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L Zone
L Zone
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L Zone

L-Zone... Awake!

A domed city rises from an inhospitable landscape. A linear-motor train waits for someone to board. L-Zone! A hyper automated city built by a mad scientist. Blinking control panel...a robot starts to move...the blast of a bazooka. Machine noise, white noise... noise, noise, noise. Clear the traps laid for you, pass through all the zones, only then will be unveiled the path to planet Green. Since its stunning debut, two years have passed. L-ZONE, the cyberpunk adventure that captured the world's imagination, now is offered with a 'save position' function. Directed by Haruhiko Shono, whose titles include Alice and GADGET. Finely detailed 3-D graphics and funky-real sound have a freshness that never palls. The only person who swill ever visit L-Zone is...YOU!

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