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752 Wars/Military

A Line In The Sand
$31.00 $49.99
The official Marine Corps chronicle of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Contains an abundance of information detailing the conflict, making it the most comprehensive and accurate report available on the conflict.

Aces of the Deep
$26.00 $49.99
Finest submarine simulation with historic combat challenges.

Aces Of The Pacific
$37.49 $59.99
Join real World War II aces in the crucial air battles of Europe. Explore the legendary planes that soared into history. Stukas and Yaks. Spoitfires and the Flying Fortress. Then slide into the cockpit, take the controls, and fly them yourself. Explore the British, American, German and Russian aircraft detailed in #D interactive models and hundreds of photographs. Plot the flight paths with animated maps. Discover how they accomplished their missions in gripping video and simulated flight maneuvers.

Aces Over Europe
$29.99 $39.99
-Featuring outstanding new artificial intelligence and flight models -State of the art graphics -Historically faithful

Aegis Guardian Of The Fleet
$49.99 $54.99
The drama, action and excitement of high tech naval combat comes to life. As close to reality as national security allows! Puts the latest in military technology at your fingertips, but the decision how to employ it rests with you. Incorporating the latest in CD-ROM interactive technology, Aegis introduces you to the secret world of modern naval warfare. From nerve wracking bombing runs in the Falklands to attacking Qaddafi'terrorists camps in Lubya, Aegis puts you on the front lines of modern history's most powerful warships in the world as you match wits against equally well equipped forces in a battle for naval supremacy.

Aviation Adventure
Aviation Adventure
$43.56 $54.99
Jump into the cockpit, grab the controls and take off into the most comprehensive aviation experience ever. Whether you seek the facts of flying or just want to play games, you'll accomplish your mission!

Award War Winning Games
$49.99 $59.99
The Ultimate Collection Of World War II Simulations!

battle isle
Battle Isle 2200
$39.69 $49.99
-Enter a futuristic world where brilliant graphics put you right in the action. -Execture grand strategies and watch each battle played out instantly in 3D animations. -Reference a complete database of 3D weapons. -Command over 50 types of forces -PC: DOS, Windows 95/98 DOS Mode

$29.99 $39.99
Tactical & Strategic War Simulation Incorporating Historical Multimedia Data

Central Intelligence
$12.93 $29.99

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
$21.00 $44.99
An air combat simulation program with Chuck Yeager featuring aircraft from 3 different eras: WWII, Korean and Vietnam war eras. Plus you can mix and match aircraft and eras in Fantasy Combat

Civil War
$40.41 $59.99
USA WARS: THE CIVIL WAR A text,image & sound presentation is unleashed encompassing the war that tore America apart from 1860 to 1865. Sections include biographies, chronologies, and descriptions of campaigns, battles and foreign involvement. Whether you are a student, a history buff, or a Civil War researcher, you will have the Civil War at your fingertips. Published by Quanta Press (MAC) and Compton's NewMedia (DOS/WIN).

Greatest Air Battles Classic Collection
Classic Collection Greatest Air Battles
$27.59 $39.99
THE GREATEST AIR BATTLES COLLECTION EVER ASSEMBLED Knights of the Sky You are a hunter stalking Germany's most celebrated pilots, including the infamous Baron Manfre von Richthifen. F-14 Slide into the cockpit of the most famous fighter in modern military aviation. The F-14 Tomcat. Dogfight with pilots from Libya, the Gulf of Sidra, the Persian Gulf, and many more in this "MiG" Killer. F-19 Now it's yours to fly! One of the most feared fighters in the world. This top secret jet that radar can't detect is in your hands. Jetfighter Next, fly the deadly skies with JetFighter. Tke your choice of an F-14 Tomcat, F-16 Fighting Falcon, or F/a-18 Hornet-all equipped with state of the art weaponry. Fly over 30 sweat drenching mission, with hostile MiG encounters and the nightmare of Sidewinder missiles homing in for the kill.

Comanche CD Werewolf Helicopter Simulations
$49.99 $59.99
Developed by NovaLogic, the Comanche series of games are flight simulators focusing on the RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter which would have become the successor of the famous AH64 Apache. The games allow the player to pilot a Comanche through numerous military missions and terrains and engage in both aerial and ground combat.

