ambitious, you risk sending your character spinning out of the ring and into the Great Beyond. Eight great fighters - eight proud civilizations. And a champion who wants to destroy them all. You are up against the best known fighters in the Universe in a brawl to the death. The competition will be held in 8 different arenas, on 8 different planets against 8o very different competitors. Robots, Insects, Cyborgs will all use a barrage of attacks to eliminate you from the competition... permanently. In this galactic event, there are no prizes for second place...only body bags.


Gabriel Knight Sins Of The Fathers
$29.99 $39.99
He started out wiring a book on voodoo, and now he's fighting to save his very own soul. Gabriel Knight explores the back alleys of New Orleans. Includes 7,300 line if of recorded voice, full dialogue, and music featuring the talents of professional musicians.

Game Arena
$14.97 $24.99

Test your skill and might on these challenging DOS arcade games.


Game Jamboree
$14.00 $39.99
Adventure, arcade excitement, strategy, sport and world games all on one disc! Get the three and the Hoosier City trilogy; The action games True Blood, Corncob 3D Other Worlds and Sandstorm; and games that make you think; Towers and Word Bird. Also on disc is the Smart Set for ages 3-6.

Game Pack 1
$12.53 $39.99
Doom, Epic Pinball, The Greens, Winslot, Hocus Pocus, Draw 5, Super Craps.

Game Pak II
$18.99 $39.99

GME PAK 2 contains all of the following... Squeeze Deluxe!, Night Raid, & Picture Puzzle.


Games Expert For Windows Vol 1.
$16.59 $39.99

Tetris, War, Wizard, Words Ready T  Play MS Windows 3.1 Or Later, Adventures, Boards, Cards, Casino, Chess, Educational, Fun, Maze, Puzzles, Simulators, Sports and Strategy.


Games To Treasure
$19.99 $34.99
Find any business, anywhere as quickly as you can type in a name. In a tenth of the time and at a fraction of the cost directory assistance calls. A tool for everyone. Are you a collector, looking for a new job. Starting your own business, planning a trip no other phone directory software is this easy comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use.

Geekwad Games of the Galaxy
Geekwad Games of the Galaxy
$29.99 $39.99
Five incredible arcade games featuring classic cartoon-style snimations with outrageous celebrity caricatures!

Giant Encyclopedia of Puzzles
$15.75 $39.99

From riddles to charades, word games to knock-knock jokes, JLR'S Giant encyclopedia of Puzzles will challenge your problem-solving skills! This collection offers puzzles and brain teasers. It will challenge your problem solving, thinking, and creativity skills and will turn any computer user into a puzzle addict! The puzzles come alive with multimedia, sounds, and music. Within seconds, you'll be exploring this exciting CD ROM, testing your problem solving skills.


Giga Games
$25.00 $39.99
Giga Game 1 is the classic collection of MSDOS and MS Windows games. You get 2,500 games and 400 educational programs. Giga Games 1 is sorted into 40 groups including: classic arcade games, adventure games, card games, puzzle, sports, trivia, text files and simulations. Thousands of the finest shareware MSDOS and MS Windows games on CD ROM. An amazing collection of games, from classic arcade to the lastest windows simulations to educational games for all ages. Also features 7,500 virtual reality files. 1,000 D&D files, and 1,800 Go files. BBS

Gingerbread Man
$44.99 $54.99
Gingerbread Man is an album by The Residents, released in 1994. It was their first foray into computer graphics. Original versions of the CD were "enhanced" with animations that followed the music when played on a computer. The animations served as a basis for the costumes of the characters when a number of the songs were performed in the 25th anniversary shows in 1997. Later the same year regular CDs, with just the music, were released. The inside cover of the album special edition was held together with a branded label of Velcro. Track Listing: 1. The Weaver: The fool and the death-maker die alone 2. The Dying Oilman: Blinded by the hostages of fortune 3. The Confused Transsexual: Stamen and pistillate together again 4. The Sold-Out Artist: Black are the legs inside the white sepulchre 5. The Ascetic: Shadows doubt the strength of the sun 6. The Old Soldier: Safety sells, but war always wins 7. The Aging Musician: Narcissus knows no one naked 8. The Butcher: The flesh of animals angers anew… and moos 9. The Old Woman: Kissless are the isolated, rootless are their tongues 10. Ginger's Lament

Goblins 2
$34.99 $44.99
The prince has been kidnapped. You need to help the two goblins get him back. A hilarious game with numerous mishaps. Winkle and Fingus are the ones trying to capture the prince Winkle is a reckless jokester and Fingus is practical, careful and able to solve puzzle. In addition, they also need your help to rescue the prince. Many obstacles get in the way, such as monsters, traps along with puzzles.

Goblin Quest 1
Goblins Quest 1
$24.99 $34.99
Not virtual reality, it's virtual insanity! Imagine the Three Stooges cast in a graphic adventure and you'll understand this game, filled with amusing cartoon-style graphics and sound, animated imps with unpredictable personalities, humorous sound effects in a wacky brainteaser. Virtual Insanity in a brain teaser that will delight the whole family. Winner PC excellence Award.

Goblins Quest 3
$24.99 $34.99
Delightful adventure game filled with challenging puzzles and lots of surprises.

Goferwinkle's Adventures
$31.20 $49.99

Welcome to the world Megatoon Funtertainment! This multimedia comic book presents an imaginative modern day fairy tale in 256 color format. Features interactive panel art enhanced with music, speed, sound effects and animation.


Grand Slam Bridge II
$19.99 $34.99

Learn, play gambling bidding bid card game!


Great Games for Windows 200
$22.00 $39.99
200 Great Games For Windows

haunted house
Haunted House Jan Pienkowski
$34.99 $44.99
"Haunted House" CD-ROM based on the best selling pop-up book At the crackle of thunder, you take shelter in a strange house. The door shuts behind you. And you are trapped. A creepy quest to find the secret combination to escape the Haunted House. -Ten spooky rooms to thrill you every time you enter -Hidden surprises lurk in every room -Superb animation, atmospheric sound effects and fully orchestrated classical music score -Easy to load, addictive to play, impossible to turn off

Hell Cab
$39.99 $49.99
THE CAB RIDE FROM HELL... Everyone has a cab horror story, right? But you're going to have the worst one yet. See, this isn't just another New York cabby. This guy's trying to earn his horns. All he has to do to get them is take you to the hottest hell holes in history and get you to sell your soul. But maybe your are special. Maybe you can get out alive your soul intact, Hah! Maybe...

$39.99 $49.99

House Of Games II
$15.00 $29.99

This disc is packed with over 400 of the best Shareware games, all directly payable fro this CD ROM. Some of the categories include: Adventure, Casino, Education, Sports, Trivia and more.


Hoyle Casino Games
Hoyle Casino Games
$39.99 $49.99
The thrills and excitement of casino gaming are at your fingertips. Step inside Hoyle Casino, and challenge the house with 7 fun, animated players. Each has a distinct personality, and you control the amount of interaction. Turn the "Attitude Meter" up for a rousing, boisterous game, or down for fast-paced, serious action. You can even play with real opponents from all over the world via the Internet. With so many games, and so many ways to play. Hoyle Casino is your winning choice for Las Vegas style fun.

Hoyle Casino Games Collection Volume II
$39.99 $49.99

It all began with Ralph Baer, the "Father of TV Games." His ideas ushered in a new era of electronic entertainment and sparked the home video game revolution. In the nearly four decades since the release of the Magnavox Odyssey, home video game consoles have become a significant part of American culture and the industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The gaming world was once populated primarily by pre-teen and teenage boys, often huddled around televisions in each other's living rooms. Today, players are boys and girls, men and women, both young and old. They still play in their home or dorm room with friends, but increasingly they play online as well. The games they play are a unique combination of technology and graphic art, and game developers have continually pushed the limits of design to create exciting new settings and cutting-edge graphics. The possibilities for the future seem limitless, and "gamers" eagerly await the release of advanced consoles and new game titles. Warren Buckleitner, the editor of "The Children's Technology Review" and a doctor of educational psychology, has donated a representative sample of educational software games, as well as general PC video games. His extensive collection is an excellent example of the merging of work and play, and will encourage us all to remember that "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."


Hugo's House Of Horrors
$14.00 $39.99

Three graphic adventures on one CD ROM disc. The disc. The disc contains all of the Hugo adventures: Volume 1, House of Horrors-Penelope has disappeared in a haunted house, can you rescue her? ; Volume 2, Who Dunnit?- Help Penelope and Hugo solve a murder mystery; and Volume 3, Jungle of Doom. Can you help Hugo and Penelope survive a plane crash I the jungle? Exciting non violent graphic adventures for all ages.


Hyper 3-D Pinball
Hyper 3-D Pinball
$39.17 $54.99
This is 3-D Pinball, baby. It's a whole new world and a whole new way of looking at it. Make like a giant from a cozy top down view or get microscopic in a 3-D earth quaking trip that sucks you in one end and shoots you out the other. Right down into a rocketing, head rattling shotgun ride of pure screaming speed. Better learn the flipper mambo fast or it's game over. The balls and bumpers have got arcade smarts and they're not letting anything slide by without a fight. Hold on tight. This sensory freak out's jumping with creepy graveyards, dark fantasylands and rat-tat-tat gangsters in not four, not five, but six completely different table shaking, electro bumping, ramp raging worlds. Don't forget to pack your fingers, you're gonna need 'em!

Hypnotic Harp/Victor Vector & Vondo
$29.99 $19.99
Journey to ancient Rome in search of Emperor Nero's magical harp, Explore the city, become a gladiator in the Circus, and infiltrate the imperial palace to confront the tyrant and our heroes arch-enemy Ram Axis!


I.M. MEEN???

Ignatius Mortimer Meen, that is. The nastiest librarian you'll ever meet. And does he have a book for you! Open it and you're drawn into his 36-level labyrinth. It's dark, it's twisted and you'd better use your agility and your brain.

Giant spiders, ratmen, gargoyles and sloppy writing lurk around every creep corner. With rea time, 3-D scrolling action, this game is real. Watch for that sludge'll mess your screen! Zap that Frankenmeen with your fire wand. Jump! It's a mad scientist swinging a stethoscope.

Good work. Now, fix the bad grammar in that scroll and you're on your way to the next level.

Get ready, The further you go, the "Meener" it gets!

-Educational video game, designed to teach  grammar to children. In it, players mush walk around a labyrinth, recuing children and defeating monsters.


