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740 Travel/Maps

Adventures Worldwide
$31.72 $49.99

Colorful exportation of adventure vacations and unusual travel experiences throughout the world. 425MB of video, 2500 full color photo's, 2000 plus pages of text, CD quality audio, and provides descriptions of more than 1000 travel opportunities. Users can hike though the Himalayas, tour France on a bicycle, or join cultural and education tours sponsored by the Audubon Society and Earth Watch. Features garden and gourmets tours, language lessons, archaeological digs, walking tours, and courses for senior citizens. Is Windows compatible. 


America Alive
$36.65 $59.99
Includes more than 75 maps, 50 movies, 2500 photos and hundreds of pages of informative text. Put all 50 states, major U.S. cities, attractions and more at your fingertips. Soundtrack includes new original music scores and new arrangements of traditional American heritage songs. Grades 6-up.

Asia Alive
$36.65 $49.99
Asia Alive takes you on a journey to 15 exotic countries and 20 cities throughout the East. It contains 37 maps, over 500 slides, 30 exciting movies and 500 pages of text that capture fascinating locations and cultures. Discover the history of the Great China Wall and behold the beauty of Japan's Buddhist temples as you explore the many wonders of Asia and Australia.

Atlas Pack
$29.53 $44.99
U.S. Atlas: Over 110 relief and reference maps. Thousands of maps for country and state, geologic, and economic information. Also includes information on area codes, mean temperatures, and annual precipitation . World Atlas: Over 240 color relief and reference maps. Contains over 4,400 statistical maps: the list is endless!

$23.99 $39.99

$39.99 $49.99
-The Chessmaster 4000 Turbo for Windows -Life & Death II, The Brain for DOS

Children's Atlas of the United States
$49.99 $59.99

The Rand McNally Children's Atlas of the United States is an educational journey through our country for younger children. Two narrators describe each state's history, industry, famous people, and points of interest in digitized speech. 52 beautifully rendered Rand McNally maps, and over 200 photos and sanitations bring each of the states to life. When the US tour is over, children can test their knowledge by playing six entertainingly educational games.


Cities Below The Aerial & Streets Atlas of America
$39.99 $49.99

Click Art & More Art Parts
$39.99 $49.99
The ClickArt line of Art Parts is the Instant Image Resource for high quality, ready to use artwork that adds fun to anything you produce on your computer. AlickArt and Art Parts are the staring point for creating documents with stylish and or goofball creativity, weather you're a professional designer or a first time computer user looking to make your work more attractive.

Europe Alive Travel Guide
Europe Alive Travel Guide
$39.99 $49.99
-Europe Alive GUIDisc -Maps -Slides' -Movies -Sound -Text

France at its best
France At Its Best
$25.99 $39.99
See the wonderful world of France at your fingertips! An invaluable refrence tool to lovely France.

Global Explorer
$57.78 $69.99

Fascinating descriptions of 20,000 historical, cultural, and geographic features. Beautiful, seamless, full color maps of the entire world. Street maps of major world cities, all on one CD ROM!


Great Cities Of The World Vol. 1 & 2
$23.99 $54.99
Features fast facts, culture, sights, entertainment, recreation, hotels, quiz travel planner, slide show with audio. Buenos Aires, Chicago. Jerusalem, Moscow. Bombay, London and many more.

Great Cities Of The World Volume 1
$19.00 $79.99
Interoptica's Multimedia Travel Guide

Great Wonders Of The World Vol. 1
$49.11 $59.99

Multimedia World Explortation


Hong Kong
Hong Kong at its Best
$39.99 $49.99

Hotels & Resturants In Britain
$19.00 $39.99

American Dreams A Collection of US Photographs
Learn To Do Do Windows 3.1 with John C. Dvorak
$29.99 $39.99
American Dreams is a collection of over 70 fantasy photographs produced in an exciting multimedia presentation. American Dreams will entertain you with realistic photographs complemented with exciting music and sound effects and a humorous multilingual caption.

$19.00 $49.99

London The Multimedia Tour
London The Multimedia Tour
$39.99 $49.99
Experience the Sights and Sounds of London, one of the World's premiere Tourist Destinations,

Magic Italy
$25.00 $44.99
Magic Italy Art And Nature

Map Master by DecisionResources
Map Master by DecisionResources
$99.99 $129.99
Map Master turns your corporate data into graphic presentations. Display sales and marketing data, regions, territories, offices and branch locations in a whole new way.

Automap Street Plus
Microsoft Automap Streets Plus
$54.99 $64.99
Auto Map pinpoints virtually any street address in the United States.

Microsoft MapPoint 2000
$35.29 $89.99

Comprehensive mapping and analysis tools to help manage your business.

Now it's easy to create high quality maps that help you accurately pinpoint business trends so you can make better informed business decisions. Microsoft MapPoint 2000 lets you easily integrate data from Microsoft Office applications into detailed maps - enabling you visually analyze the information you need to stay competitive.


Microsoft MapPoint 2002
Microsoft MapPoint Version 2002
$99.99 $109.99
-Visualize your business in a whole new way. -Communicate important information effectively. -Integrate maps into the work you do with Microsoft Office XP.

National Parks
$29.99 $39.99

National Parks
National Parks
$39.99 $49.99
Visit and explore all the National Parks, monuments, memorials, battlefields, historic sites, scenic trails, and more. Informative, educational, and entertaining.

National Parks Of America Vol 1
$12.35 $39.99

National Parks: The Multimedia Family Guide.

Visit and explore all the National Parks, monument, memorials, battlefield historic sites, scenic trails, and more. Informative, educational, and entertaining.