Desert Storm War
$20.00 $44.99
THE WAR IN THE PERSIAN GULF: From the moment Allied Forces launched their attack on Iraq through the opening weeds of the conflict, here are the hundreds of gritty reports, photos and tape recorded interviews of Time war correspondents in the field. Also Included: personality and country profiles, weapons summaries, maps, charts and photographs from the magazine's extensive archives Multimedia unleashes the sights and sounds of war events as they were reported, conveying the full impact of new in the making. Published by Warneer New Media.

$12.93 $39.99

F-15 Strike Eagle II
$32.89 $49.99
F-15 Strike Eagle II is an F-15 Strike Eagle combat flight simulator released in 1989 by MicroProse and is the sequel of F-15 Strike Eagle. It was followed in 1992 by F-15 Strike Eagle III, the final game of the series. The plane is equipped with a M61 Vulcan and three different kinds of missiles, Sidewinders, AMRAAMs and Mavericks. In F-15 Strike Eagle II comes with four scenarios: Libya, Persian Gulf, Vietnam and Middle East. In a mission the player has to fight a variety of enemy aircraft, missile boats, satellite stations and other ground targets, to take out one primary and one secondary target, making sure to not attack friendly targets. Promotions and medals are based on the mission score. Strike Eagle II was very similar in both appearance and game play to MicroProse's previous release F-19 Stealth Fighter.[1] Like many flight simulators of the time, realism was at times sacrificed due to either computing requirements or playability. In 1991, a scenario disk was released called F-15 II Operation Desert Storm. It added three new scenarios, two from the earlier F-19 Stealth Fighter, North Cape and Central Europe, and a new scenario based on the contemporary Gulf War called Desert Storm. In addition night missions, improved sound support and new weapons were included.

F-qq7A NightHawk Stealth Fighter 2.0
$39.99 $49.99
This simulation will let you know how it feels to own the night. F-117A has sensational sound, nine worlds to go through and sends you on awesome missions!

F/A Hornet 2.0
$14.99 $59.99

F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 is a realistic jet fighter simulation of the Navy and Marine Corps F-18A built by McDonnell Aircraft. It features land and carrier-based missions in the Iraq. Weapons include air-air missiles, electro-optical air-ground missiles, laser guided and free-fall bombs as well as the Vulcan cannon. Accurate radar modes allow tracking of air and ground targets near and far.

Version 2.0 features several improvements including network play, more detailed graphics, audible radio chatter and a radar warning receiver which displays threats from all directions. It is also optimized for PowerPC.


$12.93 $39.99
F29 Retaliator is one of Ocean's modern flight simulators. You can fly with an F-22 or F-29 fighter against the Russian MIG-29 fighters or SU-27 bombers. The game has three modes - a 'practice' mode called Zulu Alert, where your mission is to shoot down lots of enemy fighters with unlimited ammunition; the mission control mode, which is basically the campaign mode; and the head to head mode, which is the one vs. one multiplayer fight over a serial network. In the mission control mode, you can earn promotions, medals, and points, by shooting down enemy fighters, bombing targets, and completing missions. However, if you are not a 1st Lieutenant (you can choose your rank at the start of the game), you will have limited ammunition, which can be set at the 'Select Armament' menu. There are four campaigns, each set in different locations: an Arizona-based training range, Pacific Ocean, Middle East and Europe. But beware: if you get killed, captured, busted, or go missing on a mission, your service file (profile) will be terminated. The in-flight game engine is very well made. In your fighter's cockpit you have lots of controls, from selecting weapons to activating/deactivating your ECM (Electronic Countermeasures). However, if you are hit, some controls will surely be damaged. This is shown by indicators in your cockpit. The differences between each weapon and the importance of the systems in your cockpit are listed in my documentation. The music of the game is well made and it fits the game. Every in-flight effect has a voice. You'll hear when an enemy is targeting you, when you may fire your Backwinder rockets, or when it is time to eject. The only drawback of this game is that the aircraft cannot be blown up, and only by crashing into the ground can they be destroyed. However, if you lose your vital systems, you are sure to be downed! If you want to play multiplayer online, check the documentation. I strongly recommend this for everyone to try out. It's really worth it.

Flight Simulator 98
$39.99 $59.99
The world leader in flight simulation for the PC pushes technology and realism beyond the horizon. With a global database of scenery and airports, pilot-tested flight models, detailed instruments panels, and a fleet of challenging aircraft, Flight Simulator 98 is simply as real as it gets.