Imagination Express Neighborhood
$39.99 $49.99

Parents, teachers, and other educators have continuously sought ways to instruct children in a fun and interactive way. Counting games, alphabet blocks, and activity books have long been staples of "fun learning," and these have most recently been supplemented by educational technology. Software programs now teach children math, science, grammar, spelling, typing, and foreign languages. High school students can electronically practice for the SATs, while aspiring lawyers can find sample LSAT questions. Video games such as Math Blasters allow children to explore fantastic worlds based on numbers and equations. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is now in digital format, allowing for easy searches. Learning has never been easier, nor so enjoyable. Warren Buckleitner, editor of "Children's Technology Review" and a doctor of educational psychology, has donated a representative sample of this diverse and still-growing medium. His extensive collection, which includes educational software of all subjects and for all ages, is an excellent example of the merging of work and play, and helps encourage us all to remember that "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."

$44.99 $54.99

A high powered combination of complex puzzle solving, mythical role playing and outer space battle simulation. As El Dorado, the Golden Champion, you unleash powers that have been lying dormant for 500 years. You will bring about the rebirth of the mighty INCA empire. Riveting flight simulation, a soundtrack featuring authentic INCA singing, and other amazing features await you. Fantastic video captured animation sequences raise your enemies to a new level of realism as you face them in mortal combat. Amazing graphic and soundtrack.


Inca II
$39.99 $49.99
Roberta Williams, who designed Sierra's first game, Mystery House in 1980, felt it was time to write another murder mystery which lived up to the computer capabilities of the late eighties. Mystery House, which was put on public domain in 1988, was the first computer game ever with graphics, but it lacked colors, animation and sound. The Colonel's Bequest was developed, using EGA graphics, Sierra's SCI engine, sound and a music score, as well as featuring a deeper plot and more detailed character descriptions. The game has a sequel, The Dagger of Amon Ra, which is also the last Laura Bow game. Both games are also included in the 1997 King's Quest Collection and the Roberta Williams Anthology. Although the original release of The Colonel's Bequest can still relatively easily be found on online auctions, a complete original game is considered as a true collector's item, as it contains many goodies which are often missing from second-hand sales, particularly the Laura Bow pen and notebook. The games copyright protection is also quite original: the gamer needs to use a magnifying glass (included in the box) to identify a fingerprint on the game screen.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
$15.99 $29.99
  • CD-ROM enhanced edition, with full voiceover and digital sound effects!
  • Explore over 200 spectacular locations - point & click your way through fistfights, puzzles, balloon rides, car chases, and Indy one-liners.
  • Play bumper cars with Gestapo kidnappers. Soar across the vast Sahara in search of mysterious ruins. Capture a Nazi sub and find Atlantis' secret air lock. Hot-foot it across a sizzling lava pit. Repair an ancient doomsday machine... carefully.
  • First release 1993. Still compares well to today's games. A LucasArts classic, always on computer game magazines' "Top 100 games of all time" lists.

Inferno The Odyssey Continues
Inferno The Odyssey Continues
$39.99 $59.99
Inferno: The Odyssey Continues is the second chapter in the story of Human Race's fight against the Rexxon empire. Story The story of Inferno: The Odyssey Continues picks up where the original game Epic leaves off. The Rexxons had captured the human "champion" and genetically altered him to be one of their own. Flying into a rage, the modified champion kills all of the Rexxons on the station, and regains his human form. His newly modified genetic structure now allows his body to be rebuilt from the "information vortex" should his ship be destroyed in combat, but it will only work two times. Gameplay Inferno is a space-sim shoot-em-up game that is based on a updated version of the engine used in TFX (Tactical Fighter Experiment). The action takes place across a varied set of locations throughout the solar system, with the potential for a single mission to take place in space, inside ships/bases, and across a planet surface.

Interactive Cd Rom
$29.99 $39.99

Interactive Game Madness lets you try demos of over 80 of the best games available for the computer. An inexpensive way to test the best interactive entertainment has to offer.


International soccer
International Soccer
$39.99 $49.99
EA SPORTS has teamed up with FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, to bring you the most realistic soccer simulator ever created for the PC. A sophisticated game engine allows you to control every aspect of the game from team formations and strategies to the non stop, on the field action. As with the real sport, the combination of detailed strategy and acrobatic ball control is essential for success. Select one of 48 international teams and enter the tourney. Do you have what it takes to guide your team all the way to the cup?

Interplay's 10 Year Anthology
$49.99 $59.99
Interplay's 10 Year Anthology is a collection of ten classic MS-DOS games released between the years 1983 and 1993. All are contained on one CD and are presented in their original formats. A 396-page manual provides the original manuals for all ten games and each game must be installed separately. No game takes more than 7.5 MB of hard drive space, with the smallest weighing in at a mere 400K. The collection includes the following games: Mindshadow (1983). This is an illustrated text adventure with progress dependent upon solving logic puzzles. Using a parser system, commands (generally nouns and verbs) are typed to direct the computer as it becomes your eyes, ears, nose, voice, hands, and legs. Scripted by Brian Fargo, this is an early example of a mystery text game that asks the question: "Who Am I?" -- your objective is to find the answer to the question. The Bard's Tale. A fantasy role-playing game, first in the series of the Tales of the Unknown. The story is set in the city of Skara Brae and contains three major objectives. The first goal is to complete the built-in quest that requires you to find Mangar (an evil mage) and make him release control of the city. A second goal is to develop characters who can mount an attack against the various layers of obstacles, mazes, and minions employed by Mangar. The final objective is to explore the entire fantasy world to discover puzzles, exotic locales, and treasures. Tass Times at Tonetown. Another text adventure with both joystick and keyboard support. The story revolves around rescuing Gramps from Tonetown by exploring your surroundings in this other-dimensional mystery adventure via use of a parser system. Wasteland. This role-playing adventure game takes place in a post-nuclear holocaust in the year 2087. World War III has left the Earth a glowing rubble with mutants and radioactive areas with which to contend. You command a party of four, known as the Desert Rangers, who must investigate disturbances occurring in the desert wastes. A pre-designed party is available or character creation is an option. All characters build on various attributes and skills as experience is gained. Battle Chess (1988). The game of chess, dressed up in medieval battlement garb. In addition to the novice level of chess, there are nine levels of skill offered, each based on the amount of time allowed for making a move. Times range from five seconds to slightly over 21 minutes per move. Basic chess rules apply. Dragon Wars (1989). The paradise of Dilmun is being threatened by violent forces. Namtar, the Beast from the Pit is bringing chaos and evil rule to the land and only through the use of magic (which has been declared illegal) can you fight this fearsome opponent. Unfortunately, you're imprisoned and must escape to begin your adventure. Using a party of four, each with unique abilities and attributes increased through experience, you must hone magic skills to build up an arsenal of healing, combat and adventuring spells. Castles. Taking place during the reign of King Edward I of Wales between 1280-1305 AD, the game is designed to simulate the "romance" and reality of building medieval castles. Historical names are changed and the world is portrayed as a fantasy kingdom but the castle models are based on real life Welsh castes. You assume the throne of Albion and must build your castles while fending off unfriendly neighbors on your borders and making all decisions, political and military, to ensure success. Lord of the Rings, Volume 1. This role-playing game is based on the first book of the J. R. R. Tolkien trilogy that takes place in the world of Middle-earth. Characters in the game have six attributes (dexterity, endurance, life points, strength, luck, and willpower) each, specific skills and knowledge of various magic spells. Many characters from the Fellowship are permanent adventurers in the game, including Frodo, P

Iron Helix by Spectrum Holobyte
$24.19 $49.99
DANGER AND INTRIGUE Prepare yourself for the most stunning 3D action adventure game ever created. Iron Helix is a science fiction thriller that immerses you in a fast paced virtual reality filled with danger and intrigue. Control a robot probe whose mission is to stop a renegade starship on an automated course of destruction. Prevent intergalactic war and the spread of a deadly virus by destroying the doomsday weapon code name Iron Helix. Navigate through dozens of corridors and rooms. Search for ways to stop the looming annihilation while excluding the ships deadly defender robot. CIMEMATIC STYLE

Isaac Asimov's The Ultimate Robot FRONT
Isaac Asimov's the Ultimate Robot
$22.49 $29.99
This award-winning CD-ROM is based on the robot stories of Isaac Asimov, and is an expert compilation of text, graphics, audio and video created and constructed by Judson Rosebush Company entirely in-house. The player is instantly immersed in Asimov's fascinating world of robotics, where one can watch feature film clips, explore hundreds of color photographs, study animations of robot mechanics, read both fact and fiction, and ultimately build a customized robot of one's own using the robot toolkit. A user booklet accompanies the disc and provides excellent help on how the product is used and organized. Published by Byron Preiss Multimedia and distributed by Microsoft Corporation.

Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design: Signature Edition
$24.65 $39.99


Take a swing at the most realistic golf game ever to hit a CD. Challenge a friend, a pro, or even Nicklaus himself (we've digitally captured his swing). Try out two of  his own course designs, or make a selection from the remaining fourteen. Still thirsting for more acres of green? Get creative and use the design mode to devise your own personalized course. You could even copy your local course, right down to the divot. With 256-Colour VGA graphics and intense sound effects, you can almost smell the grass cuttings. Finally... A gold game with no handicap.


Jewels of the Oracle
$43.56 $64.99

If you like the puzzles of 7th Guest and the graphics of Myst, you'll love Jewels of the Oracle.


Jurassic Park Activity Center
Jurassic Park Activity Center
$34.99 $44.99
There's incredible excitement and adventure waiting for you in every corner of Jurassic Park. And now you can bring it all home with the Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center - the coolest coloring, drawing, sound-making, game-playing, all-in-one program in over 30 million years! Create instant artworks based on scenes from the hit movie or make up your own amazing artistic adventures. Easy to use on-screen tools let you draw in almost any stile you want, in full color or black and white, complete with spectacular graphic effects. To add to the fun, every mark you make comes with its own wacky, wild sound effect! With a wide assortment of special features, including dinosaur-packed puzzles, coloring books, games, story books and more, the Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center sure beats drawing on cave walls!

Just Games
$17.97 $29.99

Kasparov's Gambit
$12.75 $39.99

L Zone
L Zone
$43.58 $59.99

L-Zone... Awake!

A domed city rises from an inhospitable landscape. A linear-motor train waits for someone to board. L-Zone! A hyper automated city built by a mad scientist. Blinking control panel...a robot starts to move...the blast of a bazooka. Machine noise, white noise... noise, noise, noise. Clear the traps laid for you, pass through all the zones, only then will be unveiled the path to planet Green. Since its stunning debut, two years have passed. L-ZONE, the cyberpunk adventure that captured the world's imagination, now is offered with a 'save position' function. Directed by Haruhiko Shono, whose titles include Alice and GADGET. Finely detailed 3D graphics and funky-real sound have a freshness that never palls.

