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754 Space/Astronomy

Apollo 8: Go For TLI
$19.97 $39.99
The mission was to test whether a command module could circle the moos while a landing vehicle descended to the surface below. This historic journey carried astronauts further from earth than anyone had ever traveled. Join the Apollo 8 team as they undertake an eight day mission to achieve the first manned lunar orbit and "go for TLO".

Astrology Source
$49.99 $59.99
Equip Yourself with Ancient Wisdom for a Mystical Voyage on CD-ROM! Join the astrologer Esmeralda, your host on a multimedia tour that is both visually spectacular and easy to use, The presentations of Astrology Source provide a comprehensive guide for yourself, family and friends

Beyond Planet Earth
$49.99 $59.99
Access a video library of Discovery Channel programs. Plan a mission to Mars and explore a photo gallery of space phenomena. From Discovery Channel. Take an interactive journey to Mars and beyond. More than 200 compelling photographs 50 minutes of action packed video. Fun and eay text to read and much more fun for the family.

Beyond The Wall Of Stars
$17.00 $39.99
You direct the future to save the planet Celadon. Through 3-D animation, images, sound and text, you read, decide and solve your way through the Wall of Stars. You have the opportunity for an original and creative journey each time you play. With extensive references to scientific and mythological concepts, this though provoking adventure will engage and entertain children ages 10 to adults.

Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space
$29.99 $39.99
The sights, the sounds, the wonder... Experience mankind's epic journey to the stars

Earth Explorer
Earth Explorer for Mac
$46.25 $64.99
Take off on an interactive tour of the planet! Fire your imagination with the most engaging interactive encyclopedia about the environment. Lavishly illustrated and bursting with information, Earth Explorer shows you the world from a whole new perspective.

Mars Explorer
Mars Explorer
$49.99 $59.99
For centuries we could only imagine the surface of Mars or see it as a blur from earth based telescopes. Brings the visual benefits of the multi-million dollar NASA Viking photo mission into sharp focus.

MARS: The Search Begins
$24.00 $39.99
Full motion award winning video of Mars.

Next Step Mars?
$20.50 $39.99
There's only one thing standing between Earth inhabiting Mars... You. The Intergalactic Council, a group of peaceful planets, is locked in debate. They're meeting to discuss their concerns about the inhabitants of Earth leaving their planet and traveling to Mars. The conversation becomes heated. Will Earth be a peaceful neighbor in the galaxies? Will they be warlike. Do they even have the technology they think they do to travel in space? Should they take care of their own problems first? The Council appoints you Seeker. It is your duty as Seeker to visit the mystical Village of Knowledge and search out the answers to these questions. The Earth's future is in your hands. Get ready, because you're about to take part in the adventure of a lifetime. But as you'll soon see, Next Step: Mars? is more than just an adventure... Information. Activities. Adventure. Learn about space. Next Step: Mars? covers everything you ever wanted to know about space. Learn about the past, present and future of space exploration. Exciting video, colorful animations and detailed text bring learning to life. Do what you learn. Learn how to find Mars without a telescope. Build a mini universe. Write a message to extraterrestrial beings. These are just a few of the exciting learning activities you'll find inside. Fasten your seat belts. If you're into adventure, you've come to the right place. No other CD-ROM will let you explore space like this. Next Step: Mars? launches you into a world of unbelievable sights and sounds. A world you must explore to fulfill your quest.

Our Solar System
$17.69 $29.99
Exciting NASA and observatory photos of the planets, moon, comets, earth, and celestial phenomena includes star locators, planetarium programs, astronomical data, voyage simulators plus more!

red shift
Red Shift
$50.51 $99.99
A very special CD-ROM, RedShift has already won several awards. RedShift carries you on a voyage of discovery through our solar system and to the stars beyond. You can view planets and moons in photo-realistic close-up each one accurately modeled using NASA surface maps and photographs. Includes links to 2,000 entries in Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy. Includes 700 of the world's best space photographs. A multimedia planetarium on your desktop. Breathtaking views, over 300,000 individual stars, more than 700 full screen photographs and the Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy are included in this astronomy program.