Flight Simulator Toolkit
Flight Simulator Toolkit
$34.99 $44.99
FST allows users to build, fly, and distribute their very own flight simulators with little (and or no) knowledge of actual programming. The program uses a small collection of Windows based design tools that easily output files to: (1) build a terrain and place / assign behaviors to objects, (2) create a color palette, (3) Design 3D static and dynamic objects via an impressive 3D CAD module (a large pre-built library of 3D shapes was also supplied), (4) Easily create mathematical flight models for a/c performance, and (5) Create cockpit and layouts for instrument panels. The collection of output files from the tool set, along with a flight engine executable (FLY.EXE) made the complete simulation.

FX Fighter
$34.11 $49.99
FX Fighter represents the future of PC fighting games: the fully three-dimensional fighter. Just as Battle Arena Toshinden has done on the consoles, FX Fighter illustrates just how visually impressive a full 3-D environment can be. Even so, as with all ground-breaking technology, certain wrinkles need to be ironed out before FX Fighter can live up to its claim as the ?ultimate PC fighting game.? This is an extremely atmospheric and versatile title, allowing variation in environment, challenge, number of players, and graphic detail. The characters are diverse, both in appearance and ability, and the worlds where the battles take place are dark and surrealistic. While the characters are advertised to have forty different attacks, you rarely utilize (or need to utilize) more than about ten. In fact, if you get too ambitious, you risk sending your character spinning out of the ring and into the Great Beyond. Eight great fighters - eight proud civilizations. And a champion who wants to destroy them all. You are up against the best known fighters in the Universe in a brawl to the death. The competition will be held in 8 different arenas, on 8 different planets against 8 very different competitors. Robots, Insects, Cyborgs will all use a barrage of attacks to eliminate you from the competition... permanently. In this galactic event, there are no prizes for second place...only body bags.

$44.69 $59.99
Gettysburg lets you direct the Union and Confederate forces: choose to act as Union Gen. George G. Meade or Confederate Gen Robert E. Lee, or direct both sides. Narrated by Civil War authority Shelby Foote and includes video clips from Turner Pictures' moive Gettyburg.

Great Naval Battles 2
Great Naval Battles North Atlantic 1939-43
$34.99 $44.99
In Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-1943, the player commands either the British Navy or German Navy during WW II. Fight an entire campaign, mini campaigns or individual battles. The game includes a historical database of ships, display of ships damage status by deck, real time action and instant replay features. There are 3 ways to enjoy the game. The Captain's view puts you on the bridge of one of the great battleships, cruisers or destroyers of the era. Listen to the dramatic sound effects created by the roar of your guns as you fire them. Watch the shells splash in the distance or explode on target. See the flash of enemy guns and feel your ship vibrate as it is hit. Go down below with the damage control parties and attempt to plug the holes before your ship capsizes and sinks. The Fleet view shows an eagle eye perspective of the individual ships in the task force. The Grand Admiral view zooms out even further to give you a strategic map of your entire navy and all visible enemy vessels.

$20.00 $39.99
Take control of a five copter troop of America's most powerful rotor craft. Pick your chippers and send them into the heart of the Persian Gulf. Central Europe, the Philippines and Antarctica. Experience low altitude flying realism with superb 3D graphics. Includes the Islands and Ice scenarios.

Jets & Props (2Disk)
$24.39 $49.99
2DISK This 2 disc set offers the best images of civilian and military aircraft powered by Jets and Props. See graphic photos of jets including aircraft used in Desert Storm. Famous propeller driven aircraft from past to present complete the collection. Hard driving rock and roll tracks complement jet while instrumental music with a foreign flair complements Props.

Jets 2Disk
$49.99 $59.99
Relieve the experience as aviation shatters the sound barrier to soar to a future with no upper limits. Watch, hear, and learn firsthand about record-setting flights, flying adventure, and brushes with death. Complete with video interviews and flying action, animated 3D models, plans, and hundreds of full color photos. Includes complete text of The X Planes bu Jay Miller and Test Pilots by Richard Hallion.

$29.99 $39.99
You are command of either a German or British ship ( or an entire fleet, if you want to assume such an awesome responsibility) and history is in your hands. There are over 100 missions to play. The player can actually change history with victories and can even build additional ships through the sale of war bonds. Each battle has been researched and recreated.