The only person who swill ever visit L-Zone is...YOU!


$39.99 $49.99

Exploration and puzzle game designed specifically for CD ROM. The legendary King Minos has commissioned a labyrinth bridging both time and space. To stop him you must enter the labyrinth and manipulate the very fabric of history! With over 250MB of 3_D ray traced graphics and CD quality audio, Labyrinth is an epic fantasy of time travel and adventure.


Lawnmower Man
Lawnmower Man
$29.99 $39.99
Based on 3-D virtually reality hit movie, this game takes over where the movie leaves off. Featuring actual color footage from the movie, wide screen interactive video gameplay, 10 totally different game styles, 360 degree cinematic panning and stunning digitized, ray traced 3-D graphic sequences.

Lawnmower Man
$29.99 $39.99

Based on the 3D virtual reality hit movie, this game takes over where the movie leaves off. Featuring actual color footage from the movie, wide screen interactive video gameplay, 10 totally different game styles, 360 degree cinematic panning and stunning digitized, ray traced 3D graphic sequences.


$39.99 $49.99
A UNIQUE MINDBOGGLINE GAME OF MULTIPLE SKILL LEVELS. Take command of the wackiest collection of misdirected rodents ever seen on your screen.

Littl Divil
$23.00 $44.99

It must be a Monday when Mutt, the hard-luck Litil Divil, draws the short straw and gets the unenviable task of fetching the Mystical Pizza of Plenty. Welcome to the Underworld where Mutt's mission is now yours. Guide him through the Labyrinth of Chaos to retrieve the Mystical Pizza of Plenty from the Overworld. Mutt takes a fateful step through the Mortal Portal to prowl five hellish levels of treacherous tunnels with more than 50 raucous rooms of gameplay. Beware of killer spiders, bottomless swamps, ferocious furnaces and crazed bartenders. And watch out! If you can't get Mutt to the Overworld, The Entity and The Servant will drag him to the Torture Room for a little fiendish fun. High quality cartoon-style graphics, fantastic animation and the power of CD-ROM make Litil Divil a most difficult, diabolic and demented game.


Lode Runner The Legend Returns
Lode Runner The Legend Returns
$27.00 $49.99
Arcade action games with a brain-teasing twist.

$14.00 $39.99
In the mythical age of Great Guilds, the elders of the Guild of Weavers have disappeared from the home island of Loom. Now young Bobbin must learn their powerful magic spells and venture forth to save them. Help him and you just might save the universe from an unspeakable catastrophe.

Lords of the Realm
$44.69 $59.99

The English throne lies empty in 1268 A.D. You and 5 lords are locked in a struggle for the crown. Reap the benefits of successful feudal governing, castle-building, castle-sieging, and land battle to conquer your rivals and claim the kingdom.  You must keep your serfs fed and happy. Then assign them to farming, herding, building, military and other tasks. Design your own castles or build them using actual historical blueprints. Then lay siege to your neighbors' castles and fight out land battles in tactical detail.


lost in time
Lost in time
$24.99 $34.99
He plotted your Doom Centuries Before You Were Born. Now you must race across time to outwit a murderous friend, exploring hostile jungles, luxurious chateaus, and a past fraught with danger. In your race against and through time you'll battle evil, not with muscle, but with intuition, imagination, and ingenuity. From the creators of the award-winning INCA, this new "interactive Action Adventure Movie" offers suspense, romance, and inquiry into the meaning and nature of time. To save your own life, you must escape from an ancient galleon, seize evidence from a macabre mansion, then claw through dark caves and forage dense tropical forests on a Caribbean Island, Face your enemy in the past before he erases your future.

Machiavelli the Prince
$46.29 $64.99

"It is far better to be feared than loved if you cannon be both"

Niccolo Machiavelli stunned the world with is brutal analysis of power politics in government and religion. Now you can use those same devious strategies to conquer your rivals in this addicting simulation of 14th Century political life.

"A prudent ruler must not honor his word when it places him at a disadvantage."

Based on the multiple award -winning game merchant Prince, Machiavelli the Prince allows you to rule the world and acquire vast. wealth and power. You'll trade exotic goods with over 40 cities. You'll manipulate political and religious institutions using bribery, slander, and assassination. You'll field mercenary armies capable of crushing your enemy on medieval battlefields. And you'll experience it tall through brand-new Super VGA graphics.

"A wise prince should rely on what he controls, not on what he cannot control."

Play on an historical map, or in a randomly generated world. Face off against the sophisticated artificial intelligence of computer players or compete with up to three human players via modem. In Machiavelli the Prince, winning is a matter of strength, shrewdness, and clever deception.


Mad Dog McCree for Mac
Mad Dog McCree for Mac
$12.50 $44.99
The arcade smash hit by American Laser Games. Mad Dog McCree is known worldwide as one of the highest rate arcade games and is the first interactive shooting game with real live motion picture action. Mad Dog and his men have kidnapped the town's mayor and his daughter. To save the two, you will be challenged by a saloon full of outlaws, a hair raising bank robbery, gunfighters, a slew of Old West ambushes and Mad Dog himself. Mad dog McCree is the first of a series of exciting Mad Dog adventures.

man enough
Man Enough
$39.79 $49.99
A CD-ROM multimedia dating simulation featuring: the only first person interactive social adventure, almost an hour of live-action video. mountain bike riding, paintball, skydiving, stimulating dialogue come to life through digitized speech visually stunning.

Manhole New And Enhanced
$23.99 $49.99

An interactive fantasy for kids, in the tradition of Jack & the Beanstalk and Alice in Wonderland. This colorful sound filled romp sets your child on course for countless hours of enchanting, educational exploration.


Math Blaster In Search Of Spot
$34.99 $44.99

Children will build and improve mental math and problem-solving skills. Covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and much more. Help rescue Sport with math skills and problem-solving fun! Math Blaster Plus rockets into a new dimension with cosmic new activities, graphics, animation, sound effects, and an arcade-style game.


MechWarrior 2
Mech Warrior 2 Mercenaries
$34.99 $44.99
You are a Mercenary, caught in a brutal war between two rival houses of the inner sphere. Honor and glory have yielded to betrayal and greed. Now a combat-hardened warrior, your quest leads you to pilot your 'Mech into darker, more desperate realms of the universe. Where victory means nothing...and power, fame and the almighty C-Bill mean everything.

mega race
Mega Race
$39.99 $49.99
Streak to the future in the ultimate virtual driving experience. With full-motion video and futuristic 3D graphics. This game is sure to keep you on the edge. It's Virtual World Broadcast TV, featuring head-to-head driving combat on a virtual racetrack. Skill and aggression are the name of this game. You have only a few laps to master the track and obliterate your enemy! Obstacles and cunning trucks by your opponent keep you guessing as you navigate around a choice of futuristic cityscapes. You wail for the perfect moment to ram your challenger and send his car into full-scale oblivion. Mothorax and the Eviscerator are two of the five nasties you go up against, each with his won distinctly.

$24.00 $49.99
Interactive journey inside the human body. You journey inside Cybertech's president Tiron Korsby. Your mission is to find and destroy a deadly and elusive brain manipulation droid. Fast paced arcade excitement. Cinematic adventure of exploration inside a human being.

$24.00 $49.99

Interactive journey inside the human body. You journey inside Cybertech's president Tiron Korsby. Your mission is to find and destroy a deadly and elusive brain manipulation droid. Fast paced arcade excitement. Cinematic adventure of exploration inside a human being.


Microprose Cd Rom Game Sampler
$9.99 $19.99

Microsoft Flight Sumulator
$25.00 $59.99

This is the world's most popular flight adventure, and from your first taxi down the runway, you'll know why. Here's everything you need to create an authentic flight experience - great planes, great scenery, and unpredictable weather to fly in as you wing your way to one of 125 airports. In fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator is so true to life, you'll forget you're navigating at ground level!


dangerous creatures
Microsoft Home Dangerous Creatures Explore the Endangered World
$17.77 $27.77
Explore the endangered world of wildlife. See extraordinary creatures come to life in more than 100 exciting, narrated videos. Tours from 3 expert guides. Race with a cheetah or see through a chameleon's eyes. Fun hands-on activities. 800 detailed articles with 100s of full-color photographs.

microsoft soccer
Microsoft Soccer
$29.99 $39.99
Microsoft Soccer kicks you into the intense competition of the game. Compete on a world class field, hear the cheering crowd, and play like a champion.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the children's TV series from Saban Entertainment, comes to CD-ROM in five exciting live action shows! Presented in the easy to use Matrix Interface format from Xiphias, this disc allows you to mix and match scenes from different shows, video, audio, text and graphics are right at your fingertips, providing hours of thrilling entertainment. Follow Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack as they battle an intergalactic sorceress who will stop at nothing in her attempt to conquer the universe. See the Power Rangers morph into costumed superheroes and burst into action with amazing fighting powers drawn from the spirits of ancient dinosaurs. Come along and join the Mighty Morpin Power Rangers in their world of adventure.
$29.99 $39.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the children's TV series from Saban Entertainment, comes to CD-ROM in five exciting live action shows! Presented in the easy to use Matrix Interface format from Xiphias, this disc allows you to mix and match scenes from different shows, video, audio, text and graphics are right at your fingertips, providing hours of thrilling entertainment. Follow Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack as they battle an intergalactic sorceress who will stop at nothing in her attempt to conquer the universe. See the Power Rangers morph into costumed superheroes and burst into action with amazing fighting powers drawn from the spirits of ancient dinosaurs. Come along and join the Mighty Morpin Power Rangers in their world of adventure.

Millennium Auction
$44.69 $64.99


ZOOM   Millennium Auction
$18.95   (Windows 3.1 Only) (Retail) (MILLAUCTPR)




 3 stars from Computer Gaming World

Welcome to the world body auction house... As one of an elite group of authorized bidders, you'll compete for ownership of the world's most coveted objects and greatest works of art - from priceless Van Goghs to former President Clinton's saxophone dating way back to his 1992 campaign.

Match your wits against the world's most wily and colorful collectors! Intelligence and steady nerves are not the only skills you'll need to outsmart the other bidders. In this future world of matchless beauty and international intrigue, success goes to the bidder who combines the sleuthing skills of a detective, the keen eye of a master forger, and the financial genius of an international banker.


 Beautifully rendered, hyper-realistic 3D world and characters.