On Vacation
On Vacation in the British Isles
$31.99 $49.99
With the passport to fun exploration, visit dozens of fascinating sights, see highlights, and meet friends from other places speaking different languages. This CD-ROM, featuring sound, video and animation, is a passport to dozens of places in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wlaes. Each place is described in 5 languages. Crayonware allows users to reproduce full-color pictures as line are- to color on screen or as hard copy printouts!

PC Globe Maps
PC Globe Maps ' N' Facts
$44.99 $54.99
Check local time anywhere, hear each nation's anthem. Learn each county's demographics, industry, historical highlights and much more.

Precision Mapping Lite 2.0
$17.00 $44.99

Secret Of Korean Beauty
$39.99 $49.99

Select Street Atlas 1997
Select Street Atlas 1997
$69.99 $79.99
The Street Atlas that will put your business on the map. It's all here: Street level maps for every city and town in the U.S.A. plus over a million essential places and business.

Street Atlas 6.0
Street At;as USA 6.0
$79.99 $79.99
Street Atlas USA 6.0 is the leading mapping software, giving you full access to the latest man-made and geographic detail for the entire United States on two CD-ROMs. Find virtually any place in the US with Street Atlas USA 6.0. Search by address and find business and residential locations. You can also perform lightning-quick searches by place name, area code and exchange, latitude/longitude or ZIP Code. Zoom in and out easily using the zoom tools or by clicking and dragging to create a view box on the map. The program quickly gets just the data you requested and fills the screen at the appropriate detail scale. Choose from 15 different viewing levels of detail. Street Atlas USA 6.0 provides true address-to-address routing. Plus, you get powerful routing tools to determine the specific route you want to take. Use Street Atlas USA 6.0 with your notebook and the DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver to experience the latest in satellite navigation.

Street Atlas 4
Street Atlas USA 4.0
$39.99 $54.99
More up to date detail than before. Street address search power and custom map editing.

Taxi Cd Rom with Zagat Surveys
$59.99 $69.99

The sophisticated software guide to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. and Washington DC. Print detailed maps that help you get around or take the city disk along with you and use a laptop as a rolling reference.


The Beauty of San Francisco
$29.99 $39.99

The Hospitality Index
$30.97 $79.99
Contains over 47,000 bibliographic records with abstracts taken from over 50 journals that serve the hospitality industry such as restaurants, hotels, gold courses, bares, etc.

Travel Companion
$24.99 $34.99
The ultimate trip planner and electronic travel guide to the most popular cities in the U.S.! Whether you're traveling to a city for business or pleasure. The Software Toolworks Travel Companion will put an astonishing amount of trip information at your fingertips. The Travel Companion is packed with city information from the acclaimed Frommer's U.S.A. Travel Guide. So you can find the perfect New York restaurant for the high powered business lunch. The right New Orleans hotel to match your travel budget. The most spectacular San Francisco sights. And you can personalize your Travel Companion! Add your own reviews and comments about hotels, restaurant and other points of interest. Leave bulky travel guides and area maps behind. Going to St. Louis and Seattle? Load just those cities onto your portable as needed. You'll have all the information you need, when you need it, for your smoothest, most enjoyable trip ever! The Software Toolworks Travel Companion - put it to work for you.

Travel Trivia
$18.99 $34.99
Contains Canada, the U.S. , and Around the World Trivia. For geography enthusiasts, this CD tests your knowledge of World travel.

USA Tour
$28.50 $49.99

A vocational guide to the US. Great fascinating features let you explore the US.


Vietnam Explorer
$32.00 $69.99
A compelling multimedia presentation that covers the U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia from 1946 to 1976. Includes biographies, statistics, order of battle, equipment, missions, bibliography, chronologies, glossaries and information on the wall. Gain a new perspective on the longest war in American History. Published by Quanta Press.

Welcome To Africa
$25.39 $44.99
Welcome to Africa invites you to discover the Africa I know and cherish. With the help of over 450 original pictures, it introduces you to all aspects of life on the continent: from history to economics, cities to farms, beautiful wildlife and vanishing lifestyles. I developed this presentation at Stanford to teach a course on economic development in Africa. To help you find your way around, I have organized the pictures by theme. You may wish to follow each theme, clicking along at your own pace. Alternatively, you may cut across themes and look for a specific topic or place from a list of 200 keywords. Welcome to Africa include a sophisticated role playing game. You will become Yamoussou Quedraogo. Yamoussou is an African who lives on a farm in one of the thousands of villages scatted across the continet. You have a family too take of. Sucess is judged by your ability to help your children and friends. Narcel champs, Assistant Professor, Standford University.

World Traveler Vol 1
$20.00 $39.99

Photographers Michael McGrath and Paul Elmendorf have combined their extensive collections for a breathtaking multimedia slide show. The high resolution images which may be  used royalty free for a wide variety of applications. The files are supplied in PCX format, and are fully digitized and color corrected. The multimedia user interface is simple and easy to use. Subjects include Fire Trucks, Grand Canyon, Long Beach Island, Merry go rounds, Misc images, Monument Valley, New York City, New Nealand, Oak Creek Canyon, Oregon, Antique Auto Shows, Redrock country, Smithsonian Castle, Sussex Airshow, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, Utah, Wick Farm, Military hardware and artillery, Arizona, Baxter State Park Maine, Bryce, Cancun, Columbus 500th at Liberty State Park, Flamenco Dancers, Washington DC, Europe, Farms and Barns, Factals, Frost, and more! The disc also includes a large number of graphics utilities.


World US Atlas
$29.99 $49.99
U.S. Atlas Over 110 relief and reference maps. Thousands of maps for country and state, geologic, and economic information. Also includes information on area codes, mean temperatures, and annual precipitation. World Atlas: Over 240 color relief and reference maps. Contains over 4,400 statistical maps: he list is endless!