Marine Fighters
$34.99 $44.99
Vertical Take Off and Landing: the revolutionary technology that changed air warfare forever. Experience the extreme agility and destructive fire power of the most advanced VTOL war planes. An expansion disk to the ground breaking U.S. Navy Fighter, Marine Fights adds an entirely new dimension to white knuckled dog fighting.

Mega Fortress
$23.09 $39.99

Metal Marines
$29.99 $39.99
Real time combat. You won't have time to sit there and coordinate your strategy. The missiles and the marines will be landing any minute! Furthermore the game has been enhanced for windows and takes advantage of dragging objects from one window to another in order to make attacks as well as providing more control over metal marines in enemy camps. A variety of landscape and over 20 detailed command scenarios will give you plenty of landscape to rage with war.

Microsoft Flight Sumulator
$25.00 $59.99
This is the world's most popular flight adventure, and from your first taxi down the runway, you'll know why. Here's everything you need to create an authentic flight experience - great planes, great scenery, and unpredictable weather to fly in as you wing your way to one of 125 airports. In fact, Microsoft Flight Simulator is so true to life, you'll forget you're navigating at ground level!

$29.99 $39.99
So you want to be a Combat Pilot.... well this is your chance to fly the two hottest jet fighters the Russian Military Machine has ever produced.

Mile High Club 8 Pack
$49.99 $59.99
Eight complete flight simulations.

Nam 1965-1975 Prince of Persia
$34.99 $44.99
Tax your brain cells and your sword arm with two of this year's finest games. Vietnam: The longest and most controversial conflict in U.S. history. A war fought as much in the corridors of power of the White House as in the steaming jungles of South East Asia. As a President of the United States you must prevent South Vietnam from falling into communist hands whilst walking the political tightrope to retain your job. Prince Of Persia: Taken from hundreds of movie clips the animated sequences are so uncannily human they must be seen to be believed. Your sword fighting skills will be tested to the full in this amazing puzzle solving challenge. A multitude of secret passages, fantastic rooms, violent opponents and magic potion await you in your bid to foil the evil Grand Vizier Jaffer and rescue the beautiful princess to become the Prince Of Persia. You'll be addicted in sounds!

Officer Bookcase: Military Terms and Acronyms
$30.97 $79.99
The equvalent to a dictionary of military oriental terms and acronyms. Includes the "military terms dictionary" and the "defense acquisition acronyms and terms.: Also included under separate cover, "Soviet Terms Dictionary."

Perfect General II
$36.39 $54.99
THE PERFECT GENERAL II SCENARIO & CAMPAIGN EDITOR Create your own exciting and unlimited scenarios and full campaigns. The Scenario & Campaign Editor comes with a multitude of options to allow for very large and complicated maps or the simplest battles for a quick and addicting game!

Red Baron A10
$45.79 $69.99
Wings of Honor. Where Combat Simulation Begins! It is 1914, the dawn of the first war fought in the skies. With aviation still in its infancy, young pilots are inventing the skills and strategies that will keep them alive and allow them to perfect an artform all their own. Fly on either side of the war as a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps or a German pilot in the German Air Service. Fly the A-10 thunderbolt, the rugged tank-busting aircraft that dominated Operation Desert Storm. 21 missions including 7 Persian Gulf scenarios.

Red Baron II
$44.99 $54.99
Fly in either side of war as a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps or a German pilot in the German Air Service

Sea And Sky
$49.99 $59.99

SeaWolf SSN-21
SeaWolf SSN-21
$39.99 $49.99
You know somewhere out there, lurking in the blackest depths, a Russian Hunter/Killer lies waiting. SONAR reports detecting the mechanical whine of slowly spinning propellers. The contact grows louder with every heartbeat. You rig for combat and flood tubes. Suddenly a spread of homing torpedoes in your wake. The SSN-21 Seawolf is the most sophisticated nuclear attack submarine in existence. Discover the excitement of modern underwater warfare in this thrilling sequel to the award-winning 688 Attack Sub.
SeaWolf SSN-21

$25.00 $34.99
Two WWII simulators on one CD ROM PT Boat has no shortage of targets, five additive levels of play and 45 historical missions, etc. Sub Battle lets you fire a spread of torpedoes, has 60 missions in the Atlantic and Pacific, target practice to sharpen your skills, command every aspect of underwater warfare and much more.