 Outstanding theatrical production techniques, sound effects, music & full motion video.

 Magnificent full screen images of over 135 treasures (pop culture objects and works of art) with fascinating catalogue descriptions.

 High degree of replayability - new treasures, alternate world events, and a different outcome every time.

 Fast moving, competitive drama and excitement of the auction room.



Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat II
$46.20 $59.99

Motion Commotion
$29.99 $39.99

Motion Commotion combines the world of puzzle playing with the excitement of video. Each video puzzle is a dancing swirl of color and motion set to upbeat music. Once a video puzzle is solved -- it's a full screen video clip!

This dynamic puzzle game includes over 500 video and still puzzles featuring wildlife animals, stunning nature scenes, futuristic cartoons, powerful racing cars, colorful hot air balloons, exciting arcade games and interesting family scenes. Users enjoy diverse play with video, image morphs and still shot puzzles. Puzzle options are plentiful -- from musical accompaniment to on-screen help to border position hints. Each puzzle can be divided from 4 to 280 pieces depending on which of the 10 challenge levels a user chooses!

Motion Commotion is as an entertaining twist to traditional puzzle play.


Ms. Metaverse
$32.00 $49.99

Murder Makes Strange Deadfellow
$41.96 $59.99

Dark clouds gather like mourners at the ancestral home of Randolph Steere is found dead at the bottom of his grand staircase and is buried on the grounds of his mansion. The mystery that unfolds around his will and the occupants of mansion is bound to stymie many, but you have the chance to solve the mystery!


$29.99 $39.99
Your state of the art system demands a state of the art NBA JAM TE and this is it! Arcade quality player scaling! Updated player rosters! Actual player heads! Want more? We've got all new secret characters! Monster jamming stereo music and authentic arcade sound F/X including voice calls for individual players. NBA JAM TE... pump it up!

One Step Beyond
$12.93 $39.99

Open Season1
Open Season
$29.99 $39.99
Three action packed games for Avid Sportsmen, Duck Hunt, Win Fish

Ozzies World
Ozzie's World
$33.09 $44.99
The very best way to introduce your youngster to the exciting world of science and the Planet Earth. Ozzie Itter welcomes your children to a magical land where animals love to discover new things. Ozzie's World is based on Earth Child, a best selling book from Council Oak Books, written by Kathy Sheehan and Mary Waidnew Ph.D. There's a whole range of scientific activities and a hilarious cast of characters-it's hours of fun for the entire family. There are games, activities, projects, science experiments and coloring books.

Pac In Time
$20.99 $39.99

Pinball Aracade
Pinball Arcade
$20.99 $29.99
Enter the Pinball Arcade. You already know how to play pinball! Just how good are you? Make your selection from any one of the eight great tables, set up your game, pull down that plunger and get some glass. Terrific table designs with all the features of real table: flippers, ramps, passages, tunnels, mushroom bumpers, ball traps, drop targets, roll overs, lights, switches, bonuses and jackpots. Totally realistic ball movement. Stunning ray traced animations. A full hour of music and sound effects. 256 color graphics. High scores saved to hard disk. As a bonus, the illustrated history of Pinball! The tables include: Beat Box, Ignition, Neptune, Graveyard, Safari, Stall Turn, Warriors, and the Steel Wheel.

pinball fantasies
Pinball Fantasies Deluxe
$39.99 $49.99

Pinball For Windows
$29.99 $39.99

Take A Break!

-Eight big games give you eight ways to play!

Pinball puts 8 full-featured Pinball games at the tip of your mouse clicking finger. Each one challenges your skills in all new ways. It's Windows compatible so you can jump from work to play in a nanosecond!

-Amazingly real Pinball action

Experience the thrills and skills of the big arcade machines: Fast bumper bouncing ball action, tilts, grunching, and sizzling sound (including speech)


Pinball Mania
Pinball Mania
$39.99 $49.99
In Pinball Mania there are four pinball tables that you can choose your table size. All tables include all of the features of real pinball: Mushroom bumbers, lights, ball traps, ramps, jackpots, bonuses, etc. There is also a challenging multi-ball feature. The tarantula table is home to a we of terror, poison and locusts. The Jailbreak world is ruled by an unforgiving judge who revels in dealing out life sentences. A floodlit field and crowds of jeering people create the atmosphere for Kick-Off. Finally Jackpot is a micro-casino designed to rival the real thing. All of the tables are sure to give you endless hours of fun.

Pinball World
$34.79 $49.99

A completely new concept based on a familiar favorite. A twenty foot square playing area divided into separate tables each with its own theme. Scrolls vertically and horizontally. Each table must be solved in order to progress to the nest. Full sub games between tables, bonus tables, etc.


Poker Night
Poker Night with David Sklansky
$39.99 $49.99
Poker Night with David Sklansky features five poker games: 7 Card Stud, Hold'em, 5 Card Draw, Omaha, and Dealer's Choice. Users can challenge the computer or go online and face off against some real competition. While online users can choose from a list of 24 avatars to represent them or they can use an actual picture of themselves. An instant messaging system is built-in allowing players to communicate and attempt to bluff while playing.

Police Quest 4 - Daryl F.Gates Open SeasonPolice Quest 4 - Daryl F.Gates Open Season
$39.99 $49.99

Police Quest 4 - Daryl F.Gates Open Season

Someone's on a killing spree, and it's up to you to solve the murders. Some clues bring you closer to the killer. Others may lead down blind alleys. Fin the killer before he strikes again. Make a mistake, and you could be the next victim.


Populous II
$14.00 $39.99
The award winning game of world creation and domination in now available for Macintosh! Build thriving civilizations and wreak havoc on your enemies with volcanoes, floods, earthquakes and more. Over 500 worlds to conquer. Stunning graphics and eerie atmospheric sounds.

Populous II Trails Of Olympian Gods
$14.00 $39.99
The award winning game of world creation and domination in now available for Macintosh! Build thriving civilizations and wreak havoc on your enemies with volcanoes. floods, earthquakes and more. Over 500 worlds to conquer. Stunning graphics and eerie atmospheric sounds.

Power Game III
Power Game III
$39.99 $49.99

Power Poker
$22.00 $44.99

77 varieties of poker, fully customizable, over 1 megabyte of didgitally sampled speech & sound effects, dealers choice mode simulates a casual poker get together, freezeout made simulates a high stakes tournament, complete set of analytical tooks for the serious poler student.


$22.00 $44.95

Pro Pool 3D
$39.99 $49.99
8 Virtual 3D pool games. Welcome to Brunswick Billiards Pro Pool 3D! Pro Pool 3D is the first pool game ever developed that allows you to create your own virtual 3D environment, design your own table, choose different cues, create your own background music soundtrack and then take on the championship challenge! Choose from 8 different games of pool. Straight, 8 Ball, Snooker, Trick, 9 Ball, Billiards, 3 Ball, Cutthroat, Select Atmosphere. Is it a Smokey pool hall with a bunch of tables and talking or just a friendly quiet home game setting? Do you have great light or do you have to play in the shadows? You can select from a dive bar, an upscale billiards hall, a home game room, or a tournament setting. The choice is yours! Custom Design the Table. Create an unlimited number of tables. Choose your table style, cloth, pocket style, wood lacquer, oak, etc. Select Type of Cue. Choose from 6 unique cues to get different English, create tricks, masse and jumps with the cue ball via soft or hard wood variances. Create Your Own Soundtrack. Utilize a digitally recorded soundtrack and customize it with the jukebox or stereo in each room to maximize your enjoyment. Purchase "Actual" Pool Table and Accessories. After designing your own custom pool table, and playing Pro Pool 3D on it, re-create your table on the order form and press a button! Your order will then be sent off via the Internet! An authorized Brunswick dealer will confirm your order, then ship it to your door! Don't forget to visit the Virtual Store to purchase cues, racks, barstools, lights, and other pool accessories. Win95 Direct X Technology, Graphics and Sound. Using the latest and greatest technology available the sights and sound of Pro Pool 3D astound and astonish even the most critical Gamer and Pool Player. Tournament, Individual or Multiple Play. With one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence programs ever developed for a Pool game, you can enjoy hours and hours of game play alone or you can utilize the multiplayer function with friends old and new. Choose from 4 distinct playing environments for endless fun. Choose from over 30 real table designs. Take complete control over table design, and even order the real thing. Advanced technology makes playing Pro Pool 3D just like the real thing. Choose "training mode" for practice before you challenge your friends.

Protostar War on the Frontier
Protostar War on the Frontier
$27.61 $49.99
You are enlisted to serve as the PROTOSTAR Agent for an operation of grave importance. your objective is to disrupt Skeetch supply lines along the Galactic Frontier. You must assemble an experienced crew, battle hostile warships, maintain your finances and cover, channel funds to the Alliance, and win the support of alien factions.

Quantum Castle
$29.99 $39.99

Ages 4-8

Fun with addition and subtraction.

You are about to enter the magnificent Quantum Castle. You must try to reach the evil dragon and capture the treasure that he is guarding. Be careful, though, because traveling in Quantum Castle is not easy. You will need all your addition and subtraction skills to help you along your way.


Rallo BACK
Rallo Gump
$34.29 $59.99
You are Rallo Gump, saving the planet GUMP from Mr. Glump Gump the Third and his invading Glumpites. Rescue your fellow citizens from their Ugly bottle prisons, and save your world. Rallo Gump is a side scrolling platform game, including features such as flying, swimming, and many hidden areas. -Over 100 levels! -More than 30 Enemies! -25 fully animated cinematic! -Over 20 soundtracks -Over 100 digitized sound effects! -Nearly 300 Megabytes!

Ravenloft Strahd's Possession
$15.99 $25.99
The powerful Holy Symbol of the god Helm has been stolen after a vicious attack on Lord Behlt of the Forgotten Realms land of Elturel. You and your party happen upon the crime immediately after it happens and chase the thief, catching him in the wooded area surrounding the castle. The thief is quickly dispatched but as you pick up the items he drops, you're engulfed by a strange mist and suddenly find yourself transported to another land, one ruled by the evil vampire Lord Strahd von Zarovich, iron-fisted ruler of Ravenloft. Your mission is to find von Zarovich and his place of banishment, Borovia, discover Strahd's evil intentions, recover the Helm amulet and find a way out of this hostile land. During your quest, you'll be subjected to dungeons, monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghouls, gypsies and more in your struggle for survival. Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession takes place in a 3D first-person environment that features rich thematic backgrounds, sounds and music. This atmospheric role-playing adventure is a well fleshed out horror story set in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons universe. Enter at your own peril.

Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Adventure Game
$46.98 $59.99
Journey to Mars, the mysterious red planet, to embark on an urgent mission that could influence the future of the Earth or cost you your life. Explore the Martian city to uncover the secrets of the mysterious extinction of the Martians and the settlers from Earth. Rumors abound of sightings of Martians and of a potent Martian object that could have a major effect on Earth. But do the Martians still exist? Or are they just illusions? Find the key to the lost Martian archives and unlock the secrets of a lost world!

Reading Blaster Invasion Of Word
$34.99 $44.99

Blasternaut and his friends have finally arrived in the world of words! Reading Blaster: Invasion of the Word Snatchers brings all the learning and fun that made Math Blaster the world's best selling math program into an exciting new reading adventure game. Now, children will learn to read and understand over 1,000 words as they join Blasternaut and his crew in a battle against Illitera, the infamous intergalactic word thief!


Red Baron A10
$45.79 $69.99

Red Baron A10 Tank Killer


Red Baron II
Red Baron II
$44.99 $54.99
-Fly in either side of war as a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps or a German pilot in the German Air Service

Renegade Battle for Jacob's Star
$24.00 $49.99
This is space combat at its very best-as only CD-ROM can deliver! FASA'S RENEGADE LEGION game system comes alive with spectacular Super VGA graphics, cinematic, digitized voices, music and sound effects, Just how does it look? The awesome artwork you see here was composed from actual game graphics! Once you dogfight in space RENEGADE-style, you'll know what it's like to really sweat bullets!

Return Tp Zprl
$54.99 $64.99

The Great Underground Empire awaits! With a cast of Hollywood stars, a superb interactive soundtrack, and breathtaking visuals! An amazing adventure filled with fascinating puzzles, a revolutionary interface, over an hour of spoke dialogue, and an enchanting musical score. An amazing game of danger, intrigue and deception.


rise of the robots
Rise Of The Robots
$39.99 $49.99
Metropolis 4. A city-state dependent on robot-run industry. A city under siege. At Electrocorp, the largest manufacturer of military and industrial robots, a malignant Ego virus has corrupted the robot-workers' behavioral programming. A seductive has been added to the newly created "Pleasure Center" in their CPUs. Its name: Destruction/Joy There is but one way to end the rampant evil. A champion must be found. You are chosen. Part man, part machine - you are the Cyborg. You must challenge the most aggressive robots ever engineered. Each equipped with artificial intelligence. Each capable of anticipating your every move. Each with only one objective: DESTROY. You must battle five robot fighters of unparalleled strength and skill before squaring off against the ultimate challenger: the Supervisor. Her speed and accuracy are lethal. Her evil, melting, morphing ability, deadly. Prepare for the most intense showdown ever!

Rock Rap
Rock Rap'N Roll
$49.99 $59.99
Privateer takes you on the seamy side of the Wing Commander universe. Choose your own destiny as you seek to stay alive, upgrade your ship and make your fortune as a pirate, merchant or mercenary. Privateer is the next generation space-combat simulator, using technologies pioneered by Wing Commander I and II. You move through an intensely cinematic universe experiencing the two very different thrills of clinching a hard bargain and real time, 3-D space combat. More than 50 bases and planets in close to 70 systems.

Sam & Max Hit the Road
$29.99 $44.99
Presents a hilarious new view of America as we travel with Sam, a cautious canine, and his sarcastic sidekick, Max. Surprises abound throughout this game, which explores America's quirkier underside in a unique comic book world styled for adults.

Sam & Max Hit The Road
$29.99 $44.99
Presents a hilarious new view of America as we travel with Sam, a cautious canine, and his sarcastic sidekick, Max. Surprises abound throughout this game which explores America's quirkier underside in s unique comic book world styled for adults.

$29.00 $49.99

Take off on a true 3D desert assault.
3D Action flight warfare.

Soar through an ancient world... and blow it away.

You're a Sandwarrior locked into a desperate struggle to save your people. Two empires fighting for supremacy on one planet. The fate of your people lies with your skills. Are you up to the challenge?

Blast enemy soldiers and civilians in a hail of missiles as you rise to advanced fighter pilot status. Dogfighting through an immense desert world will push your stealth fighter craft to the limits as you battle to blow up strategic dams and enemy convoys. With 9 killer weapons and intense campaign play, only the best will become true Sandwarriors.

  • Pilot a heavily armed SVGA vector craft with an array of deadly weapons.
  • A fully interactive 3D desert world complete with light source shading, real-time animating texture maps, horrific explosions and state-of-the-art terrain graphics.
  • Over 20 different mission with campaign play and fully animated 3D mission briefings.
  • Develop lethal strategies using 7 sophisticated programmed attack maneuvers, including the "Jackal" and the "Dune Vulture."

$18.00 $39.99

Shadow Of The Comet
$29.99 $39.99

Shadow of the Comet is a point & click type adventure game based on Cthulhu mythos. The story is based and resembles in some part Lovecraft works. It takes place in the beginning of 20th century. The main protagonist is a young British journalist named John T. Parker who arrives in the town of illsmouth to write a story about Prof. Lord Boleskine work on the Halley's comet and photograph the comet itself. In the three days which the game is divided you will come closer to solve the dark secret of the town. In order to that you will have to interact with its strange inhabitants and gloomy surroundings. The game has this unique dread Lovecraftian feeling. If you are a fan of books you will love it. If not you might become one.


$29.99 $39.99
The furious pace never falters in Shadowcaster, the unique smooth-scrolling point-of-view action/adventure from ORIGIN. You'll fly, swim, and run through indoor and outdoor environments, including dungeons, caverns, castles, mines, volcanoes and underwater caves. And when being human is simply not good enough, incredible morphing technology transforms you into otherworldly creatures. Through a variety of metaforms, from fire monster to six legged cat, you'll use your natural strengths and weapons while guarding weaknesses. Straightfoward play mechanics allow you to master the basics quickly and concentrate on the combat and visual puzzles that keep things moving at breakneck

Shanghai Great Moments
$31.32 $54.99

Remove matching tiles and enjoy enticing rewards of sight and sound. Experience four captivating games and nine themed tiles sets in a multimedia spectacular of film, video and audio. With over 400 unique titles, 150 video clips and 300 original animations, it's unmatched Shanghai entertainment!


Shattered Lands
$49.99 $59.99

Dark Sun: Shattered Lands
The Dark Sun world of Athas is arid and bleak, a wasteland with a handful of cities ruled by thousand-year-old sorcerer-kings. Your party begins as slaves in the city of Draj, destined to die as gladiators in the Arena. You must find a way to escape into the hostile wilderness, join with other escaped slaves and create a rebel force powerful enough to destroy the evil sorcerer-king's army.


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol III
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol III
$52.99 $79.99
The third installment in ICOM's superlative Sherlock Holmes series. Three more mysteries, The Solicitous Solicitor, The Banker's Final Debt and The Thames Murders add to the Holmes Casebook.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting, Vol 1.
$39.99 $49.99
The third installment in ICOM's superlative Sherlock Holmes series. Three more mysteries, The Solicitous Solicitor, The Banker's Final Debt and The Thames Murders add to the Homes casebook.

Sid Meier's Colonization Create a New Nation
$59.99 $69.99
The New World lies before you with all its peril, promise and infinite possibility, Your colonists anxiously follow you to shore. The treasures of an entire continent await you. Finally, the much anticipated follow up to Civilization is here! Sid Meier's Colonization takes you into the Colonial Era to discover, explore and colonize vast territories that promise both danger and reward. Play one of four colonial powers you set sail to discover the New World. Explore new lands and strategically plant your first colony. Direct its growth, manage its resources establish lucrative trade routes. Balance economic, political and military strategy to create your own, powerful nation.

sim city 2000
Sim City 2000
$35.02 $49.99
Sim City 2000 has all the features, flexibility, art, animation, and power you need to build the city of your dreams. Totally customize your terrain from flat prairie land to mountain vistas. Run subways and utilities underground without wasting land or compromising your aesthetics. Schools, hospitals, universities, library, museums, parks, zoos, stadiums, marinas, prisons, and more are yours to build.

Simcity Isle
Sim City Isle
$44.99 $54.99
Missions In The Rainforest! OK, so you're the king of the forest-make that rainforest. Now what are you going to do? You'd better decide fast species, tourists, polluters, ecologists, natural disasters and even UFI's all vying for your attention-and for your resources. With teams of agents at your command, you'll embark on missions to determine the fate of a series of island rainforests. You'll control the balance between ecology and economy. You'll decide who survives and who goes extinct. And when all is said and done, you'll be king of the rainforest or of a wasteland.

Soccer VR 96
$54.99 $64.99
VR SOCCER 96 It's just a game like English soccer fans are just a little bit enthusiastic. Say hello to the next generation of soccer. We're talking "The best soccer game I have seen" real-time 3D Virtual Field Vision that puts you anywhere on the field. Play from virtually any perspective with smooth, fast camera action that gets you in the game. It's interactive technology that doesn't just look better, it plays better. Select your squad from 44 international teams and choose the position you want to play or use the network option for up to 20 players! VR Soccer '96. The difference is real.

Software Jukebox
$37.99 $49.99
Software Jukebox Arcade includes these popular games: 1. F-15 Strike Eagle II-Play the classic game of aerial combat, "it's loaded with fast action and vivid graphics.. top when it comes to fun." -Compute! 2. Sharkey's 3-D Pool-This game gives you 2-D and #-D views, rotates the table 360 degrees for the best angle on any shot, offers over twenty trick shots for you to analyze and try.. and much more. 3. Test Drive III: The Passion-Drive the Lamborghini Diablo, Pinninfarina Mythos and more. Race on actual roads-by day or night, in fair or foul weather. Race against the clock or head-to-head.

Software Vault The Games Collection
$18.89 $34.99
You are about to unseal an enormous vault containing thousands of the finest and most recent shareware games available from around the world. And, the user friendly SoftwareVAULT librarian will help you find and use what you need easily and quickly. Among the dozens of software categories included on this disc you will find...

Space Ace
$49.99 $59.99
The evil commander Borf has kidnapped Ace's girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberly and is plotting to enslave the Earth using his dreaded "Infanto Ray," a weapon that changes everyone it blasts into a helpless baby. Armed with only a laser gun. Ace must find and destroy the Infanto Ray, rescue Kimberly, and save the Earth. All in a days work for a super hero, right? Except this killer multimedia game is no child's play! You're going to need every ounce of skill, daring, cunning, and speed. You can muster to elude the dreaded Infanto Ray and save the Earth from certain destruction. The future of the human race depends on your actions! So be careful and cunning! This features full screen

Space Hulk
$38.69 $69.99

Join the deadly battle between Space Marine and Genestealer. Enchanted cd-rom that has 9 new missions, new digitized sound and speech and new cinematic animations. Form your own battle plan, undertake scenarios ranging, over 50 missions with terrifying real time combats.