$32.55 $44.99
SHUTTLE: THE SPACE FLIGHT SIMULATOR Based on official government documents, this is the most accurate and comprehensive simulation of NASA's Space Shuttle ever produced for any home computer. With the aid of mission control, you will master such challenges as deploying and repairing satellites, launching spy satellites, maneuvering in zero gravity, attaining the correct re-entry trajectory and pulling of complicated landings.

Solar Heaven
$18.99 $29.99
Reach for the stars! Imagine being able to display over 15,000 stars and their positions on the planets or gazing at a video planetarium of the stars, creating your own astrological charts as well as the enjoyment of tarot card readings along with having your own personal numerologist. Solar Heaven contains the best collection of astronomy applications available on the market, which extends to the user a multitude of programs that will allow you to do the following: View a dazzling slide show of NASA images of the earth and solar system as well as an astronomical stimulation of the planetarium, calculating natal charts, a voyage simulator, star, weather and hurricane.

Space & Astronomy
$19.99 $39.99
Contains 1,080 image files of the earth, planets and space program. Mostly from NASA, the images are of the solar system from deep space probes and of the shuttle crew and hardware that make the exploration possible and 5,000 text files that are full readable files include information on asteroids.

Space Adventure II
$44.56 $54.99
Blast of into an award winning, up to the moment exploration of outer space.

Space Missions
$23.99 $49.99
An insight into the exciting world of space exploration.

Space Series Apollo
$27.97 $69.99
A best selling chronicle of man's quest to walk on the Moon. Apollo features text and images detailing the tragedy of Apollo features text and images detailing the tragedy of Apollo-Sovuz Test Projects and more. Take one giant step for yourself and relive the epic history of America's space program.

Space Shuttle Encyclopedia
$25.49 $49.99
This is the most comprehensive about the Space Shitt;e ever produced.

The Four Days Of Gemini
$19.97 $39.99
Join the Gemini astronauts as they embark on this history making four day journey that changed space exploration forever. From training through splashdown, you'll travel with the nation's best as they gather data, conduct experiments, and perform extra vehicular activity (EVA). A full-color full-motion film from NASA.

The Interactive Space Encyclopedia
$31.89 $49.99
Explore the boundaries of the solar system in the company of Patrick Moore, marvel at the world's most spectacular technological achievements and share in the discoveries of the great space pioneers and scientists.

U.S. Shuttle Fleet
$34.99 $44.99
In 1981, America's space shuttle Columbia launched a new era in human space flight. See the various missions of the space shuttles Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. Also see NASAQ's plans for the National Aerospace Plane, and a permanent space station.

$12.00 $39.99
For your Consideration, I am offering UFO II CD PC Computer Software CD-ROM UFO II is a computer multimedia database containing nearly 1200 documented sightings over a period of approximately 3000 years of "UFO" history. There is also a collection of 216 UFO photos (pcx files) and 28 UFO movies (avi files) on the CD-ROM to illustrate some of the cases. As it is a program from 1995 the interface is simple and not "overloaded" with different functions (as most of today's multimedia programs unfortunately are) and it is in my opinion very easy to use and in addition very informative

UFO This Planets Most
$49.99 $59.99
For any one who has more than a sneaking suspicion that the Earth plays host to other life forms, UFO this planet's most complete guide to class encounters provides fascinating evidence that we are not alone. All of the 1200 descriptive accounts. View specific sightings and UFO events, including contact and abduction reports. Do your own investigating. This CD-ROM includes exciting video footage. investigate sighting and accounts covering almost 3000 years in meticulous detail by watching actual UFO video footage. Then decide for yourself.

View From Earth
$52.63 $69.99
Join Time Life Books for a stunning CD-ROM journey through the universal! Features hundreds of breathtaking cosmopolitan images including the sun, Earth, the Moon and the July 11, 1991 Solar Eclipse. Published by Warner New Media.

Visions Of Saturn II
$22.00 $39.99
Complete with viewing utilities and extensive documentation for each image. Includes the spacecraft name, mission, phase name, target name, image I.D., image number, image time, earth received time, instrument name, scan mode I.D., shutter mode I.D., gain mode I.D., edit mode I.D., filter name, filter number, exposure duration and notes.