Secret Weapons Of Luftwaffe
$29.99 $39.99
This World War II air combat simulator pits the 8th U.S. Air Force against the awesome aerial weaponry of the Third Reich. In a final attempt to win the war, Nazi scientists unleash strange ans powerful new aircraft. Fly for either side and feel the thrill of air combat as if you were really there. Includes aircraft from the four floppy based expansion disks.

Soft Kill
$29.99 $39.99
A unique techo-thriller based on the latest in hi-tech, that explores the possibility of world power using non0lethal warfare to bring the U.S. to its knees. Includes video and an original musical score.

Subwar 2050
$34.99 $44.99
THE UNDERWATER COMBAT SIMULATION DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE 2050 AD. The oceans have become a vital source of food, energy and minerals. Vast Corporations have turned the exploitation of the sea into the world's most lucrative industry. It is a wealth that must be defended in an environment that favors stealthy sabotage.

That's where you come in. As a mercenary sub pilot, you will be fighting fierce battles for corporate territory deep beneath the waves.

Super VGA Harrier
$34.99 $44.99
In Super VGA Harrier not only do you pilot one of the world's most exciting and versatile fighters, you also command an entire naval task force comprised of amphibious assault ships, warships, helicopters, troops and your choice of any aircraft in a whole squadron of AV-8Bs!

Terrorist Group Profiles
$29.97 $79.99
Contains detailed information, statistics, and chronologies of today's most dangerous organizations. From the Red Arm To Equators Alfaro Lives, this has them all.

The Aircraft Encyclopedia
$23.00 $49.99
Detailed text on every military aircraft in the world! Includes:country of origin, model number, name, manufacturer, service, crew airspeed, range, and ceiling.

The Heroes Of The 357th World War II Air Simulation
$12.88 $39.99

World War II Air Combat Simulation


The World Of Flight
$97.97 $49.99
Features all stages of flight, from the early days to private aircraft to the United States Space Program.

Tornado Desert Storm
$39.99 $49.99
January 17, 1991, 0100 hours, somewhere over Iraq. Your Tornado Squadron has received its instructions to annihilate Saddam Hussein's airfields. You're flying through the most impenetrable air defenses in the Gulf. In this hostile desert landscape, there is nowhere to hide.

U.S. Navy Fighters Air Combat
$38.00 $54.99
Combat pilots call it Situational Awareness - Tracking Bandits - Anticipating Moves - Keeping Cool. The Red Baron had it. Top Guns have it. Now YOU have it with U.S. Navy Fighters. Stay on top of the action with photo-realistic graphics, real time audio, rear view mirrors, automatic target tracking, pop up MFDs, and multiple external views.

USA War World War II Blitz
$44.99 $54.99

$38.76 $59.99
The publishers of the award-winning JFK Assassination of bring you Vietnam - a visual investigation of the political forces, personalities, places and events in the war that changed a generation. Examine the war from many different perspectives and discover what events and people drove the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and what shaped the outcome. Meet people changed by the war through riveting and powerful video interview with decision makers an opinion leaders, soldiers and civilians. Investigate the shifting tides of public and political opinion in the vast collection of film, photos, interviews and war era documents.

War Trivia
$18.99 $29.99
Contains Civil war, Vietnam, and World War II Trivia. Test your knowledge of three of the most epic wars our country has fought!

$23.99 $54.99
The ultimate encyclopedia of military aircraft and aviation

Wing Commander Academy
$12.88 $39.99
A spirited and elite corps of novice fighter pilots attends the Wing Commander Academy in the year 2655. Often thrust into battle against the mighty and ruthless Kilrathi race, the crew must master daring manoeuvres and veer through constant danger to save the world. Sedate and honorable Maverick, devil-may-care and impulsive Maniac, and serious-minded, cautious and competent Archer make up a quarter of the cadet wing at the academy under their brilliant, if argumentative, captain, Commodore Tolwyn. Disc 1: Red and Blue, The Last One Left, The Most Delicate Instrument, Word of Honor, Lords of the Sky, Disc 2: Chain of Command, Expendable, Recreation, Walking Wounded, On Both Your Houses, Invisible Enemy Disc 3: Price of Victory, Glory of Sivar

Wing Commander II Deluxe Edition
$12.75 $39.99
The complete Wing Commander II saga, including Speacial Operations I & II plus the Speech Accessory Pack. Fly exciting and dangerous missions that will ultimately prevent the destruction of the Terran homeworlds.