Space Quest IV
Space Quest IV Roger Wilco
$19.99 $29.99
Roger Wilco embarks on a topsy-turvy trip through space and time in this forth chapter in the award-winning Space Quest series. Roger Wilco. Roger's on the run again. And hot on his trail are the Sequel Police, deadly cross time assassins who are out to put an end to Roger and this Space Quest nonsense once and for all. Once again it's up to Roger Wilco to save the future or is that the Past?

Spear Of Destiny Wolfenstein 3D
Spear Of Destiny Wolfenstein 3D
$24.99 $34.99
New super CD pack that includes the Spear of Destiny game, Mission 2, Mission3, hint book for all three missions and a map generator. Has four levels of play difficulty and over 20 floors to cover.

Spectre VR Velocity
$12.88 $44.99
Sequel to the best selling smash hit, you can now have a whole new patheon of enemies to deal with. You now have smart weapons like pulse bursts, spinners, smart missiles, proximity mines, cyberblasts, and scattershots! Escape through transporter gates! Submerge into negative cyberspace! And you can even design the Virtual Worlds to play in later and share with your friends.

Star Crusader
$29.99 $39.99
Star Crusader places you in the role of Roman Alexandria, a crack pilot for the most powerful race in the charted universe -- the Gorenes. The Gorene Empire has built its reputation by forcing other races to adopt to their way of thinking. Or have they? The Gorenes feel they help promote education and technology to those less fortunate. Regardless, there are those who don't welcome Gorene expansion in their sectors. The new territory in question is the Ascalon Rift, a relatively unknown part of the universe. Five races have united to drive the Gorenes away. Star Crusader lets you fly 13 different ships over multiple locations in 104 non-linear missions, including inside asteroid fields and nebulas. Cinematic cut-scenes further the story as you progress through the game -- you'll even decide whether or not to join the other side! The game also features a 3D engine with texture-mapped ships and environments. As an incentive to upgrade from the floppy version, the CD-ROM contains over 150MB of digital speech by a cast of professional actors, improved special effects during the cinemas and all-new awards and medals for the elite pilots.

Star Trail
Star Trail Realms of Arkania
$39.99 $49.99
In Realms of Arkania: Star Trail, the sequel to the 1993 title Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, the Orcs are back and just as mean as before. Once again, you'll lead a band of adventurers into the fantasy world of Arkania but unlike the original game, you'll have a wider choice of pursuits. Will it be wealth, glory, fame, fortune or power? Although the Orcs are a force to be reckoned with, there is an undercurrent of evil that pervades the land -- whichever path you take will surely help determine the fate of Arkania. Much of the gameplay and computer role-playing fare of Realms of Arkania: Star Trail will be familiar to fans of the original game. Star Trail features more than 50 monsters with full animation, a huge arsenal of over 350 weapons, magical items and armor, 12 character races with both positive and negative character traits (attributes) and more than 50 skills that can be improved on as experience is gained. As an added bonus for fans of the series, characters developed within Blade of Destiny can be imported at the beginning of Star Trail. Character generation is similar to that in Blade of Destiny -- four ways to create your party with an option to develop them at two levels (Advanced or Novice). Pre-generated parties are also available for those desiring a ready made jump start. Combat is handled through an isometric 3D perspective and phased timing. The AI has been beefed up and provides an option for use of an automated computer fighting system.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary
$59.99 $69.99
The actual voices of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Deforest Kelly, scripted throughout the game will make this an adventure you will never forget! Over 60 voices in all with over 6,000 lines of dialogue.

Star Trek Collectibles
$39.99 $49.99
Contains over 400 color and black and white photos from the original TV series, six movies, and the "Next Generation" TV series. A must have for any Star Trek fan.

Star Wars Chess
Star Wars Chess
$29.99 $39.99
Relieve the struggles of the Star Wars characters in the context of one of the world's most popular games - with brilliant animated 3-D action to add some dramatic clair to your capture moves! With original artwork and a powerful chess engine, Star Wars Chess turns this cerebral game of kings into action-packed battle against the evils of the Dark Side. May the force be with you!

Star Wars II
Star Wars Rebel Assault II Star Wars Rebel Assault II
$49.99 $59.99
The most anticipated sequel of the decade is here. Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire is "as close as you can get to being in a Star Wars movie" (Multimedia World magazine). This completely original chapter in the Star Wars saga offers breakthrough technology in graphics and en entirely new storyline, resulting in the most exhilarating and interactive space combat experience in this or any galaxy.

$12.75 $39.99


Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula


Stellar 7
$12.35 $39.99
A classic arcade game with graphic action and sound! In Stellar 7, players experience beautiful hand painted, digitized 256 color, 3-D graphics and full sound all in a fast paced arcade game that combines action, strategy and seven levels of play.

$19.99 $22.99
Stonekeep is one of the first games to apply a first-person shooter interface to the realm of fantasy role-playing, as the gamer takes the role of a classic medieval hero who must use both sword and sorcery to make his way through winding catacombs full of animated skeletons and terrible monsters. The first-person perspective helps to allow the player to assume the role of the lead character, as a few well-placed mouse-clicks wield the hero's mighty sword to dispatch evil ghouls and goblins that seem to be standing right in front of him. While the dungeons are well stocked with enemies, puzzle solving is a significant aspect of gameplay as well, as the hero may need to disarm traps or use found items to escape from one area to the next. The game comes with a 138-page novella that establishes the hero character and his place in the storyline

street fighter
Street Fighter II Series
$12.88 $39.99
Street Fighter II is a fighting game. Players select from one of eight characters: Ryu, Ken, Blanka, E. Honda, Zangief, Chun Li, Guile and Dhalsim to do battle with. They must then use their combat strengths to defeat the other seven fighters followed by four boss characters: M. Bison, Vega, Sagat and Balrog. Each character represents a certain country and has his or her own reasons for wanting to win against the others. Each character has his or her own selection of basic fighting techniques based on three styles of punches and three styles of kicks. The effect of each of these changes depends on the characters orientation (ducking, airborne or standing still). Street Fighter II has a "button combination" style of gameplay used to unleash powerful moves specific to each character. These include the ability to project fireballs, channel electricity or capture the opponent in a tight suplex.

Strike Commander Wing Commander Privateer
Strike Commander Wing Commander Privateer
$49.99 $59.99
Originally released in 1994. DOS games; will work in Windows 95/98 in DOS mode. Strike Commander includes the Speech Pack and Tactical Operations add-on missions. Privateer includes the Speech Pack and the Righteous Fire add-on missions.

Strike Squad
$18.00 $44.99
Strike Squad - Tactics And Strategy In The Enslaved Consortium Of Worlds!

Subwar 2050
$34.99 $44.99



2050 AD. The oceans have become a vital source of food, energy and minerals. Vast Corporations have turned the exploitation of the sea into the world's most lucrative industry. It is a wealth that must be defended in an environment that favours stealthy sabotage.

That's where you come in. As a mercenary sub pilot, you will be fighting fierce battles for corporate territory deep beneath the waves.


Super Arcade Games
$25.00 $39.99

Incredible Graphics, Super Sound Effects, Fast Action are just some of the features you will find on this CD. Each game was carefully selected and is considered to be among the best. "Sup Arcade Games" will keep you entertained for hours.


Super Hit Game Pack
$15.00 $39.99

Super Space
$17.69 $39.99
Royalty free GIFs from NASA bundled with PC and MAC viewers.

take your best shot
Take Your Best Shot
$26.59 $39.99
Games, screen savers, icons, audio clips and more!

Tale of Peter Rabbit
$39.99 $49.99

Tale of Peter Rabbit

"Once Upon A Time There Were Four Little Rabbits..."

There names were Floppy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter and their adventures have charmed children the world over.

Beatrix Potter's endearing The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published first in 1902. Since then more than 9 millions copies have been bought, read and treasured, making this the most popular children's story of all time.


Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity
$24.00 $49.99
Take flight in this pure action game loaded with full-throttle excitement. Climb into Terminal Velocity now and you'll never go back to flight simulators that offer combat as an "option." Terminal Velocity IS combat! And without the difficult controls presented by all flight simulator style games. Imagine flying at blazing speed above an alien planet, demolishing ground targets with plasma beams, banking through a narrow canyon with enemy fighters hammering your shields with intense laser fire, dodging meteors crashing to the surface, diving into a tight tunnel leading to the planet's core, and confronting a huge mechanical beast ready to blast you away with heat seeking rockets. Don't imagine it anymore - experience it as you play Terminal Velocity.

Terminator 2 Grandmaster Chess
Terminator 2 Judgement Day Chess Wars Grandmaster Chess
$29.99 $39.99
It's chess. Grandmaster Chess. Chess in SVGA and on a CD-ROM. Multiple Skill Levels, Various different sets of boards and pieces. Pull-down menus, Analysis Mode, a VCR-like Replay/Review Option and able to give the player a chess rating. Furthermore the package includes Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Chess Wars. Another Chess game featuring animated chess pieces representing the Terminator 2 movie.

Terminator 2029 Deluxe
$29.99 $39.99
In one of the battles against Skynet, the Resistance recover a sophisticated assault armor prototype that may have been the precursor to the Terminator units. Equipped in such armor, a soldier could meet a Terminator on equal terms and, perhaps, bring the war directly to Skynet Central Command. During the latest incursions against SkyNet Central Command, a prototype of a highly advanced combat assault armor was found hidden in a subterranean vault. It has been theorized that this armor was the precusor to the fully mechanized Terminator units manufactured by SkyNet after its systems came on-line. Colonel John Connor quickly recognized that if the power of this armor could be harnessed, it might bridge the gap between Resistance personnel and SkyNet's fronline battlefield units. Connor ordered Resistance scientists to analyze the prototype and use it as the basis to develop a practical weapon for his elite strike forces. The result was the Advanced Cybernetic Exoskeleton, or 'A.C.E. Battle Armor', a military assault armor uniquely designed to destroy Terminators.

TetriMania Master
$29.99 $39.99
TetriMania Master is a geometrically puzzling game that will test your reflexes to the max! Play the Classic Mode, or turn on the pressure with the "XTreme Geometry" Mode featuring new geometrical pieces.

