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Science Adventure II
$39.99 $49.99
Isaac Asimov Science Adventure II Take vast leaps in a single click. Everything from the original Science Adventure, plus lots more. Over 80 movies and full-motion videos. Amazing 3-D virtual reality. Plus MIDI music and digitized sound. Enter the solar system. Take an inside look at chemistry. Or manipulate 3-D models of a skull, a working microscope, a powerful magnet and more. Ages 8-adult.

$31.30 $44.99
Accelerate your learning curve. Zoom through the history and science of speed in the world's first interactive educational movie featuring the MacGillivray-Freeman IMAX movie, SPEED. Experience a simulation of the speed of light." Play speed mactching games, learn to read faster and discover why Einstein claimed that the fastest speed in the universe might well er "the speed of our imaginations."