Wing Commander III (4Disk)
$74.99 $84.99
Professionally scripted and filmed in Hollywood, ORIGIN's multi-million dollar production combines the entertainment of film making with the interactivity of computer gaming. The result is a spectacular spaceflight adventure. Adrenaline, romance, humor, danger - Wing Commander III has all this and more. This sequel completes the turbulent chronicles of the Terran Kilrathi war. The final showdown takes place on one of the homeworlds - Earth or Kilrah. But only you can write the ending... (4Disk)

Wing Commander Privateer
$49.99 $59.99
Released in 1993, Wing Commander: Privateer drops players into the shoes of a freelancing spacer trying to fly, fight and trade their way through a harsh universe full of hostile forces and violent aliens that you befriend or blow out of the sky.

Wings of Glory
Wings Of Glory
$44.91 $59.99
Wings of Glory is a combat flight simulator for MS-DOS, developed by Origin. Released in 1994, it is one of the comparatively few World War I simulators. The game uses Origin's custom made RealSpace engine, which was first used in their earlier flight simulator, Strike Commander. The gameplay is primarily in first-person with an option to switch to third-person. You begin the game as a novice newly arrived in England, and must take part in numerous missions, which involve taking off, completing certain objectives, then returning to base...

Wings Over Europe
$37.46 $59.99
Join real World War II aces in the crucial air battles of Europe. Explore the legendary planes that soared into history. Stukas and Yaks, Spitfires and the Flying Fortress. Then slide into the cockpit, take the controls, and flu them yourself. Explore the British, American, German and Russian aircraft detailed in 3-D interactive models and hundreds of photographs. Plot the flight paths with animated maps. Discover how they accomplished their missions in gripping video and simulated flight maneuvers.

Wolf Pack
$39.99 $44.99
#1 Best selling WWII Submarine simulation comes alive on CD. The sharp bow of a WWII Allied destroyer cuts through walls of raging sea so real that you're on the bridge, not at your computer. Just as you catch your breath, a German U-boat, the most fearsome threat to sea travel in it's day, glides silently toward you. Your instinct is to throw your hand up so the screen doesn't crash in your face. That's WolfPack - CD's Animation sequences in your face.

$39.99 $44.99
#1 Best selling WWII Submarine simulation comes alive on CD, The sharp bow of a WWII Allied destroyer cuts through walls of raging sea so real that you're on the bridge, not at your computer. Just as you catch your breath, a German U-boat, the most fearsome threat to sea travel in it's day, glides silently toward you. Your instinct is to throw your hand up so the screen doesn't crash in your face. That's WolfPack - CD's Animation sequences - in your face.

World War II
$36.39 $54.99
Explore The Political Causes, Military Strategies, And Outcome Of This Influential War.

World War II Encyclopedia The European Theater
World War II Encyclopedia
$36.39 $54.99
The European Theater. Step back in time and relive the events of WWII through the actual sights and sounds of history. In addition to covering the military aspects of the world conflict this CD-ROM also gives and insight into the human perspective of the war. Produced in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum.

World War II Sim
World War II Flight Sim
$34.99 $44.99
D-Day: On June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched the D-Day assault on German-controlled Europe. Experience the intense, ground-pounding action of flying legendary war birds such as the Mustang and Spitfire. Protect your troops as they establish a beachhead against German forces. Or, take the controls of a Messerschmitt or Focke-Wulf in a daring attempt to alter the outcome of the greatest invasion in history. Midway: In FST WWII, you'll reenact the greatest naval air battle of all time. Choose between six accurately modeled combat planes, including the Kate, Val, Zero, Wildcat, Devastator and Dauntless. Test your mettle on island-based bombing missions, or try your hand at dangerous torpedo missions. It's up to you to rescue the outnumbered US Forces and swing the balance of power to the American side. Features: Riddle enemy planes with your cannon as you skim treetops and avoid deadly AA fire Support Allied landing craft as they storm the beaches of Normandy. Gear down, nose up! Watch for bandits as you bring your wounded bird down on the deck of the USS Yorktown or the Japanese carrier Akagi. Cripple the Axis forces as you smash hardened bunkers ad down enemy fighter.

X-COM Terror From The Deep
$34.99 $44.99
Shoot down UFOs! Combat with the most powerful forces.