11th Hour The Sequel to The 7th Guest
The 11th Hour
$29.99 $39.99
New puzzles and broader storyline. Return to Henry Stauf's haunted mansion 70 years after the conclusion of the 7th Guest. Explore over 22 rooms with faster, smoother 3D graphics.

The Adventures of Willy Beamish
$24.99 $39.99

Welcome to the terminally cute, seriously warped world of Willy Beamish. You'll face neurotic yuppie parents, teachers pushed over the edge, a ghostly grandfather back from the grave, the baby sitter from hell, a pet jumping frog on steroids and a plot to blow the city's sewer system sky high. It's chaotic, it's juvenile, it's definitely deranged and you're gonna love every minute of it.

From the creator of Heart of China comes this original adventure comedy boasting a breakthrough in awesome 256-color graphics, lighthearted 3D animation and a sensational soundtrack. Adults and kids will love Willy's zany antics, his peculiar family and the host of geeks, freaks animals and creeps that will have you laughing and scheming for hours.


Big 3
The Big 3
$39.99 $49.99
The sophisticated software guide to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Print detailed maps that help you get around or take the city disk along with you and use a laptop as a rolling reference.

The Chaos Continuum
The Chaos Continuum
$44.99 $54.99
In the mid-22nd century, driven by over population on Earth incredible interstellar migration began. Mankind made giant leaps toward the inner planet and beyond. The Moon, Mars, Venus, even Mercury, became home to pioneering new colonies. Forging a path ahead of the colony developers where the Colony Expeditionary Forces developed from a plow shared military. By the late 24th century, the CEF had explored most of out solar system and were embarking on deep space exploration, mapping new territory many light years into unknown space. These important missions required a base closer o the edge of the solar system to act as a resting post and supply post on the trail to the stars. That place was Titan, the only Moon with the atmosphere, located about 800 million miles from Earth. The first colony was established in 2492. Although Titan provided an ideal starting point for long missions, it's incredible harsh environment made terraforming a virtual impossibility, forcing the Titans to build New Eden, an enormous starfish-shaped self contained biosphere; a complete city with its own climate control, night/day simulation, and entertainment and recreation to rival any Earth city. Unforeseen problems arose as C.H.A.O.S. Although the jump was a success, C.H.A.O.S. although the jump was a success, C.H.A.O.S. acquired their Field Generator Equipment, trapping them in the parallel continuum to which they had escaped. C.H.A.O.S. now maintains the illusion of a bustling, normally operating colony through manufactured broadcasts. The entire city is silent with all the colonists in a C.H.A.O.S. induced sleep state. The trapped scientists, meanwhile, have discovered a way to reach out for help from their parallel continuum. They made contact with computer operators in the 20th century, giving them a Time Probe which allowed them to interact with the past. The Time Probe will take you to New Eden Biosphere in the year 2577. Inside the colony and, eventually aboard C.H.A.O.S. itself, your mission is revealed as you progress. Access all available computers to find security codes or maps. Every item of information you discover may be of critical use to your mission to stop C.H.A.O.S. The information Subscreen displays the risk factor involved in attempting to pass through fields. It's up to you after that!

The Elder Scrolls Arena
The Elder Scrolls Arena
$59.99 $69.99
The Elder Scrolls: Arena is the first chapter in one of the most all encompassing CRPG's ever created. Nine man years in the making Arena heralds a new level of CRPG interactivity and depth. From it's first person, full screen, 360 degrees rotational movement: to the over 150,000 word story: to the unique Spell maker system where you create thousands of spells from over 80 combinable effects. ARENA includes full character generation, 18 unique character classes, 2,500 magical items, and over 400 cities, towns and villages for you to explore as you journey on your quest to find the staff of Chaos. THE ELDER SCROLLS ARENA is the next generation in CRPG entertainment. Prepare thyself for the adventure begins.

The Fall of the House of Usher
$23.49 $44.99

Explore multimedia macabre in this unparalleled presentation of Poe's classic tale. Immerse yourself in the visual and aural manifestations of one man's madness. Your journey though the House of Usher will be filled with startling animations - rich, brooding graphics - and musical interludes that reflect subtle details, creating a story within the story. If you find yourself wondering what kind of mind creates a tale of this type, go the Analysis, where you'll find a biography of Poe, an overview of the genre, and interpretations of the story. When you think you've got it all figured out, be sure to investigate a special part of the house - the 3D Art Gallery. But Usher is a complex man. You'll have to solve the puzzles he poses; and as you do, you'll discover that his paintings are alive... and rather frightening! Race to escape before The Fall of the House of Usher.


The Horde FRONT
The Horde
$53.47 $59.99
You are Chauncey, a serving lad who saves his monarch from choking on his meal. The King rewards you with his magical sword, Grimthwacker, and a village, and the mission to go forth and prosper by felling waves of Hordlings, who are bent on eating everything in the province. The better you get at defending villagers, crops, and cows from Hordlings, the better equipped you become. Success wins you further favor from the King, along with bigger challenges and more enmity from the evil High Chancellor. There are several types of Hordlings, each with their peculiar style of picking through the edibles under your care. Success is measured by how many villagers and crops survive each season's gluttonous attacks.

The House Of Games
$14.40 $49.99

This ROM features hundreds of the best board, adventure, suspense, strategy, casino, education, and text games available.


The Incredible Machine Even More!
The Incredible Machine Even More!
$34.99 $44.99
The same basic gameplay as the previous games in the series, solving a puzzle only using the parts provided. It runs in DOS or in Windows, and has different versions for each.

The Journeyman Project Turbo!
$12.88 $39.99

The Journeyman Project is a time travel adventure featuring stunning graphics and over 30 minutes of Quick Time video. Your purpose is to safeguards history from sabotage. Integrated arcade and mind game's to challenge and player. Role playing game set in the year 2318.


The Journeyman Project Turbo!
$12.88 $39.99

The Journeyman Project is a time travel adventure featuring stunning graphics and over 30 minutes of Quick Time video. Your purpose is to safeguard history from sabotage. Integrated arcade and mind games to challenge and player. Role playing set in the year 2318.


The Journeyman Project Turbp
$12.88 $39.99
The Journeyman Project is a time travel adventure featuring stunning graphics and over 30 minutes of Quick Time video. Your purpose is to safeguard history from sabotage. Integrated arcade and mind games to challenge and player. Role playing game set in the year 2318.

The Labyrinth
$39.99 $49.99
Exploration and puzzle game designed specifically for CD-ROM. The legendary King Minos has commissioned a kabyrinth bridging both time and space. To stop him you must enter the labyrinth and manipulate the very fabric of history with over 250MB of 3-D ray traced graphics and CD quality audio, Labyrinth is an epic fantasy of time travel and adventure.

last bounty hunter
The Last Bounty Hunter
$49.99 $59.99
As a Bounty Hunter, you will be equipped with a six shooter and sometimes a shotgun. Careful one of the gunfighters that protects the four outlaws is a world record holder in fast draw competition in real life. He is Wes Flowers, renowned world champion. The pursuit of each outlaw will take you through different shootout scenarios and challenges, Plus, the order in which you stalk each outlaw will change the play action responses and difficulty level making for a different game each time you play. The Last Bounty Hunter is American Laser Games largest production and live action cast to date. it is the first live action game that automatically adjusts the difficulty level to the player's shooting skills. The Last Bounty Hunter was filmed with the assistance of Old Tucson Studios in an Old Tucson setting. The same locations were used in some well known movies including: Tombstone, Geronimo, Rio Bravo, Lightning Jack and Posse.

The legend of Kyrandia the hand of fate
The Legend Of Kyrandia Book One
$34.99 $44.99
The Legend Of Kyrandia Book One Enter a land where magic in real! Kyrandia is a land of dark mysterious forests, sleeping dragons, glittering jewels, breathtaking beauty and yet unraveled secrets: Kyrandia. As Brandon, Kyranida is yours to explore as you pursue the exusive jester Malcom in search of the Kyragem-the puling gemstone that is the very heart of Kyrandia. A simple test? Hardly. An exciting journey that will try your skill and gratify your senses? Definitely. Over 100 brilliantly rendered scenes, fluid animation and a captivating soundtrack make this game a joy to play.

The legend of Kyrandia the hand of fate
The Legend Of Kyrandia The Hand Of Fate Book Two
$49.99 $59.99
Enter a land where magic in real! Kyrandia is a land of dark mysterious forests, sleeping dragons, glittering jewels, breathtaking beauty and yet unraveled secrets: Kyrandia. As Brandon, Kyrandia is yours to explore as you pursue the elusive jester Malcolm in search of the Kyragem-the pulling gemstone that is the very heart of Kyrandia. A simple task? Hardly, An exciting journey that will try your skill and gratify your senses? Definitely, over 100brilliantly rendered scenes, fluid animation and a captivating soundtrack make this game a joy to play.

Lost Treasures II
The Lost Treasures Of Infocom II
$29.99 $49.99
A collection of classic Infocom adventures that have sold individually since 1984. The selections range from funny to mysterious, from science fiction to adventure. All titles are rated for difficulty of play to allow layers to advance from standard through advanced to expert titles. Includes Zork, Enchanter, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,

The Psychotron
$49.99 $59.99
An interactive mystery movie. The Russians spent over 50 years of research into manipulating the forces of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) . Their product, the Psychotronic Generator. The Russians sell the Generator to the government of the United States. Somewhere en route to the USA, it vanishes and now it's up to you to find it.

The Psychotron
$42.99 $59.99
An interactive mystery movie. The Russians spent over 60 years of research into manipulating the forces of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Their product, the Psychotropic Generator. The Russians sell the Generator to the government of the United States. Somewhere on route to the USA, it vanishes and now it's up to you to find it.

The Vampire's Coffin
$18.24 $29.99
Travel through time to retrieve the vampire's coffin for your museum. Stunning graphics, original music, and muti-dimensional main characters make this an awesome gaming adventure!

The Wiz Pak 6-Pak Cd Rom
$10.00 $20.00
Over 170 Programs! VGA Paint Programs, Animations, Full Screen, Full Color, Photographs, Arcade & Educational Games And Much, Much, More...

Theme Park for Mac
Theme Park for Mac
$44.99 $49.99
Theme Park Designer Series Combines roller-coasting fun with high rolling business! Build the highest and fastest roller-coaster ever; the spookiest haunted house and the wildest western in the northern hemisphere. Keep the kids nourished with hamburger stands and cola stalls, but above all else, keep them happy! Failure to do so could well mean financial ruin. There are rides to maintain, workmen to pay and deals to be done. Theme Park Designer Series. Because big business was always meant to be big fun.

Top 50 Games For Windows
$26.39 $39.99

$19.99 $29.99
TRANSARCTICA, a giant steam-engine, a monster of wind and fire, belching out huge clouds of smoke and steam across an ice locked landscape, searching for the Earth's lost Sun...

$39.99 $49.99
Your hands shake. Your brain twitches. You try to resist the lure of just one more game. But there it is again. Up on your computer screen. And you don't even remember how it got there. Do you?

Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit
$41.99 $54.99
In the Classic Game, roll the onscreen die and move around the board answering questions. In the Fast Game, cut right to the questions! To win, give a correct answer in each of these six categories: People & Places, Sports, & Leisure, History, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Nature, and Wild Card.

Trump Castle 3
Trump Castle 3
$39.99 $49.99
This all new generation of gambling software offers more games, more features and more realistic action than ever before. The most authentic casino simulation on the market today! Super VGA Graphics and Super Sound from the cards on the gaming tables to the coins spewing from the slot machines crisp, realistic graphics and sound carefully capture every detail. Multi-player Capabilities including Modem and Network Play-deal your friends in on the fun play your favorite casino games. Modem and network support add to the action for a few quick hands anytime and anywhere. All the popular Casino games weathered you prefer Twenty One or Baccarrat. Texas Hold'em or Poker video style. Trump Castle 3 has them all! Casino Games Included: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, 36 slot Machines, 4 Types of Poker (5-Card Draw, 5 and 7-Card Stud, Texas'em), Keno, Craps, and Video Poker.

UnNatural Selection
UnNatural Selection
$29.99 $39.99
WHEN GENETIC SCIENTISTS GO BAD... You are a brilliant scientist, happily working to end world hunger by designing Theroids - large docile animals with the potential to be a cheap, efficient food source. Then things start to go wrong... One of your colleagues disappears with the genetic samples. Unstoppable mutant Theroids go on the rampage, taking over a chain of islands in the South Pacific. And the military is holding you responsible. Now you've got to create your own killer Theroids on steroids and strategically deploy them against the mutant invasion, or the world is doomed and you'll lose your government grant. It's up to you to form strategies, lay tactics and command bizarre animals in battle against this army of relentless creatures. Maybe you should have bred giant vegetables instead...

Variety Store Games
$23.00 $44.99
Variety Store Games

Vegas Games Deluxe Cd Rom Edition
$30.27 $49.99


Welcome to the world of Vegas gambling... welcome to the world of Vegas Games Deluxe CD ROM.

So you like to gamble, but you don't have a lot of time or money to take a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monte Carlo. Then step right up and take a crack at lady luck with Vegas Games Deluxe.

Vegas Games Deluxe is packed with thee all time favorite casino games. If your just stating out, try your lick at the Slot machines, or with video Keno. When you're ready to take on the "High Rollers" move on over to the Craps or Baccarat tables. Bored with spread sheets? Want to bet the ponies? Mechanical Horse Racing is always just a click away. In addition, Vegas Games Deluxe allows you to bring along three of your friends or family members. The multi-player action really heats up at the Poker and Blackjack tables. In all, Vegas Games Deluxe is packed with ten fun and challenging casino games.

Bet on Vegas Games Deluxe... It's one bet you can't lose!


Video Arcade
$17.50 $39.99
Designed for the novice and expert alike, The Show & Go CD Navigator runs any program directly from the CD with point and click ease.

Virtual Shooting Gallery
$14.50 $39.99

Reminiscent of the Penny Arcade...inside you'll find of our all-time favorite target shooting games: PRAIRIE DOG HUNT and TRAP SHOOTER. Absolutely alive with vibrant graphics and sound, you take aim at either the pesky prairie dogs or the clay target pigeons. Two great games that rival anything at the arcade."


Wacky Funsters!
Wacky Funsters!
$29.99 $34.99
Geeks unite because the future is now! Introducing the Fast Food of computer games: Wacky Funsters! Five outrageous game parodies that can be played for minutes or hours. Software that Dares To Be Stupid!

Wallobee Jack
Wallobee Jack
$26.49 $39.99
Animated adventures with the daring kangaroo from Austrailia.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
$39.99 $49.99
CD-ROM FEATURES -National Geographic digitized photos -Over 3200 Clues -Music From Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings -20 Villains, 60 Countries, 16 Maps -Stunning Animations

Who Killed Sam Rupert
$12.42 $39.99

This interactive mystery brings the excitement and immediacy of video, animation and sound to the witty and challenging world of the murder mystery. Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspects, work in your own virtual forensic lab and tap into a data bank filled with possible clues.


Who Killed Sam Rupert Virtual Murder
$12.42 $39.99
This interactive mystery brings the excitement and immediacy of video, animation and sound to the willy and challenging world of the murder mystery, Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspect, work in your own virtual forensic lab and lap into a data bank filled with possible clues.

Who Shot Johnny Rock ?
$14.99 $24.99
This game is set in the 1930s, when gangsters reigned, and rock n' roll was supreme. You play a dirty detective, armed with your piece, trying to solve a serious crime. A dame walks into your office, and hires you on an exclusive case: find out who killed popular bee-bopp'n, rock n' rolling Johnny Rock. Loading your good ol' gun, you take a shot as someone crashes through your office window with a gun, trying to kill you. Get ready, 'cause there'll be more, and meaner guys armed with tommy guns, machine guns, and other delightful surprises waiting for you in a variety of settings, including a funeral parlour, old warehouses, alleyways, and much more. As you continue your investigation, you meet many shady characters who hold vital clues in solving the murder of Johnny Rock. After all, someone had to kill him: will you be able to figure out whodunnit before you're next?

Wild Wheels
$12.93 $39.99
Miles of missions! MAYHEM!

Wing Commander Academy
$12.88 $39.99
A spirited and elite corps of novice fighter pilots attends the Wing Commander Academy in the year 2655. Often thrust into battle against the mighty and ruthless Kilrathi race, the crew must master daring manoeuvres and veer through constant danger to save the world. Sedate and honorable Maverick, devil-may-care and impulsive Maniac, and serious-minded, cautious and competent Archer make up a quarter of the cadet wing at the academy under their brilliant, if argumentative, captain, Commodore Tolwyn. Disc 1: Red and Blue, The Last One Left, The Most Delicate Instrument, Word of Honor, Lords of the Sky, Disc 2: Chain of Command, Expendable, Recreation, Walking Wounded, On Both Your Houses, Invisible Enemy Disc 3: Price of Victory, Glory of Sivar

Wolf 3d Mania!
$39.99 $49.99
Your heart is racing. Th-thump. Th-thump. It's pumping as fast as your legs. You don't notice the gentle breeze the noon-day sky. You are totally focused. On the smell. Just the smell. Could be the first thing you eat sink your teeth into, in days. Dust, pebbles, sticks. They're flying. Then you pounce. Suddenly. Stealthily. You break its neck. You're hungry. You're a wolf. Really. In this wilderness survival adventure, that's exactly what you are. Which means you experience all the sights, sounds... and smells... of a timber wolf firsthand. That's what makes this game unlike any other. It's chillingly real. So real that it just might blow you away. (Or maybe a predator will.) Will you survive 40 different scenarios and open-ended play? Your instincts-and the interactive wolf museum where survival tips are just a point-and-click-away - will decide. As you hunt. Fight. Mate. You animal, You.

Wolf 3D Mania!
$15.29 $39.99
200 MORE New Levels, 8 different New Graphics for Wolf 3-D game Shareware and Registered Version. 700 levels/graphics combinations, Shareware Wolf 3-D games v1.0/1.4 and Spear of Destiny playable demo, Minimum/Maximum Floor Maps, Level/Graphic Editor and Debug/GOD mode CHEAT SYSTEMS all in one CD-DISC!!!

Wolfenstein 3D
$29.99 $39.99

The masterpiece of wild action and unbelievable graphics brings you virtual reality at its best, as you move through a sensationally realistic 3-D world of amazing detail. It's World War II, and you are B.J. Blazekowicz-the allies' bad boy espionage, a terminal action seeker built for abuse with an attitude to match. There's just one small problem: you've been captured by the Nazis, tortured, and imprisoned beneath the Castle Wolfenstein where you await execution. Bummer. Now, you must do anything to escape from the belly of a Nazi Dungeon-or die trying.


World Series of Poker Adventure
$39.99 $49.99

The Ultimate Casino Pack includes:

Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em, Satellite Tournaments, The world Secrets of Poker event. Expert Poker Strategy Consultants: Davud Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and bob Ciaffone. 


World War II Sim
World War II Flight Sim
$34.99 $44.99
D-Day: On June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched the D-Day assault on German-controlled Europe. Experience the intense, ground-pounding action of flying legendary war birds such as the Mustang and Spitfire. Protect your troops as they establish a beachhead against German forces. Or, take the controls of a Messerschmitt or Focke-Wulf in a daring attempt to alter the outcome of the greatest invasion in history. Midway: In FST WWII, you'll reenact the greatest naval air battle of all time. Choose between six accurately modeled combat planes, including the Kate, Val, Zero, Wildcat, Devastator and Dauntless. Test your mettle on island-based bombing missions, or try your hand at dangerous torpedo missions. It's up to you to rescue the outnumbered US Forces and swing the balance of power to the American side. Features: Riddle enemy planes with your cannon as you skim treetops and avoid deadly AA fire Support Allied landing craft as they storm the beaches of Normandy. Gear down, nose up! Watch for bandits as you bring your wounded bird down on the deck of the USS Yorktown or the Japanese carrier Akagi. Cripple the Axis forces as you smash hardened bunkers ad down enemy fighter.

Wrath of the Demon
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You have been called upon to save the princess from the Demon. Over 3M of graphics data, 600 screens of action, 15 levels of parallax scrolling, and 100 monsters.


Wyatt Earp's Old West
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Discover interesting facts and features does Wyatt Earp and the old west through full motion video, music, animations and more with this interactive multimedia CD-ROM. Grade 4-up.

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Faster, Stronger, Deadlier


Race the interplanetary Battle Circuit Driving the highly armed Zephyr hover tank. Face the challenge as one of the six top drivers in the deadly world of combat racing. Incredible 3-D graphic's, unique environments, multiplayer capability, and an instinctive interface combine to make this one of the most exciting challenges you'll ever face,


Zool 2
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Zorro A Cinematic Action Adventure
$23.99 $49.99
Set up to include the 1994 division alignments. Pro League features both simulation and arcade play, true modem play, complete statistical printout capability, draft module, team editor and full rosters for all 1993 teams with over 70 different hitting and pitching statistics.